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Come uptown for extra special delights prepared by our pro chefs during Chop Chop Fall Restaurant Week, October 22 – 28, 2018!









Asia’s Best Cuisine
24 Coburg Street

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Bo Luo Ji – Deep fried crunchy chicken with pineapple & homemade sauce
First Course:  Guo Bao Rou – very popular northern Chinese cuisine. Deep dried pork with homemade sauce.
Second Course:  Either dish will be served with one steamed rice

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Bo Luo Ji – Deep fried crunchy chicken with pineapple & homemade sauce
First Course:  Guo Bao Rou – very popular northern Chinese cuisine. Deep dried pork with homemade sauce.
Second Course:  Xi Lan Hua Chao Rou – pork stir- fried with Broccoli and mixed vegetables.
Third Course:  Chao Mian – pork fried noodles with vegetables.







Barred Rock Chicken

1 Market Square

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Pork Chimichanga with a smoked sweet potato vegetarian option. Filled with white rice , refried beans, corn and beans, cheese, meat and smoked sweets with a side of chipotle crema.




Big Tide Brewing Co.
47 Princess Street

Chop Chop Lunch (available until 4pm) – $15

First Course:  Chicken Fricot – Chicken and Potato Stew with Dumplings
First Course:  Ribwich – Pulled beef ribs in a House Made BBQ Sauce on a Ciabatta Bun with side

Second Course:    Blueberry Grunt – An East Coast Classic.  Cooked Blueberries Topped with Dumplings
Second Course:  Da Bombe – Houes Made Chocolate Cherry Stout Ice Cream, sandwiched betweens layers of House Made Cake


Chop Chop Dinner (available after 4pm) – $35

First Course:  Parmesan Crusted Escargot Stuffed Mushroom Caps
First Course:  Chicken Fricot with Dumplings


Second Course:  Big Tide Beef Wellington – A 4oz Striploin topped with Ham and Mushroom Pâté, wrapped with Puff Pastry, then served with Smashed Potatoes and Veg Medley
Second Course:  Louisiana Lobster Cakes with Remoulade Sauce – House Made Lobster Cakes with a little kick.  Served with Remoulade Sauce, Cajun Potatoes and Creole Green Beans


Third Course:  Blueberry Grunt – An East Coast Classic.  Cooked Blueberries topped with Dumplings
Third Course:  Da Bombe – House Made Chocolate Cherry Stout Ice Cream, sandwiched between layers of House Made Cake





Billy’s Seafood Company
49-51 Charlotte Street

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Fried ravioli served with house marinara

Second Course:  Seafood medley risotto


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Sweet chilli lime steamed mussels

Second Course:  Blackened Chipotle mango Fresh Atlantic Salmon, served with roasted asparagus and risotto

Third Course:  Homemade deep fried piña colada ice cream


Britt’s Pub & Eatery
42 Princess Street


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Braised Short Ribs – Beer braised short ribs, burnt bourbon mango chutney, house pickles


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Cubano 2.0 – Peppercorn crusted pork loin, smoked ham, smoked gouda, pickle-beet slaw, sundried tomato mustard, ciabatta bread

Second Course: Black Bean Soup – Stewed black beans, roasted garlic, chili powder, citrus-cilantro yogurt, black corn chips


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Brussel Sprouts – Blistered brussel sprouts, julienne roasted red peppers, parmigiano regianno, cracked pepper, chipotle-honey vinaigrette

Second Course:  Cider Braised Lamb Shank – Braised lamb shank, grilled okra succotash, celery root-potato puree, cider-lamb jus, smoky potato fritz, pea shoots

Third Course:  Sweet Potato Pie – House toasted ‘marshmallow,’ caramel sauce, maple-cumin walnuts




Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub
112 Prince William Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta – Roasted Pumpkin/Shallot/Cranberry/Olive Oil/Ricotta/Toasted Walnut Soda bread

