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Welcome New Business: Haven Music Hall

We are happy to see this great addition to our community on Union Street! This Uptown Saint John music venue has already hosted some popular shows, and now the café and bar are open throughout the week, serving up drinks. The community has been supportive of the venue since the beginning of the renovations, and everyone is excited to have this creative hub in the neighbourhood. The co-owners, Sidney Foy and Abigail Smith, are best friends who are passionate about the local live music scene. They have put a lot of work into creating a fun and comfortable space for the community to enjoy live music. Performing artists can now thrive in this space, thanks to the efforts of these two passionate owners.

This space boasts large front windows that let in a lot of light during the day, making it a spacious place to lounge on couches or gather around the delightful eclectic mix of tables and chairs. They serve up hot lattes using Down East Coffee beans from their espresso machine. In addition, they have Gahan beer on tap, cold non-alcoholic beer, cider, and other tasty drink options. If you are looking to eat while there, you are welcome to bring in outside food to enjoy with your drink.

Haven Music Hall
In Person: 201 Union Street

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