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Flashback Weekend

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The sixth anniversary of a crowd favourite weekend on the Boardwalk. We really kick things into high gear with the official 5pm work whistle with a representative for PRIDE announcing to those far and near that the weekend is here!

Join us for Pretty in Pink, that 80’s Band on the Boardwalk, it’s going to be like, totally rad!

Featuring performer by:

Pretty in Pink -PIP step out of their Delorean with feathered hair and perfect pitch, blinding you with science. They are your hoverboard. They are your danger zone. Aaah, the 80s – that happy little decade between social activism and self-loathing grunge. A time when the Coreys were king and Tom Selleck set the standard for moustaches. While the cold war raged, we solved Rubik’s Cubes and took roll call, Bueller…Bueller…Bueller


August 11 2017 -1:00 pm


Market Square Boardwalk



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August 2, 2017

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