#30IN30 – DAY #17 – ELLA

ELLA opened earlier this year – first with an app and a website. The website featured hilarious blog posts by Kelly Lawson featuring such amazing titles as “My Toddler Styled Two of my Outfits” and “What You Should Wear to Become a #POKÉMONGO Master”.

The app – well let’s just say that I think I spend 30% of my paycheck on it. Women of Saint John (and any other City you’re in – seriously) post their slightly used items for anywhere from 20-50% of their retail value. I have snagged amazing boots, lulelemon pants, a winter jacket and hot-as-balls* heels.

*whoops – can I say that on this blog? Nancy will let me know 😉

the shop – by ELLA opened (hold on – checking my credit card slip) just about three months ago. Since then I have expanded my closet to include new staples – perfect black shirts, sweaters, night pants (as I affectionately call them – here’s a photo) and as of tomorrow, a new little black dress.

Last week Kelly put out the most amazing style guide for the Christmas Season. She asked all of my Saint John style icons about their style, Christmas traditions, and holiday spirit.

And – she asked me! I think I’m actually still blushing about it.

Kelly and Brittney styled this without me picking things off the rack and handing them to them. They NAILED IT. From the Alison Gayton mug to the black jeans and the sweater I’ll probably buy this weekend.

These words are true, forever.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rather than post photos of her shop (you can visit there – I promise the entries below are worth it) – I wanted to share the photos of my Saint John mentors, heroes, style icons and best friends.

Take a peek below at captures from the style guide as well as portraits of SJ BABES.

**I’m not posting them all – you can download it for yourself by clicking HERE.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

OK one more thing! On Tuesday, December 13th – ELLA is launching their 10 days of giving. Watch the video below from Kelly and follow along on social media. I’ll race you 😉

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Kelly and her team are located at 101 Prince William Street.

They are so much more than an app – the girls have an amazing boutique filled with clothing that is on trend, at a great price point and COOL. It’s so cool.

Kelly has offered an amazing giveaway for #30in30 – a bottle of wine (hello, I feel like that’s my new H20) and a Lakefield & Co. dress. Lakefield & Co. is a brand from Nova Scotia that is so beautiful. Well made. Local.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!