Uptown Taco Week

Taco Tuesday is upgraded to a week in March during Uptown Saint John’s Taco Week. Participating Uptown Saint John restaurants are spicing things up for you! 

The next Uptown Taco Week will happen Winter 2024 February 26 to March 3.



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List of Participating Uptown Saint John BIA Restaurants for 2023 Uptown Taco Week

This menu list is updated as we receive the menus. Check back often to discover the new dishes added!

Britt’s Pub + Eatery

42 Princess St.
Phone: 506.214.5335
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Blackened Salmon Taco | $20 

Atlantic salmon lightly coated in panko spice blend, serrano slaw, cilantro, Sriracha aioli

Pork al Pastor Taco | $21
Pork carnita, chipotle roasted pineapple, feta cheese, pickled red onion, sliced avocado, cilantro

Ranchos Chicken Taco | $22
Sautéed onions and peppers. citrus sliced chicken, cojita queso, jalapeno, drizzled ranchos sauce

Jeremiah’s Deli

47 Charlotte Street
City Market
Phone: 506.658.0188
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Taco Grilled Cheese

Churchills Pub & Steakhouse

10 Grannan St.
Phone: 506.648.2373
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The Mexican American | $18

House Taco beef / queso cheese / shredded lettuce / sour cream / fresh salsa / crispy corn shells

Korean Fried Chicken Tacos | $18

Crispy fried chicken / gochujang sauce / sour cream / cilantro / sesame seeds / house kimchi / burnt lime / grilled flour Tortillas 

Blackened Tuna Taco | $21

Yellowfin tuna / avocado / lime juice / shredded lettuce / mango / cilantro / hot sauce / crispy corn shells

Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub

112 Prince William St.
Phone: 506.214.4391
Connect: Facebook

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Pork Carnitas | $18.50

Slow Roasted BBQ Pork / Cilantro Lime Slaw / Roasted Corn / Sour Cream / Fresh Lime / Grilled Corn Tortillas

Huevos Rancheros | $18.50

Maple Bacon Chipotle Baked Beans / Sunny Side Up Eggs / Rancheros Sauce / Red Peppers / Feta Cheese / Avocado / Sour Cream / Grilled Corn Tortillas

Korean BBQ Steak Tacos | $20

Korean Marinated Striploin / Sesame Honey Slaw / Bulgogi BBQ Sauce / Green Onions / Grilled Corn Tortillas

Cask & Kettle Menu Staples (also available in KV)

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tacos | $18.50

C&K Buttermilk Chicken Tenders / Dill Pickle Slaw / Honey Sriracha Aioli / House Pickles / Diced Tomatoes / Pickled Red Onions / Grilled Flour Tortillas

Beer Battered Fish Tacos | $18.50

Beer Battered Cod Strips / Dill Pickle Slaw / C&K Tartar/ House Pickles / Diced Tomatoes / Pickled Red Onions / Grilled Flour Tortillas

Pulled Pork Tacos | $18.50

BBQ Pulled Pork / Avocado Salsa / Jalapeños / Pickled Red Onions / Crispy Tortilla Strips / Grilled Flour Tortillas

Veggie Tacos | $18.50

Roasted Eggplant / Squash / Red Peppers / Cherry Tomatoes / Black Beans / Jalapeños / Feta / Crispy Tortilla Strips / Grilled Flour Tortillas

Grannan’s Seafood & Grill

1 Market Square
Phone: 506.634.1555
Connect: Facebook

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Vegetarian | $18.95  

3x Blackened Sweet Potato tacos with Corn Salsa, Guacamole, Pickle Onions

Con Carne Taco | $21.95

3x Braised Beef Rib Cap tacos with Chimichurri. Pico de Gallo, pickled onion, and ancho chipotle sauce

Halibut Tacos | $24.95

3x Paul Grannan’s lager, beer batter halibut tacos, house coleslaw, house remoulade

(GF Available Upon Request)

East Coast Bistro

60 Prince William Street
Phone: 506.696.3278
Connect: Facebook

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Conchinita | 2 for $15, 3 for $20  

Citrus Marinated Pork with White Onion, Salsa Verde & Cilantro (GF)

Carne Asada | 2 for $15, 3 for $20

Slow Roasted Beef, Pico de Gallo, Pickled Jalapeños, Cilantro (GF)

Guajillo Roasted Sweet Potatoes | 2 for $15, 3 for $20

Black Beans, Salsa Verde, Red Cabbage Slaw (GF) (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Cornmeal Crusted Cod | 2 for $15, 3 for $20

Pico de Gallo, Buttermilk Chile Crema, Shredded lettuce (GF)

Woodchucks Axe Throwing

125 Prince William Street
Phone: 506.646.8888
Connect: Facebook

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Sweet & Spicy Soy Pork Belly Taco | $13

Sweet & spicy soy pork belly, honey slaw, pickled red onions and jalapenos.

