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What is a BIA?

What is the Uptown Saint John BIA?

The Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Association is a non-profit that represents the interests of 600+ businesses located within a designated geographic boundary. The Uptown Saint John BIA was established in 1976. Our BIA is governed by a volunteer board of directors from the Uptown BIA business community. We focus on uplifting the Uptown Saint John Business community and area through our pillars; Advocacy, Place-Making, Clean & Safe Streets, Marketing & Promotion. 

Visit our Who We Are & What We Do page to learn more.

General Meetings

We host our AGM (Annual General Meeting) once a year near the end of the first quarter updating our Uptown Saint John BIA members on the past year’s progress. 

Click below to read our 2021 Uptown Saint John BIA Annual Report.

Summer/Spring Events

Fall/Winter Events

Learn about the different community causes that Uptown Saint John BIA & businesses give back to.

Our Clean Crew supports the Uptown Saint John BIA area through pressure washing, graffiti removal, sidewalk cleaning, banners, lighting, and more!

Ongoing Uptown Saint John BIA programs, including Uptown VIP program and The Uptown Saint John Gift Card, support Uptown businesses.

Visit our Grants page to learn more about the yearly Uptown Saint John BIA grants available for Uptown businesses.