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New Brunswick Pre Afro Fest

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The New Brunswick Afro fest is the biggest African festival in Atlantic Canada.. Last years’ 3rd annual NB Afrofest in Dieppe/Moncton was a great success. More than 1000 people joined us from different communities across Canada to celebrate our diversity and cultures. Artists from here and other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto came to Dieppe to perform and showcase their talent giving the crowd a taste of the African culture and heritage. This year, as we prepare for the 4th annual celebration in October, we would like to start the celebrations here in Saint John.The vision of the New Brunswick African Association is to become a leading community organization that is proactive and innovative in planning, developing, and delivering programs that will meet the needs of the African community in New Brunswick.  

Our work is guided by a commitment to the following core values:

-Partnership and capacity building.

-Foster a united African voice in the Canadian public arena.

-Trusting each other and providing a foundation of working with integrity.

-Maintaining a transparent and accountable governance process.

-Commitment to inclusiveness, fairness, equity, collaboration and teamwork.

-Respect and value diversity.

-Inspiring and motivating others.

Please visit our website to learn more http://www.nbaa.ca/


July 27 2019 -1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Kent Theatre

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July 2, 2019

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