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  North African Spiced Soup – Chickpeas/Fresh Vegetables/House Vegetable Broth/Blend of North African Spices/ Grilled Lemon
First Course:  Fall Salad – Pear/Apricot/Honey Pecans/Goat Cheese/Bacon/Arugula/ Maple Vinaigrette

Second Course:  Fall Roasted Turkey Sandwich – Sliced Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast/Spiced Aioli/Bacon/Brie/ Cranberry Apricot Chutney/Toasted Portuguese Bun
Second Course:  Parmesan Crusted BLT – Parmesan Crust/Roasted Red Pepper Aioli/Arugula/Thick Sliced Bacon/Seared Tomatoes/Sourdough Bread

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  North African Spiced Soup – Bold Chickpeas/Fresh Vegetables/House Vegetable Stock/Blend of North African Spices/ Grilled Lemon
First Course:  Pear/Apricot/Honey Pecans/Goat Cheese/Bacon/Arugula/Maple Vinaigrette

Second Course:  Corned Beef & Potato Crusted Halibut – Bacon Confit Fingerlings/Succotash/Corned Beef and Potato Crusted Halibut
Second Course:  Maple Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin & Local Butternut Squash – Roasted Local Butternut Squash/Bacon Confit Fingerlings/Wilted Kale/Maple Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Third Course:  Cask Apple Crumble – Local MacKay Apples/House Apple Jam/Crumble/Vanilla Ice Cream
Third Course:  Local Berries with Mini Meringue – Blackcurrant Apple Jelly/Fresh Local Berries/Mini Meringue










Church Street Steak House /Churchill’s Pub
10 Grannan Street


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Luau Pulled Chicken Tacos – Hawaiian style luau pulled chicken, grilled pineapple and cherry tomato salsa, crisp slaw and sriracha aioli.


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Hawaii Five O; Chicken Sando – Charbroiled teriyaki glazed chicken topped with Monterey jack cheese, grilled pineapple, sriracha aioli, lettuce, tomato, red onion on a brioche bun with spiced match stick fries.

Second Course:  Grilled Waffle Sundae – Topped with honey pecan ice cream, Hawaiian honey jack caramel, fresh berries and whipped cream.


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Bumbleberry Salad – Artisan micro greens, raspberry vinaigrette, fresh berries, feta cheese, red pepper curls.

Second Course:  Surf’s Up – Steak & Shrimp – 8oz Soya Ginger Glazed Striploin topped with grilled shrimp skewer, pineapple salsa, island fried rice, honey lime vegetables.

Third Course:  Chocolate Lava Cake – Soft baked chocolate cake, warm fudge center with strawberry coulis and chantilly whipped cream.



East Coast Bistro
60 Prince William Street

 Chop Chop Plate – $12

Loaded Onion Rings – Sourdough Crumb Onion Rings, Queso Cheese Sauce, Scallions, Cilantro Cream, Spicy Bean Relish, Roasted Corn

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Roasted Tomato & Cattle Bean Chili – Cornbread Croutons, Scallion Pesto, Crispy Shallots, Cilantro Cream

Second Course:   Apple Dumpling – Courtland Apple wrapped in Pie Crust & Stuffed with Brown Sugar & Pecans, Vanilla Gelato, Toffee Sauce

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Curried Corn Chowder – Crispy Kale, Scallion Pesto, Cilantro Cream
First Course:  Roasted Brussel Sprout Salad – Pickled Squash, Shaved Radish, Chili, Pumpkin Seeds, Miso-Ginger Vinaigrette

Second Course – Housemade Spring Meadow Farms Pork Sausage – Summer Savory Sourdough Stuffing, Apple Cider Braised Red Cabbage, Sherry Mustard Jus
Second Course – Bistro Bibimap – Mushroom Ground Round, Jasmine Rice, Pickled Cucumber, Edamamme, Carrot, Sesame Spinach, Radish, Chili Paste, Fried Egg
Second Course – Black Currant Braised Beef Cheek – Black Pepper & Roasted Garlic Gnocchi, Sauteed Spinach & Kale, Currant Jus

