Uptown Mug #87 – Jon Wiseman

Uptown Saint John is very lucky to have Jon Wiseman working with us for his Business Administration and Marketing work practicum with NBCC. He is passionate about filmmaking, and in his spare time enjoys providing videography services and watching movies.

Jon has become an integral part of the team during his time at Uptown SJ, and his diverse skill set will be a huge asset to future employers. Let’s get to know him!


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I’m from Kennebecasis Valley

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been going Uptown my whole life but have only started truly experiencing the best of Uptown since turning 19.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

Some people I look up to for inspiration are Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard who are all movie directors which I aspire to be one day. I also am inspired every day by my mother and father and everything they have done to give me the best life they could.

What is your favorite season, and why?

My favourite season is summer because I get to hang out with my friends the most, have bonfires and enjoy patio season!

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

My favourite snack food is BBQ chips (even though I feel terrible after I eat them every time).

Any pets?
I have two cats named Pepper and Newt. They are extremely adorable and devilish. Mostly Pepper is the devilish one.

Worst habit? 
My worst habit is procrastination, I am occasionally way too laid back.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

$3.50 highballs at Port City Royal on Saturday nights are the best!


If you want to hear more from Jon, you can find him on:

Instagram: @wisemanjon

YouTube: Jon Wiseman

Email: jon.wiseman28@outlook.com

Uptown Mug #80 . Mishelle Carson-Roy

She works in a colorful store, she wears colorful clothes, and ‘she’s a rainbow’ colorful personality.  Mishelle manages Freak Lunchbox on King Street, and she certainly adds a spark to our community.  Always with a huge smile and full of fun, we are lucky to have her as one of our uptown people, and show her off whenever we can.  She is also very talented with the camera – if you are on Instagram, look her up and enjoy life through her eyes.  And, when you’re feeling like some sugar, stop by Freak Lunchbox to pick from a plethora of yummy treats and say hi when you’re there!

Let’s get to know Mishelle!

Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Saint John and have lived in both Gingerbread Styled Houses and The Jellybean building..I’m just naturally drawn to old architecture and sweets!  I moved to Halifax for college but returned in 2010 to have my son. The saddest part of leaving Halifax was leaving behind my job at Freak Lunchbox, You could imagine my excitement having our Saint John location follow me home a few months after my return.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been working uptown since 2011 and I’ve loved every minute of it. There’s just something about our people here, so many of our regular customers have become friends over the years!

What is your favorite season, and why?

I’m a sucker for our Fall Season. There’s something about watching all of the leaves change colour that just makes you feel warm and cozy.

Any pets?

I have a 20Lb Cat at home named Kevin, and a house trained Lop Rabbit named Waffles.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

My biggest insider tip is to just take yourself on a walk through the streets of uptown and look up. It’s amazing how many tiny details this city has to offer and we miss out on so much. Take the time and see for yourself!

Uptown Mug #79 . Greg Marks

Sometimes we find a person who, though generally they don’t put themselves in the spotlight, they are most deserving. Greg Marks is just that. You most likely have seen him, as he is one of our most sharp dressed men. Or perhaps, you’ve heard him, as there are times when we are lucky to enjoy the sweet, sultry sounds his sax echoing through our city streets. Definitely, he is a mainstay uptown, and is most appreciated and worthy of some unsolicited attention.

Greg is a Registered Music Teacher (member of New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers’ Association). He conscientiously audio and video records all private lessons, for the peace-of-mind of parents and students.  He also offers a discount on instrument repair services to members of the New Brunswick Musicians’ Association (AFM Local 815), and to his students.  Greg is President of the New Brunswick Musicians’ Association (AFM Local 815 – nbmusicians.com – whose office is at 82 Germain St., representing professional musicians throughout New Brunswick) and Sergeant-At-Arms of the Saint John District Labour Council (representing unionized workers in Southern NB).

Greg is currently taking new students and would love to answer your questions regarding his music lessons and services. If you would like to know more, please see his contact information at the end of this post.


Let’s get to know this mysterious man behind the music.


