Java Moose, City Market

JavaMoose first started roasting the World’s best coffee in 1996 and we have been getting better ever since. Our commitment to providing the best coffee the World has to offer has never changed. What has changed is our growing commitment to providing you with the best tasting hot & cold beverages and food products ever!

Founded by partners Glen and Randy, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best coffee and service you should expect from a group of people we call “FAMILY.”

Our first location opened in Saint John, N.B. at McAllister Place Shopping Centre many years ago. We have been growing ever since. Along the way we have partnered with a great many people who have helped us build the enterprise you see today. A family of stores, employing dozens of people, especially young people-our employees and our friends. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Our dream continues for you.

JavaMoose has always sought out the best coffee and roasted it to perfection. Our small batch roasting technology ensures that every cup is the most exquisite and flavourful coffee you will ever taste.

Our commitment starts with sourcing the raw, green beans. We only use the very highest quality Arabica beans. Grown by farmers who take care of their product and who take great care of their land. Only the best coffee comes from high grown farms stewarded by people who have an affection for the earth that provides their living. 
We salute them and thank them!

Now, enjoy a cup of JavaMoose!

Location & Contact

City Market


Open Hours

Mon-Fri 7:30am-6pm
Sat 7:30am-5pm