Third Course:  Apple Dumpling – Courtland Apple wrapped in Pie Crust & Stuffed with Brown Sugar & Pecans, Vanilla Gelato, Toffee Sauce
Third Course:  Maple-Butterscotch Pudding – Ginger Snap Crumble, Pear Sorbet, Almond Tuille





En Sushi Bar
47 Canterbury Street


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  A spicy & savory miso soup with shitake mushrooms, tofu & green onion

Second Course:  An exciting handcrafted plate of 16 tastes in various sushi techniques.  (This will include Gunkan, Nigiri, Maki, Inari & Yaki)

Third Course:  A sweet & Chewy bite of our Mochi Rice encased ice cream

~Please note we are not able to make substitutions for the Chop Chop set with regards to gluten or allergies.
For food sensitivities you are welcome to order from our regular menu and our servers will be happy to guide you.


















Gahan House Port City

87 Prince William Street


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Port City Money Bags – Fried Wontons Wraps with Cabbage, Carrot, Onion and Celery. Served with a Sesame Orange Ginger Aioli

Second Course:  Ramen Bowl – Red Curry broth, Ramen Noodles, Bok Choy, Broccoli. Choice of Crispy Pork Belly or Crispy Baked Tofu

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Guacamole Toast – Pulled Duck, Guacamole, Sautéed Zucchini, Carrot, Red Pepper and Red Onion on Fried Baguette    ** can be made without duck

Second Course:  Bowl Carni – Cajun Fried Rice, Edamame Beans, Pickled Onion, Steak Tips, Crispy Pork Belly and Fried Pieces of Chicken
Second Course:  Primavera Bowl – Rice, Edamame Beans, Pickled Onion and Roasted Vegetables tossed in Basil Pesto served with House Made Salsa.

Third Course:  I.P.A. Blondie with Lemon Chantilly cream.




Grannan’s Seafood & Grill
Level 1, Market Square


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Smoked Salmon Lox Plate – N.B. Smoked Salmon, toasted everything bagel, herbed garlic cream cheese, fine dice red onion, capers, paprika dusted lemons


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:   Warmed Fall Salad – Tuscan greens salad, warmed orange vinaigrette, mandarins, crisp apple, almonds, goat cheese and balsamic glaze

Second Course:  Cioppino (San Francisco style fish stew) – Mussels, shrimp, scallop, savory tomato broth, peppers, onions, grilled baguette, fresh sprouts and parmesan reggiano


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  N.B. Bumbleberry Salad – Artisan micro greens, raspberry vinaigrette, fresh berries, feta cheese, red pepper curls

Second Course:  1 ¼ Maritime Lobster Dinner – Steamed Lobster, paprika roasted potatoes, EVOO sautéed market vegetables, hot melted butter

Third Course:  Classic Strawberry Shortcake – Vanilla sponge cake, Gran Marnier macerated strawberries, chantilly whipped cream


happinez Wine Bar
42 Princess Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

A happinez mix-up plate: saucisson sec with cheese, olives, pickles and baguette


Hopscotch Whisky Bar
45 Canterbury Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Charcuterie plate – A selection of cheeses and cured meats




Italian By Night
97 Germain Street
214.8259 (21-ITALYé


Antipasti:  Pizza Margherita – Hand stretched and baked on stone resulting in a light, crispy crust topped with IbN pizza sauce, mozzarella and basil puree

Principale:  (choose one)