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in the Saint John General Hospital, and grew up in St. Martins.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I moved to Coburg Street in the summer of 1997 – I was working for NBTel at the time – but didn’t start operating my business from this location until the fall of 2000.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

Although I only get to drop by rarely, Anne McShane (Feel Good Store) is a perpetual inspiration, not simply because of her delightfully positive attitude, but because she manages to maintain this attitude without willfully disregarding the “negatives” that so many other “positive people” I’ve met would prefer to ignore. She doesn’t just look for the positive in people and situations; she sows and reaps it. Many people try to make lemonade from lemons; Anne plants the lemon seeds, too.

I’ve also drawn inspiration from the strength and creativity of Sarah Jones (Jones Gallery). As an artist, she reinvents herself regularly, but always remains true to her passion. She knows her worth, and chooses not to compromise her vision or value in the pursuit of success, but still remains engaging and connected to her family and her supporters.

What is your worst habit?

I’m something of a hermit! I rarely seem to get out to enjoy all that Saint John has to offer.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

There are some wonderful small businesses north of the City Market! Loyalist City Coin, Heroes’ Beacon, Waterton’s Barber & Hair Styling, The Second Shop, Saint John Tool Library, Fluid Audio, ESL Art Supplies, Dave Shoots Bookseller… this area may look a little downtrodden, but it is on the verge of a renaissance!

Contact information:

Greg Marks, B.A. Mus, B.C.S., R.M.T.

Proprietor, Culture Of One Music Services
(506) 693-9279
Twitter: @CultureOfOne

Uptown Mug #78 . Cherise Letson

Cherise Letson is most likely a name you are familiar with if you follow intelligent uptown conversation and/or hang out at trendy uptown locales.  She is often on the scene as associate editor of Huddle, an online business publication that covers New Brunswick and the East Coast, as well is noticeably on point and current, utilizing various social media channels.  As co-host/co-founder of Strange Grooves, a podcast and online community for vinyl/music lovers, she gets to share her talents for one of her passions, music.

Cherise is definitely one of our bright and beautiful personalities uptown who adds a special vibrancy to our scene.  Let’s get to know Cherise..

Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Saint John.

How long have you been part of the uptown scene?

I went to high school uptown, so I guess the area has felt like home to me for a while, even though I grew up on the east side. But I didn’t start living and working uptown until 2014, after I moved back to Saint John after I graduated university.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I guess Huddle founders Allan Gates and Lise Hansen are the first people who pop into my mind. I wouldn’t be doing all that I’m doing now without their constant support and encouragement.
There’s also my long-time mentor Lisa Hrabluk, who has helped me so much both personally and professionally over the past four years. That woman is a damn visionary, seriously.
Of course, I can’t forget my Strange Grooves co-host and dear friend Cait Milberry. She has such an amazing drive and is always looking for new ways to elevate others. She rules.

Favorite Musician?

Steppenwolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

Five & Dime! It’s my absolute favorite bar in the whole city. Great people, great vinyl, great atmosphere, what more could you want? I just love being there.
The Cask & Kettle‘s breakfast poutine is to die for.
MIX Resto Bar has a really nice view. A lot of people don’t think to go there because it’s at the top of Brunswick Square by the Delta Marriott. They have great drinks and food too!

Uptown Mug #76 . Kim Jacobsen

It is our pleasure to recognize a lady who uptown is very proud to call ‘ours.’  Kim Jacobsen is an established Interior Designer and is very talented in creating  a perfect space, whether commercial or residential, to meet your needs and innate desires.  Well travelled, intelligent, social and cultured, Kim is the perfect combination of country soft and city sharp.  Her business, Kim Jakobsen Design, is located on Prince William Street, and she often brings her canine companion, Oscar to work with her.  If you see her out walking, often with Oscar, you will notice her.  She has an unmatched presence, subtle but distinct.  Humble just enough to be intriguing, and confident in the most charming way.  Not many can pull that off, but Kim does.  Without even trying. 🙂

Let’s chat with Kim:


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was physically born in Edmonton, Alberta …but my spirit came alive on  Quadra Island BC.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

Joined Heather Kamerman  in 2008  to start an  interior design business  “Design 4 Space inc. ”  We won best new business at the Uptown Live Life Awards 2010. Life changed in 2013 went solo with my current business KIM JAKOBSEN DESIGN…we have made our home in the Creative Soup building working alongside the talented Hemming’s House team. Have had the most amazing time living and working in SJ!! 


Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?  

French designer Phillipe Starck &  local SJ  artist and BF Elma Johnston McKay.


What is your favorite season, and why?     

I love all the seasons ..they give us ever changing scenery, light, color, flora, temperatures…  and the way we  experience them …inspiration for design.


Most favorite snack food?      

Smoked oysters out of the can with crackers and vino … ultimately while  on the beach or in the woods with my friend El.


Coffee, tea, or other?

Cappuccino am / honey+ lemon+ cinnamon stick pm.


Any pets?

My shadow, Oscar… a  b/w  Jackshitz who gives me a reason to walk every day.


Most guilty pleasure? 

Recently a croissant and cappuccino  @ Rogue coffee made by the talented and lovely Kim Steel of East Coast Bistro.


Favorite Musician? 

I love loads of artists… but David Gilmore, Sting and Sigur Ros are always in the queue.


What is your Design philosophy?

When I work with public spaces its all about emotion and experience…I have to tell a story and print the strongest memory of the spirit of the place on everyone who visits, to wake them up and provoke them and give them energy.

The opposite is for the private space…I must be humble almost silent. I have to be a good friend who listens and helps people to build there own home and life. Then I must disappear. In private space my role is to protect the energy and love of the couple or family. Their job is to get on with their life.



What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

Food.. its a place off the beaten path but worth the walk..Thai Pho love the curry’s and Pad Thai + black thai rice desert omg!   View.. love to take Oscar for a walk to Tin can beach to chill ….and take in nature plus all the  activity of the SJ harbor.

Find Kim:

On FACEBOOK @kimjakobsendesign

Online:   kimjakobsendesign.com

Published in East Coast living magazine:  http://eastcoastliving.ca/2017/10/saint-john-love-nest/



Uptown Mug #74 . Sgt. David Hartley-Brown and Cst. Duane Squires

We love our uptown boys in blue, Sgt David Hartley-Brown and Cst Duane Squires.  These two gents can often be seen out and about our uptown core, protecting and serving.  Whether it be on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, or beating the street by feet, Sgt David and Cst Duane have become familiar faces and we appreciate their presence always, assuring our safety and keeping things in line where and when needed.


So, let’s get some inside info on these two gents..


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

(Duane)  I was born in St. John’s Newfoundland and grew up just outside in Mount Pearl. I graduated from the Atlantic Police Academy PEI in 2006 and Saint John has been my home ever since. When I first moved to SJ I lived lower west, then Forest Hills and last year moved to Millidgeville.

(David) I was born in Saint John, NB.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

(Duane)  I’ve worked uptown uniform patrol with SJPF for 9 years, This past January I had the opportunity to join our Community Response Unit in the Waterloo Village / Uptown Area. The more time I spend uptown walking the beat, riding the bike and just meeting the people, the more I like it.

(David) I’ve been working in the uptown for 35 years.


Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

(David)  There are too many to name, just anyone who shares a passion to make a positive change in our community, province , country, world!


What is your ultimate favorite snack food? 

(Duane)  Of course as a Police Officer most of you would think I would say donuts and who doesn’t like donuts right? But I would have say chips are a weakness (Lays Ketchup & Doritos Intense Pickle)


Do you have any pets?

(Duane) I have a seven year old Golden Retriever named Bella. 
What is your most guilty pleasure? 

(Duane) I have to admit…. I binge watch Netflix

(David) JU JUBES from the Bulk Barn before I go see a movie.



What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

(Duane)  Uptown is unique! In the nice weather was have a beautiful Harbour Passage, in winter the pedway which is amazing because you can travel quite a distance without having to go outside in the weather. But if people ask about food I send them to Churchills and recommend the char crust!

(David)  That’s easy, Freak Lunchbox!! lol.


Sgt David and Cst Duane would like to emphasize that if any citizen sees something of a concerning matter, to contact the Saint John City Police non-emergency number, 648.3333.  If an emergency, call 911.

Uptown Mug #73 . Betty MacMillan

Saint John wouldn’t be Saint John with out Betty MacMillan.  Betty is the Manager of Cruise Development for the Port of Saint John, and she is a rock star for sure.  Integral from the very beginning in bringing cruise ships to our city, Betty was one of the key players involved in assisting the first ship, seeking refuge from hurricane Gabrielle in 1989, to dock in uptown Saint John.  She has been with the Port for 33 years, to date and has had her hand in bringing 2.5 million cruise passengers to our city, by the end of this cruise season.