Billy’s Seafood Company

49 Charlotte Street
Phone: 506.672.3474
Connect: Facebook

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3 Little Birds | $16

3 Jamaican jerk chicken tacos with a fresh mango lime salsa and greens on a soft shell

Taco bout my bang bang | $15

Bang bang shrimp tacos dusted with Cajun spice, with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes,  red onion and sweet chilli sour cream on a soft shell

Uptown Eatery

68 King St.
Phone: 506.631.0186
Connect: Facebook

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Crockpot Shredded Chicken Tacos | $17  
Shredded chicken, avocado, Romaine, tomato, shredded Tex Mex

Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce | $17 (V)
Crispy fried tacos filled with black beans, salsa and taco seasoning

Carne Asada Tacos | $21
Sliced strip loin, guacamole, pickled onion, sliced jalapeño, cilantro, goat cheese, lime wedges

Ground Beef Tacos | $17
Ground beef, Romaine, tomato, avocado, shredded Tex Mex

Salmon Tacos | $19
Grilled salmon, slaw, tomato, avocado, cilantro, chipotle cream

Shrimp Tacos | $18
Fried shrimp, tomato, Romaine, lemon yogurt sauce

Fish Tacos | $18
Fried fish, pickled onion, cilantro, tomato, lemon yogurt sauce

Chicken Taco Salad | $18
Romaine, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, avocado, radish, diced grilled chicken, taco chips

All Tacos are served with French fries, soup 3, salad 5

Gahan House

87 Prince William St.
Phone: 506.214.8337
Connect: Facebook

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TACOS | $6 each

Carnitas Mexicana (pork)
Seasoned pork, corn, diced jalapenos, avocado aioli El Pollo

Loco (chicken)
Seasoned chicken, diced jalapenos, tomatoes, chipotle aioli

Carne Asada (beef)
Marinated braised beef, onion relish, roasted garlic lime sour cream

Chips & Dip | $8
House tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, sourcream

Churros | $7
Cinnamon sugar dusted, toffee caramel dip

Margaritas! (1.5oz) | $12

Classic Lime
Tequila, triple sec, fresh squeezed lime, simple syrup

Pineapple Pimienta
Tequila, triple sec, pineapple juice, simple syrup, fresh cracked pepper


26 Germain St.
Phone: 506.643.8401
Connect: Facebook

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LENTIL DAHL TACO (GF, Vegan, if no cheese)

Lentil dahl on roti with lime creme, tom, onion, lettuce and cilantro.

TRADITIONAL TACO (GF, Vegan, if no cheese)

Soft Corn tortilla, fresh salsa, seasoned veggie meat, lettuce, avocado creme

Add chz if you plz.



33 Canterbury St.
Phone: 506.648.2377
Connect: Facebook

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Pork Belly Taco | $20

Pork Belly Taco in house cured and thinly sliced pork belly in warm tortilla with kale & cabbage slaw, pickled red onions & siracha aioli served with Dahl Fried Rice (Indian take on Mexican beans & rice)

Blackened Fish Tacos | $18

Charcrusted haddock chopped lettuce, tomato, onion & cajun lime aioli in a tortilla served with Dahl Fried Rice (Indian take on Mexican beans & rice)

Saint John Ale House

1 Market Sq.
Phone: 506.657.2337
Connect: Facebook

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At Saint John Alehouse we have a classic!! | $5/taco (GF)

Seared a la plancha and topped with house made birria beef , on a corn flour tortilla, with mexican relish, monterey jack cheese and our favourite Valentina hot sauce ,  going for $5 a taco and pair it with a $5 pint of Corona fresh from the tap !!


