Fall/Winter Seasonal Guide

The crisp wind means Uptown Saint John is embracing Fall & Winter! Check out our seasonal signature events, Season of Sparkle activities, Uptown Saint John Gift Card, and Clean Crew services. 

We suggest you keep this bookmarked and check back often for up-to-date info!

Fall Uptown Saint John Gift Card Sale

Our bi-annual sale happens every Fall & Spring. The sale is for 20% off Uptown Gift Cards while supplies last. It’s a purchase of $100 minimum to $500 maximum per person. We will email you & post on our social media when the next one is about to happen.

Fall Chop Chop

For this delightful week-long food event, we ask you to submit a menu item of your choice for one or each of the following categories; 

Chop Chop Plate up to $15

2-Course Chop Chop Lunch up to $20

3-Course Chop Chop Dinner up to $45

$1 per dish will be collected at the end of the week to be donated on your behalf to the Lunch Connection program. (link to our Lunch connection program)

(During all of our food events, we get many dietary requests from patrons. So if any of your offerings are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or halal, please be sure to note it when submitting your menus to us). We will send you an email to sign up for this event closer to the event. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @UptownsjEATS in your Chop Chop photos & use the hashtags #chopchopsj #UptownsjEATS

Season of Sparkles

Uptown Saint John BIA helps make Uptown Sparkle by organizing many festive activities & events during November & December.

Season of Sparkles Activities

Uptown In Your Town
Free Delivery Service

This is a free local delivery service for all Uptown Saint John business’ retail products (non-perishable) provided by the Uptown Saint John BIA starting mid-November until mid December. Delivery Service will not be provided the day of Uptown Sparkles.

Sign up for this service by visiting the Uptown In Your Town page (click the arrow below)

Gingerbread Trail

Many Uptown businesses feature gingerbread creations each December. Visitors love exploring the Gingerbread Trail, which is organized by the Ginger Agency.

Uptown Sparkles

We encourage all Uptown Saint John BIA business members to join us for Uptown Sparkles! Our annual Uptown Sparkles is where we kick off the holiday season with lighting displays, entertainment, ice sculptures, and more! The main festivities kick off at 6 pm and continue into the night. We invite all businesses to stay open late and take part!

Opportunity: You are invited to offer any kind of in-store special or in-shop event for the day of Uptown Sparkles! Simply submit it to our events calendar for December 2nd, 2022. Then, guests will know where to visit and shop while they’re here!

Poutine Fest

We invite you to create various takes on this classic Canadian dish for a week each January!  You can offer as many different poutines as you would like, and you set the price!  

(During all of our food events, we get many dietary requests from patrons. So if any of your offerings are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or halal, please be sure to note it when submitting your menus to us). We will send you an email to sign up for this event closer to the event. We will send you an email to sign up for this event closer to the event. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @UptownsjEATS in your Uptown Poutine Fest photos & use the hashtags #poutinefestsj #UptownsjEATS

Clean Crew

Setting the Stage

Saint John Energy and Uptown Saint John BIA continue to work hard to make the Uptown Sparkle. In preparation for the holiday season Uptown will be brightly lit beginning the middle of November with snowflakes, bells and trees and as always King’s Square will be lit up, and the bandstand will shine bright as usual!

Salt & Sand Box Program

The Salt & Sand Boxes are available for you to use during the colder months. This program is a partnership with our Community Sponsor Cooper Equipment Rental. Once they are set up for the year, we will post a map here, so you know where the closest one is to you. If you need a sand/salt box, please email nick@uptownsj.com.

Uptown Saint John Year Long Initiatives

Façade Grants

The application period for 2022 Facade Grants starts at the beginning of every year. Facade Grants are awarded to cover up to fifty percent of project costs, to a maximum of $1000 per PID. Funds are limited, and awards are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, please fill out the form below. Please get your application in by mid-fall, so we have time to process it before year-end. 

Event Calendar

Did you know you can feature your events happening in the Uptown Saint John BIA Area on our online events calendar? Event listings will include things like special events, local markets, festivals, and Uptown Saint John-sponsored events. (We will not be promoting individual store sales or promotions.)

Uptown Saint John Gift Card

Have you registered to accept our Uptown Saint John Gift Card? It is accepted by 90+ Uptown businesses and is free for our business members to join.

Contact our Senior Project Manager Tracy at tracy@uptownsj.com to join now! 

Uptown Saint John Social Media

Connect with us on Facebook & Instagram at @UptownSJ and remember to use the hashtags #LoveLifeUptown #LiftUpLocalSJ #UptownSJ

To see all things food and drink related in Uptown Saint John, check out our @UptownsjEATS accounts on Facebook & Instagram

Tag us on Instagram & we will share your content in our stories! 

Let’s Meet Uptown Video Series

The Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Association is pleased to bring you, Let’s Meet Uptown, a monthly storytelling video series highlighting Uptown Saint John BIA Businesses. Reminding us all why we love life Uptown!

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Community Resources

The City of Saint John Community Dashboard – Here’s the place for the latest updates on City operations, street closures, schedule changes and more!

Find the latest City of Saint John News & Notices Here

City of Saint John Winter Management Plan 

Want to see King street traffic, weather, or if there is a cruise ship in port? Click here for the City of Saint John Webcam on King Street 

City of Saint John Permits, Licenses, and Service Requests

Discover Saint John’s events page

Saint John Police Force non-emergency police number 506-648-3333 

“The Saint John Police enforce by-laws related to noise (disturbances of the peace such as loud parties and construction noise), panhandling (obstructive and threatening panhandling), street events (parades, festivals, and demonstrations), and will assist the SPCA for animal control calls.” quote from the City of Saint John website

For emergencies, call 911

Have questions about parking Uptown? Contact the Saint John Parking at the City of Saint John at 506-658-4455

We are dedicated to keeping our membership up to date with Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Association organized events, activities and services. 

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