It is more than apparent that Betty loves her job and finds it easy to ‘sell’ Saint John and the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  Her beautiful smile and confidence through valuable experience tell it all.


Let’s get to know Betty!


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

I’m a Saint Johnner.. lived here all my life.  I was a Garnett from Garnett Settlement –  one of 5 children.  I’ve travelled extensively but I’m always happy to come home to Saint John.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

I have worked uptown for over 30 years – actually lived uptown for 8 years back in the 90’s.  I’m thinking it might be time to move back (I live west!).   Always have to be around the beautiful Bay of Fundy!  

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration? 

I’ve worked hard through my life to surround myself with positive and energetic people –  funny as this may sound, my daughter has been a great inspiration.  She can always find the opportunity – she is always amazing me!    My sons Peter and Dr. Bill are also my rocks… extremely hard working and accomplished and so fun to be around.    They make me so proud!  


What is your favorite season, and why?     

Why cruise season, of course.   I would have to say fall,  not only are the temperatures wonderful and the leaves beautiful – but it is the busy cruise ship season.  I love seeing all of the tourists walking around and enjoying our uptown!   We keep improving with each and every year!  


Coffee, tea, or other? 

Java Moose,  foghorn – Black!   


Any pets? 

I have two cats…  inherited them both.   Louis II was my daughter Cayman Grants, and Zoe was my son Dr. William Huttges.  Definitely never lonely when they are around!  


Most guilty pleasure?      

Bragging about my beautiful grandchildren.  I have 7 now,  I am truly blessed!   Wanna see the pictures?? 😉
Worst habit?   

My desk is a mess… 



What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

I fell in love with Sean Yoro (Hula)  when he was here –   really love his mural and the wonderful video he put together on Saint John and the Bay of Fundy.    We really have become #Saint Awesome.   I love the hashtag because it stresses that the SAINT is spelled out, and people are really catching on to the hashtag…  we are AWESOME!

I also love Britts Pub + Eatery –  their Huttges Bangers and Mash is to DIE for and their MyJam video’s on Friday evening are so much fun!   Also, Happinez Wine Bar –  and it is conveniently located just below Britts.   😉

Find and follow Betty

Twitter @bemacmillan

Instagram  bettymacmillan


Uptown Mug #70 . Litsa Daeres

A true ambassador and ambitious lady with a genuine passion for our uptown community, Litsa Daeres is the driving force behind many of the developments and upgrades uptown.  A lifelong resident, and active in community, she always has a beautiful smile on her face and a good word to share about urban living and the fun it can be.  She is a prime example of a millennial, loving life in Uptown Saint John!  Keep your eyes on Germain Street – new, mod, high end apartments are in the works, thanks to Litsa!


Let’s get to know Litsa,

Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born and raised in Saint John, lived on Germain Street for 26years. My parents are actually going on 50 years there.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been apart of the uptown scene my entire life 🙂 born, raised and worked uptown.


Who do you look to for inspiration?

I would have to say my father inspires me, I’ve never seen anybody work harder than him. He landed here from Greece when he was 23 without knowing the language and  couple of dollars, everything he has he’s done himself by working day and night. 
What is your favourite season?
Summer…I love all the flowers.
What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 
 I love when the cruise ships are in. There’s nothing better than seeing all the people walking the streets, eating at our restaurants and shopping at our local stores. It Makes our city seem so alive and vibrant, I would love to see our city like that all the time. Sometimes I drive down the streets and think to myself…”why don’t more people live here? It’s so pretty.”   

Uptown Mugs #62 . John Thomson

It’s almost impossible to imagine the uptown scene without John Thomson.  John lives, works, and plays uptown, and can often be found serving up pleasures at Britt’s Pub and Eatery, out for a run, keeping up to his lovely’s dance moves, or slugging down a brew somewhere.  We dare you to stump him on any ale trivia, this guy knows his stuff – a beer connoisseur, if you will.

John is an important piece of our uptown personality – a man of few words with a smile to charm your socks off.  We raise a glass to him today!


