Uptown Business Initiatives

Uptown Saint John BIA has many programs, including Uptown VIP program and The Uptown Saint John Gift Card, that support our Uptown businesses.

Uptown Saint John Gift Card

Shop, Eat, Drink, Stay, and Experience Uptown with the Uptown Saint John Gift Card.  It can be used at Uptown Saint John BIA’s specialty stores, boutiques, restaurants, accommodations, theatres, or services.  When customers use the Uptown Saint John Gift Card, they directly support the businesses that call our historic Uptown neighbourhood home. Contact us to sign up to accept this card on your POS system.

Uptown Dollars

Uptown Dollars is our original Uptown Saint John BIA gift certificate program. We no longer sell Uptown Dollars. However, they never expire. Contact us if your business has some to exchange for cash.

Uptown VIP

This Uptown Saint John Business discount/offer card offers patrons great deals for the year. It’s free for your business to be a part of the card. Contact us if you are interested in having a discount or offer featured on the card.