1 Market Sq.
Phone: 506.693.6666
Connect: Facebook

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Classic Tacos!! | $5.50 each (GF)

Seared a la plancha and topped with   house made birria beef , on a corn flour tortilla, with mexican relish, monterey jack cheese and our favourite Valentina hot sauce ,  going for $5.50 a taco and pair it with a $5 pint of Corona fresh from the tap !!

Barred Rock Chicken

1 Market Sq.
Phone: 506.638.9378
Connect: Facebook

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Al Pastor Poutine | $16

House cut fries, topped with Pulled Pork, squeaky Armadale cheese curds, Caramelized pineapple, Mexican relish, gravy and hot sauce

Toro Taco

1 Market Sq.
Phone: 506.638.9378
Connect: Facebook

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“Walking Tacos” | $13.69

Which is a whole bag of Nacho Doritos, topped with our birria beef, mexican relish, Monterey jack cheese and Valentina hot sauce.

The York bistro + pub

1 Market Sq. (SJ Hilton Hotel)
Phone: 506693.8484
Connect: Facebook

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Choose any combination you want, 3 Tacos of your choice | $18

Beef Brisket Taco Filled with beef brisket, pickled red onion, jalapeno, and horseradish cream

Cod Taco Filled with baked cod, mango infused crunchy coleslaw, pineapple pico de gallo, and cilantro

Pulled Pork Taco Filled with pulled pork, apple coleslaw, and avocado crema

Big Tide Brewing Co.

47 Princess St.
Phone: 506.214.3311
Connect: Facebook

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Asian Tacos (3) | 18

5 Spice Pork Tenderloin Covered in Fried Napa Cabbage, Onions, and Carrots Topped Off with Chopped Kimchi. Served in Crispy Egg Roll Taco Shells and Paired with a 10oz Bowl of Wonton Soup.

Pulled BBQ Beef Taco (3) | $18

A Soft-Shell Taco of Beef that has been Slow Roasted in House Made BBQ Sauce and Sweet Onions Topped with Chipotle Cheddar Cheese and Served with Garlic Smashed Red Potatoes.

Mexican Crunchy Haddock Taco (3) | 18

Haddock Bites Breaded in Corn Tortillas and Served in a Soft-Shell Flour Tortilla with Cilantro Lime Slaw and a Side of Mexican Rice.

Lemongrass Thai Fare/
Pepper’s Pub

44 Water St.
Phone: 506.657.4777
Connect: Facebook

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Morocco Taco | 2 for $12

Seasoned grilled lamb; mint & dill couscous and a spiced North African sauce

Northern Thai Taco | 2 for $12

Slow braised Khao Soi beef, crunchy wontons, pickled onions and jalapeños, cilantro and a chili oil drizzle

Korean Tacos | 2 for $12

Marinated grilled pork belly, kimchi aioli, sesame slaw and grilled nori.

Slocum & Ferris

City Market
47 Charlotte Street
Phone: 506.652.2260
Connect: Facebook

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Ground Chicken Tacos | $15

Fish Tacos | $15

Regular Tacos | $15 Taco


7 Market Sq.
Phone: 506.652.5452
Connect: Facebook

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Prime Rib | 2 for $18

Philly Steak | 2 for $18

Chicken | 2 for $16

Fish | 2 for $16

Ground Beef | 2 for $16

Vegetarian | 2 for $16

On the tacos we have a sriracha mayo, dry slaw and topped with pico do gallo. Option of soft or hard shell. Also, with a side of tortilla chips topped with pico de gallo.

Port City Royal

45 Grannan St.
Phone: 506.631.3714
Connect: Facebook

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Pork Loin Milanesa | 2 for $18

Crispy pork loin with avocado, pickled jalapeno, manchego, sesame seeds

Pho Taco | $ 2 for $18

Pho broth braised beef, bean sprouts, sriracha mayo, cilantro, basil, lime

Tourtier Taco | 2 for $18

Beef and pork shoulder tourtier filling, lady ashburn relish, potato crisps


City Market
47 Charlotte Street
Phone: 506.642.5504
Connect: Facebook

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Braised Beef Tacos

House salsa, braised beef, banana peppers, herb creme fraiche, sunflower shoots

Pork Belly Taco

Smoked and braised pork belly, slaw, pickled jalapenos, micros

Uptown Saint John Girls’ Trip - Sarah Birch

Take advantage of being Uptown while you enjoy Uptown Taco Week and shop at our incredible retailers for one-of-a-kind products!