Fettuccine Alfredo Con Pollo, Spinaci E Funghi – Imported durum wheat pasta tossed in a creamy parmesan sauce with chicken, baby spinach and cremini mushrooms
Braciola Di Maiale – Double-cut pork chop, marinated then grilled on garlic wilted baby spinach, topped with mushroom and sage demi glaze and gnocchi fritto.
Risotto Vegetale – Carnaroli rice slow-simmered with wine infused vegetable stock topped with sautéed sweet red bell peppers, purple onion, cremini mushrooms, baby spinach and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Dolce:  Pavlova D’Autunno – Italian style meringue topped with spiced apple caramel and whipped cream















Kebab House
88 Prince William Street

Chop Chop Plate  – $12

Stuffed Mushroom

Chop Chop Lunch – $15  

First Course:  Persian gourmet stew with rice

Second Course:  Full salad

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Kuku Sabzi (Persian frittata with fresh herbs)

Second Course:  Rolled Chicken/Beef filled with veggies and sauce,  Side: fries or rice

Third Course:  Persian layer cream cake filled with walnut and banana



Lemongrass Thai Fare
One Market Square

 Chop Chop Plate – $12

Thai Scotch Egg – a soft boiled egg wrapped in house made Northern Thai sausage, dusted with panko and deep fried served with Asian house pickled veg and roasted garlic aioli

Chop Chop Lunch

First Course:  Chickpea salad with dill, mint and cilantro lightly dressed with Vietnamese vinaigrette.
Second Course:  Spicy cumin-beef stir fry with baby bok choy served with jasmine rice & naan bread

Chop Chop Dinner

First Course:  Shrimp and pork dumplings fried and served with ginger sesame dipping sauce
Second Course:  House made Thai meatballs grilled and served in a lemongrass, galangal & coconut curry served with jasmine rice & toasted cumin naan bread
Third Course:  Chocolate, pistachio and toasted coconut ice cream



One Market Square

Chop Chop Plate – $12

BBQ Beef Short Rib Tostada – mustard, sauerkraut, pickles

Chop Chop Lunch – $15  (available all day long)

First Course:  Beet Tartar w/ ChipsSeasonal Salad – Fils de Roy dressing, kettle chips

Second Course:  Chicken Fricot – organic chicken, dumplings


MIX Resto|Bar
39 King Street

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:   Seafood Tacos – Two tacos filled with Lobster, Haddock and Shrimp.

Second Course:  Served with a Cucumber Slaw and your choice of fries or salad.

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Brazilian Lentil Soup With Kale
Second Course:  Sticky Asian Glazed Chicken – Tender chicken breast tossed in a sweet Asia inspired sauce. Served with your choice of starch and market vegetables.
Third Course:  Homemade Mango Cheesecake





Port City Royal
45 Grannan Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Pho Poutine

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course/Second Course:  Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi) – Baguette with cucumber, pickled daikon, hot peppers, herbs and your choice of 2 of the following:
Pork pate, creton, chicken liver mousse, ham, bacon, barbecue pork belly, country terrine, mustard sardines, chicken skin, egg roll, tofu, or fermented ramps.

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Vietnamese Spring Roll (Goi Cuon) with spicy peanut sauce
Second Course:  Vietnamese Soup (Pho) with rice noodles, herbs and choice of beef.
Third Course:  Vietnamese Caramel Custard (Banh Flan)
Third Course:  Sticky Rice Balls in Ginger Syrup (Che Troi Nuoc)
*Vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options are available*











Rocky’s Sports Bar

7 Market Square


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

Deconstructed spaghetti and meatballs






Sankara – International Street Food Pop-Up Restaurant at Five & Dime
34 Grannan Street
Reserve tickets on Eventbrite

Welcome to the World of International Street Food.

Sankara Chefs from Ghana, Ethiopia and Korea are bringing the aromas and flavours traditionally only prepared by local street vendors to Uptown at Five & Dime for 3 nights only. Limited tickets available.

Chop Chop Dinner

Dinner is served on dinnerware and is accompanied by traditional and contemporary cultural music. The Chef will provide a live demonstration to offer guests a new skill to try in their own kitchen.

