Chop Chop Winter 2019 presents to Lunch Connection

The restaurants who participated in Chop Chop Winter 2019 presented a nice plump cheque for $6,652 to Lunch Connection today.

$1 from EVERY Chop Chop dish sold during Chop Chop Restaurant Week is accounted for and given directly to this cause. It is very gratifying as providers and, as the happily consuming public, to know that through indulging in this way, school children are being fed.

The Lunch Connection provides free hot lunch programs that serve deserving children and youth of Saint John.

THANK YOU to all how ate out during Chop Chop Winter and to the restaurants for their generosity towards this wonderful community cause.

Pictured in photo:
Nancy Tissington, Executive Director of Uptown Saint John Inc.
Amy Barrett-Kay, Event Sponsor, Picaroon’s
Erin Hodge, Representing Lunch Connection
Brian Earle, Representing Lunch Connection
Benjamin Gilcrist, Representing Lunch Connection

Vito’s – Classic, Authentic, Delicious!

In 1972, four young, ambitions gentlemen decided to come to Saint John to open Vito’s – a pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti restaurant.  In 1984, the Georgoudis brothers expanded to uptown and we haven’t been the same since.  Still using the original pasta and pizza sauce, the restaurant takes pride in keeping their signature sauce in their time-honored dishes as well as offering new items, as public tastes and trends evolve.  Recently, Vito’s Uptown has undergone renovations and the feel is both comfortable and stylish.  Located on the corner of Union and Peel Plaza, Vito’s offers dine-in and take out service, and has been known to ship as far as across Canada a time or two.  That is just how unique and delicious their dishes are – the sauce is one of a kind and you will be back for more!

Today, original founder and patriarch Nick visits daily, overseeing and enjoying the business he has known for years as well as socializing with the locals, in style.  The next generation now do the legwork and they are good hometown boys – continuing to honour the quality Vito’s has had from day one.  This year they celebrate 35 years uptown.  Stop by and raise a glass and dine with them.  It may be on the perimeter of uptown, but the food is unmatched, the beer (local and craft) is cold and the wine is fine.

Pictured above:  Big George, Little George, Nick and Mike  (original photo – Georgoudis brothers; Peter, Demetri, Nick, Costa)


Phone:  634.3900
Uptown Address:  2 Peel Plaza
Vito’s on FACEBOOK
Vito’s on TWITTER

Uptown Saint John cleans up, despite the rain! Uptown Clean Sweep 2019 – recap.

In conjunction with Earth Day, Uptown Saint John – the Business Improvement Association – hosts the 5th Annual Uptown Clean Sweep, April 23, 2019.

Spring is the season, after all, and though we had significant rain this morning, that couldn’t dampen the spirits of all teams who came out to assist in the clean-up.  Enthusiasm wasn’t dampened for the 120 people who exhibited their pride in our uptown neighbourhood by picking up garbage bags full of trash and litter.  Though the morning was a wet one, it was very apparent that the community spirit and pride is alive and well.  This will be, not only our seasonal Clean Sweep day, but a kick-off to the coming months of doing our part in making uptown more beautiful and inviting.  If these folks can do it in the down-pouring rain, we can do it on a regular basis.  Let’s keep uptown ‘clean to the core!’

Special thanks to:

Hilton Saint John
Market Square
City of Saint John and the Green Machine
97.3 The Wave
Country 94 well as our rock-star teams:

Hilton Saint John
Hemming’s House
City of Saint John and the Saint John Police Force
Saint John Ale House
Cardinal Path
Brunswick Square
Gilbert McGloan Gillis
Canada Homes for Rent
Team Long
Bubbles & Balms
Economic Development of Greater Saint John
Peace of Mind Management
Acadia Broadcasting

Thanks again to everyone, and let’s do our part in keeping uptown clean! #LoveLifeUptown



Welcome to Uptown, Byers Boutique!

Renee Byers has a passion for local, as well as natural skin care products.  It all began in her home, seeing a need for skin care that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and additives.  She started by creating a natural lip balm and has grown to producing, in addition to her lip balms; Lotions & Creams, Face & Body Wash, Old fashioned Soap Bars, Massage Oils and Bath Bombs/Soaks.  She has worked her way to needing a bigger space and now calls 38 Water Street home for her thriving business.  Here you will find skin and body care products created by her as well as other natural brands.  Renee has also stocked some interesting items and giftware like home-made facecloths, dryer balls, and unique lamps created from repurposed pipes, made by her husband.

Stop by Byers Boutique bright and beautiful space and meet the lovely Renee, while you treat yourself to some of her locally made natural products.  Welcome uptown, Renee and Byers Boutique!

Find Byers Boutique:

On the Street:  38 Water Street
Phone:  634.0369
Facebook:  Byers Boutique


Uptown Mug # 85 . Chas Goguen


You may have noticed an interesting looking dude wearing a bright orange Chaizard hat, seemingly on a mission, all over uptown.  He actually IS on a mission and it is pretty neat.  Chas is a Pokemon GO master and you won’t believe the cool things he sees and now, due to a recent update to the game – he shares.  Pokemon GO has a new feature known as GO Snapshot, which allows you to take AR (augmented reality) photos of the Pokemon in your collection in a real-world location of your choice. Chas is always looking for just the right location to set up a Pokemon for a photo session to highlight not only them, but also the sights of the city, including some pretty impressive uptown photos which he posts to his galleries on Instagram and Twitter.

