Welcome New Business: Glass Roots Canada

Glass Roots Canada

This glass blowing business has been in Uptown Saint John for a while, and this week they opened up their gallery. Glass Roots Canada gallery is located on Canterbury street, and their studio is around the corner and down the alley.

Their fantastic team includes; Curtis Dionne (master glassblower) and his partner Charlotte Macleod (a talented glass artist). Nick Drover their glassblower assistant is learning the art. Caitlin Moore works here in Saint John behind the scenes, and Curtis’s mother, Bonnie Christie, works at the gallery. They also have Kayla Dormer at the Riverview Gallery and Rachel Fletcher, their bookkeeper in PEI.

Inside the gallery, you will find beautifully curated glass pieces alongside artwork by Ji Hyang Ryu and photography printed on aluminum. You can watch the glassblowers at work down the alley and to the right. They create all sorts of different pieces, from miniature roses to large vases.

Glass Roots Canada
89 Canterbury St
Online: facebook.com/cdglassrootsinc

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