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Welcome New Business: Delish Gourmet Rolled Ice Cream

Just in time for summer, we had a chance to visit Uptown Saint John’s newest ice creamery: Delish Gourmet Rolled Ice Cream!

At Delish, each order is prepared by hand using fresh, local cream, combined with custom ingredients. Depending on which ice cream treat you order, your cream might be combined with cookies, sauces, nuts, or other toppings. The ingredients are then chopped together by an expert ice cream-roller, scraped across a frozen surface, and rolled up for you to enjoy. With twenty different custom ice cream options on their menu (plus handcrafted shakes too), Delish offers something for everyone.

Located at 120 Prince William Street, Delish opened its doors to the public at their new Saint John location on May 31, 2021. Check out their beautiful new space below!

Find Delish:

Delish Gourmet Rolled Ice Cream
120 Prince William Street
Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily
Online: @DelishIceCream
By phone: (506) 230-2945