Ghanaian Street-Food Dinner (Oct 25, 6pm @ Five & Dime)
First Course:  Black Eyed Peas, Gari, Fried Sweet Plantain (borɔdeɛ) & Palm Nut Oil (ngo)
Second Course: Ghanaian Chicken Peanut Stew (Nketankwan) with Rice (ɛmo) Balls
Third Course: “Ghana Pancake” with Fruit Puree & famous Red hibiscus Drink

Ethiopian Street-Food Dinner (Oct 26, 6pm @ Five & Dime)
First Course: Handmade Dabo Dolo Ethiopian pretzels snack & Ethiopian Timatim Tomato Salad
Second Course: Injera fermented bread with Doro Wat Chicken and Egg in Tomato Stew, Mesir Wat Stewed Lentils & Fasolia Carrot and Green Beans Stew. Yes, you’ll be able to eat with your hands.
Third Course: Chef Tutu’s famous Carrot Cake

Korean Street-Food Dinner (Oct 27, 6pm)
First Course: Mandu Korean Dumplings filled with seasoned pork, green onion and Japchae Noodle
Second Course: Korean Bulgogi Marinated Beef Dupbap with Rice & 3 traditional Korean side dishes (Kimchi, Rolled Egg Omelet and Japchae).
Third Course: Yakgwa Honey Cookies, sliced Korean pear and Korean citron Tea



Saint John Ale House
One Market Square


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Cassoulet – duo of beef tongue, beans, root veg, schrunchions 

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Squash, arugula, birch-candied nuts, apple glaze

Second Course:  chicken farce, spiced garbanzo, sprouts, black garlic

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Pork Rinds – Apple and Jalapeno Jam, Basil Mint Salt, Pickled Shallot

Second Course:  Quark Cheese Gnocchi – crispy ham, squash sauce, preserved ramp,

Third Course – Stout Cake Trifle, Java “Mousse”, candied nuts




Social Bar Steakhouse

One Market Square, Level 2


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Classic French Mussels – PEI Mussels, Shallots, Garlic, White Wine, Cream, Parsley


Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Beef Stir Fry – Beef Tenderloin Tips, garlic, fresh vegetables Shanghai Sauce

Second Course:  Daily Duo Cheesecake


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Scallops Au Gratin
First Course:  French Onion Soup

Second Course:  Beef Wellington (Medium) – PEI AAA Beef Tenderloin, topped with mushroom duxelle paté & wrapped in puff pastry with red wine sauce
Second Course:  Japanese Salmon – Sous vide Atlantic Salmon, marinated in a sweet and savory miso marinate

Third Course:  Daily Trio Cheesecake



Taco Pica
96 Germain Street

Menu to come!


Taste of Egypt
87 King Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Kebab sampler plate- 3 mini skewers of 1 shish tawouk, 1 tandoori chicken and shrimp skewer, served with our house made garlic aioli.


Chop Chop Lunch – $15


First Course:  Harira Soup (VG DF GF)- Chick peas, green lentil, onion and tomato made in a flavourful vegetable broth.

Second Course:  Dawood Basha’s Kofta (GF DF)- Kofta (ground beef, onion and rice mixed with fresh herbs and spices) braised in tomato sauce and served with vermicelli rice.
Second Course:  Dawood Basha’s Vegan Kofta (VG GF DF)- Vegan Kofta (potato, calrose rice, green lentil made with fresh herbs and spices) braised in tomato sauce and served with vermicelli rice.


Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Alexandrian Shrimp Soup (DF GF)- Shrimp, onion and bell peppers made in a vegetable broth.
First Course:  Beet Pomegranate Salad (VG DF GF)- Fresh beets, fresh pomegranate, spring mix and walnut, dressed with a house made vinaigrette.

