Welcome New Business: Be My Shopper

Be My Shopper

Last week we visited Alex Haram (the owner of Let’s Hummus) at his new business, Be My Shopper. It is also located on Water Street, and the building has a dedicated parking area beside it. He is also making the entrance wheelchair accessible this week. This new Uptown grocery store features a wide variety of products including; North American produce and goods and specialty International produce, spices, and delicious treats from around the world. They are still receiving new products each week; they have a soft opening until the beginning of May when they officially open.

Alex has some fantastic plans for the business and will be expanding it soon to offer scoops of ice cream and popcorn from the front window. Then he will be focusing on building the upstairs into a coffee lounge.

Be My Shopper
100 Water Street
(506) 898-1461
Online: https://www.facebook.com/bemyshoppersj/

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