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Outside of the Box Series – #1 Fabiola Martinez Rodriguez

Location: City of Saint John Electrical Box, 47 Charlotte Street

Uptown Saint John Inc, the Business Improvement Association, recognizes the importance of art and the positive energy and impact it has on the community. Noticing an opportunity to showcase some of our talented artists, as well as integrate visual arts onto our streetscapes, we present the first in a series of ‘Outside The Box’ art installations.

Find this incredible piece at 47 Charlotte Street, just outside the top entrance to the Saint John City Market. Local artist Fabiola Martinez designed and painted this wonderful artwork. She has named it ‘Integration,’  This is a public artwork that represents the multiculturalism in Saint John, New Brunswick, and the warmth of welcoming newcomers. “Day of the Dead” Mexican cultural heritage.

*Integration” is a painting created by the artist Fabiola Martinez Rodriguez, assisted by her two young boys, Isaiah and Elijah Arbeau Martinez.

Find Fabiola online: Fabiolamartinezart.com
Instagram: fabiolamartinezartist
Facebook: Fabiola Martinez Visual Artist