Second Course:  Chef Ehab’s Glazed Chicken Breast (DF GF)- grilled boneless skinless chicken breast, marinated with rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and oregano, served with grilled zucchini and mushroom, and Greek baby potatoes.
Second Course:  Dawood Basha’s Vegan Kofta (VG DF GF)- Vegan Kofta (potato, calrose rice, green lentil made with fresh herbs and spices) braised in tomato sauce and served with vermicelli rice.

Third Course:  Layali Lubnan(Lebanese Nights) (V)-A pudding made from semolina flour, rosewater and a house made cream, garnished with pistachio and syrup.
Third Course:  Mango Kunafa (VG DF)- Layers of shredded phyllo and mango pudding, topped off with fresh mango.


Chop Chop will be available for Dine-in, Take-out and Delivery
V-Vegetarian VG-Vegan DF-Dairy Free GF-Gluten Friendly




33 Canterbury Street

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Thandi Curry Sampler Platter – Curry feature of the day plus a Vegetable Curry, Served with basmati rice, naan bread and garnish

Second Course:  Complete your lunch with our delicious Rice Pudding a traditional favorite

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Chicken roulade bites – Garlic Crostini, ground chicken, dill flavor, yellow cheddar, mint coulis garnished with Greek olives

Second Course:  8 oz Beef Tenderloin grilled to perfection and served in a peppercorn sauce, grilled potatoes and roasted root vegetables
Second Course:  Banana Thai Chicken Curry – Tender pieces of chicken served in a rich yellow Thai curry sauce of cream, curry paste, coconut, banana and our blend of spices. Served with basmati rice & naan bread

Third Course – Complete your meal with our homemade Apple Crisp







The Infusion Tea Room
41 Charlotte Street

 Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Infusion Grilled Cubano Sandwich

Second Course:  Soup or Salad








Toro Taco
1 Market Square


Chop Chop Plate – $12

“Carnita Poutine”- fries tossed in taco spice, refried beans, smoked pulled pork, nacho cheese, pico de Gallo salsa , corn and black beans, sweet pickled veg, jalapeños, Green onions, cilantro and chipotle crema. (Hot and honey if you want lactose free.) with a lime wedge.



Urban Deli
68 King Street

Chop Chop Plate – $12

Roasted Garlic & Artichoke Dip – Warmed filo pastry bowl filled with house made roasted garlic and artichoke dip served with a side of seasoned chips

note…while quantities last for the plate due to a speciality product


Shazam! Shishito (shi-shi-to) Peppers – A mild variety of chili pepper sauteed in oil until slightly blistered and finished with a light dusting of finishing salt.  1 in 10 are hot! Served with lemon slice – be daring!

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Ramen Power Bowl – Soooo Good! – Ramen noodle in a flavourful broth and topped with: marinated grilled sriracha chicken / green onion / cucumber / shredded carrot / fresh cilantro / julienned napa cabbage / poached egg / fried dulse chips / house made Ramen sauce

Second Course:  Vietnamese Iced Coffee

We will easily accommodate vegetarian and gluten free Power Bowls.


First Course:  Beef Rib – Slow braised beef rib / house made coleslaw, pasta or potato salad / dinner roll

Second Course:  House made mini dessert








26 Germain Street


Chop Chop Plate – $12

Vegan house made cheeses, preserves, house made baguette, nuts

Chop Chop Lunch – $15

First Course:  Roasted squash soup
Second Course:  Apple Corn Fritter

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  House made baguette, rum infused Crosby’s molasses
Second Course:  Roasted squash, beet noodles, mushrooms, barley
Third Course:  Apple corn fritter



The York bistro + pub
75 Smythe Street (SJ Hilton)

Chop Chop Dinner – $35

First Course:  Smoked Seafood Chowder – Melange of Smocked Seafood in a Rich Creamy Soup

Second Course:  Mussels & Fries – Thai Coconut Curry Cream

Third Course:  Chocolate ‘Lava’ Cake – Warm Chocolate Bundt Style Cake with a melted Chocolate Center



Chop Chop Saint John