Uptown Clean Crew

Pressure Washing

One of the most satisfying aspects of pressure washing is to instantly uncover the natural beauty of sidewalks, buildings, patios and select infrastructure such as bus shelters and awnings. While most times a thorough spray will do, others require a much deeper clean. Such is the case with bus shelters. Uptown Saint John often uses a special disinfectant to help keep these shelters as safe and sanitary as possible.

Graffiti Removal

Uptown Saint John is rich with culture and history. Yet although we have a large, talented arts community, sometimes it’s better left for our galleries. Graffiti removal services add a layer of value to our business community. Keeping Uptown streets, poles and buildings free of graffiti is a matter of civic pride, and Uptown Saint John is pleased to offer this service.

Sidewalk Cleaning

As part of our mandate of Clean and Safe Streets, Uptown Saint John takes extra care in ensuring our sidewalks look pristine and are safe for all foot traffic. As such, you will often see your BIA out and about with an industrial sidewalk vacuum. Just one of the many ways Uptown Saint John works to augment city services.

Weed Removal

Greenspace is beautiful, but not when it’s overrun by weeds. In an effort to make our city shine brightly and highlight the many flowers, potted plants and trees, Uptown Saint John removes weeds from around the city. And not just in flower beds, but also those that grow near or beside sidewalks and medians. Keeping the Uptown core tidy, neat and weed-free is our pleasure.

Banners & Lighting

When you stroll the streets of Uptown Saint John, it’s never just a walk, it’s an experience! Brightly lit trees along with colourful and unique banner artwork makes the perfect backdrop for enjoying an evening of dining and shopping. The beauty and wonder of Uptown Saint John is prominent year-round with the installation of holiday lighting and trimmings that elevate the charm of our city even in the depths of winter.

Awning & Patio Cleaning

Our city has a number of street level patios to relax and soak up the summer weather. Residents and visitors are welcome to enjoy all the beauty our historic home has to offer. As an added value to our members, Uptown Saint John offers power washing of patios and awnings to keep our city tidy and visually stunning.

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Sand & Salt Boxes

Winter is often challenging for pedestrians. Inclement weather can take an icy toll on sidewalks, entrances and steps leading to our member businesses. In an effort to keep these areas clear, Uptown Saint John distributes ten sand and salt boxes throughout the city each winter. These boxes are re-filled regularly, and scoops are given to the businesses to use at their discretion.  

Dog Waste Disposal Units

Uptown Saint John loves every one of our four-legged friends. Each have their own unique personalities that make them a joy to meet on the street. But when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. To keep our streets, sidewalks and greenspaces clean and sanitary, we offer dog waste bags and disposal units, free to all pet parents. Your BIA and surrounding business community appreciate every effort taken to clean up after your pet.

Big Belly Solar Waste Units

These state-of-the-art units help keep a watchful eye on waste management with on-board computer systems and high-tech reporting. Uptown Saint John can calculate exactly how much waste was collected, and when that waste needs to be emptied. Whimsically wrapped, these units are peppered throughout the Uptown core to encourage proper waste disposal.

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