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Montreal and grew up in Baie d’Urfe on the West Island.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve enjoyed the uptown scene since 1987


Name one or two people who inspire you?

My two grandfathers inspire me.


Coffee, tea or other?

Coffee then Britt’s Brew!


What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

I think everyone can remember the first time they entered Backstreet Records!




Uptown Mugs #61 . Patricia Gallagher



Patricia is a lady who seems to be everywhere and involved with everything.  From retail, events and fundraisers, the Arts & Culture scene, to owning and operating one of our city’s best AirBnB’s at One Princess, she is definitely one of the people who help put us on the map!  We are happy to show off this important lady and the corner of the city she calls home.

Let’s chat with Patricia..


Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born in Montreal, raised in beautiful Burlington Ontario.  I came to the Saint John area 16 years ago to set-up call centers in the region!  I loved it so much I decided to stay… It was such a wonderful pace and way of life and a perfect place to raise my daughter.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

Three years ago we moved from the Valley to Uptown Saint John to follow our dream of having a home and small business all in the same place.  I have always dreamed of owning a BnB and OnePrincess has allowed me to do that! We have been loving every minute of life uptown! In the short time we have been here we have seen the entertainment and restaurant scene explode. It’s an amazing time to be part of such a positive trend, there is definitely excitement in the air and we look forward to more of our friends joining us uptown!


Name one or two people who you find your design inspiration? 

It’s not hard to be charmed and motivated by those who have gone before me, spending time with friends In their beautifully curated uptown homes has been inspiring in itself! The art housed in these beautiful century homes is swoon worthy alone, not to mention the beautiful laid out parlours and 14 foot ceiling! And no one is afraid to play with colour, it’s fantastic! I also read every home decor magazine in print and am constantly inspired by the way the designers can leverage the beauty of our surroundings to create an atmosphere of beauty, comfort and relaxation in our home.  I’m absolutely consumed with it and enjoy sharing the charm of our historic building with guests and visitors. To have two suites to furnish and decorate has been thrilling, they are both very different but both are equally loved by guests.. I’m already dreaming of their makeovers!


What is your favorite season?

I love them all, but summer is my favorite time of the year.  It is our busiest season with Cruise Ship Passengers in the Shop and AirBnB guests in our suites.  Although this keeps us hopping we still find time to relax on the balcony overlooking the beautiful Harbourfront and steal away to our RV Seasonal Site at Rockwood Park complete with our own “She-Shed”. There is nothing like a dip in Lily Lake, followed by a BBQ and Bonfire on a hot summer’s night.



What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

Poutine! Just ask any uptown restaurant that we frequent! It’s a problem. I’m currently on the hunt for truffle fries if you happen to know anyone who’s dabbling in them! I’m definitely a carbavour, and prefer savoury snacks to sweet.


Coffee, tea, or other?

I do love a good Manhattan!


Any pets?

Oh yes, Mr Buddy and Ms Sugar, two of the most adorable and best dressed minituare blond poodles uptown they even have there own #hashtag They are king and queen on the castle at One Princess!


Most guilty pleasure? 

Pouring through my decor magazines on Sunday morning with coffee and Baileys overlooking the ocean! Honestly I have 6-8 magazines on the go at any time!


What is your worst habit?

Leaving the kitchen cupboard doors open…


Favorite Musician?

STING had got to be my favorite musician of all time, without a doubt! But my favorite Canadian songstress is the beautiful and uber talented Jann Arden her songs all tell a story and touch my heart, every single one of them and she is a wonderful human!


What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

One of my favorite parts about hosting out of town guests is being able to provide them with so much variety in the restaurant/bar scene.  We keep an ever changing list of our favorite go to spots in each genre of cuisine and restaurant style! Its really very impressive! I have yet to have a guest who is craving something delightful and not be able to point them in the perfect direction to exceed their expectation! How lucky are we that our dining repertoire is so diverse! Now I’m hungry!



Find Patricia and One Princess, AirBnB
On the street:  1 Princess Street
Online:  One Princess Air BnB
Facebook:  One Princess
Twitter:  @OnePrincessSJ
Instagram:  oneprincess_shopstayplay
Email: oneprincesssaintjohn@gmail.com