Have a look at what is actually lurking and enjoying our uptown in places you walk by every day, or what Chas is cleverly creating – by checking out the photos Chas shares here.  Trust us, it is super cool.

Instagram: @professorchas
Twitter: @professorchas


Let’s get to know Chas..


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

I was born here in Saint John, and have lived primarily on the west side of town for most of my life.  An artist from a very young age, Chas had a strong interest in drawing, and over the course of his school years developed his own comic book superhero named Dotman.  He has self-published 20 full-color issues of the Dotman comic book series, and is hoping to someday further the budding franchise into the field of animation and other media. Dotman can be found online at (currently being revamped).

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I have frequented the Uptown area for a combined span of probably a couple of decades. I attended Saint John High School on Prince William Street until graduating in 1998, and have worked a couple of jobs in the Uptown area since then. Currently, I’m enrolled in 3D Modeling and Animation at Atlantica College in Market Square, which sees me spending a lot of my time Uptown nowadays. Aside from that, on my days off, I often like to spend a few hours per day roaming around the Uptown area, as it’s a very developed location in Pokemon GO, and provides many scenic backdrops for GO Snapshot sessions. 

I also volunteer as one of the organizers (or “Pokemon Professors”) of the Pokemon League at Heroes’ Beacon at 25 Charlotte Street, where we host Pokemon TCG events every second weekend, viewable on the online calendar at We welcome players of all ages to attend and meet other local players, trade cards with one another, and participate in tournaments for prizes. We also host “Learn To Play” days for newcomers who collect Pokemon cards, but are unfamiliar with how to play and are interested to learn, with exclusive foil promotional cards available for attending. I often record footage of the bigger events held at Heroes’ Beacon to be featured on my YouTube channel, as well.

What is your favourite season, and why?

Summer is my favorite season. For one reason, there’s significantly less snow to shovel, and for another reason, the city feels so much more alive. Nearly every day has a special event going on, the parks are thriving with lush trees and colorful flowers, and there are so many more people out and about to interact with.

Where have you found inspiration?

I am also an aspiring YouTuber, having been inspired by one of my sources of inspiration in the field, Markiplier, to try my hand at performing as an online entertainer. When I initially sat down to decide what kind of video content to focus my channel on, I decided to make use of my many years spent playing games in the Pokemon franchise. Starting off focusing on content from the original Pokemon video games on the Nintendo Game Boy as well as the Pokemon Trading Card Game, I expanded my content in 2016 with the release of Pokemon GO, the mobile app game designed to get people out and about to explore their real world surroundings on their quest to catch ’em all. I often record my Pokemon GO adventures throughout the Uptown area (and other various locations in Saint John) whenever special in-game events are occurring, which allows me to showcase some of the highlights and landmarks of the city in my YouTube videos.

Who is your favorite musician?   

My favorite musician ever since way back in the day has got to be “Weird Al” Yankovic. He’s a tremendously funny guy, and not only does he produce some very entertaining original musical content, the parodies he creates of other popular songs feels like the best of both worlds – a faithful recreation of the original tune and melody, paired with hilarious new lyrics that always provide good laughs. I actually got to talk with him backstage when he toured here at the Imperial Theater in 1997, which was a pretty nice time.


What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

As a big ol’ nerd myself, I would definitely recommend checking out Heroes’ Beacon for anyone who’s a fan of comics, collectibles, and gaming of various sorts (card games, RPGs, board games, etc.).  And for a great place to grab something to eat, right next door is Freddie’s Pizza and Donair, where they serve not only great pizza at an amazing price, but other delicious items including fish and chips, shawarma, and poutine.

So, the next time you see Chas out and about looking sleuth-like, know his is seeing and capturing something only those who wish can see.  Thank you Chas, for sharing with us.

Below are some of the photos Chas has shared. Follow him to see more!

Welcome to Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop

We have a strong Irish heritage here in Saint John, and now we have a barbershop that fits that bill.  Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop is located on Princess Street and you can feel the warm and friendly vibe as soon as you walk in the space.  The striking green barber chairs are impressive and as much lovely to look at as functional.  Owner, Harry, has opened his shop in hopes to give SJ a classy and upscale barbershop where all ages and demographics will feel comfortable.  The shop is intimate and inviting, with custom made cabinets, countertops, and furnishings by Harry, utilizing the tools and space from the Saint John Tool Library.

Grab a coffee from across the street, then stop by to see they boys and freshen up your look, and luck 🙂

Find Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop:
105 Princess Street
Phone:  642.9172
Facebook:  Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop

Owner, Harry, invites everyone to stop by and see the new shop – maybe get a buzz while you’re there.  #LoveLifeUptown


Welcome Back to Uptown, Refresh Wellness Studio

We are extremely happy to be reunited with a good friend.  After undergoing some unanticipated changes and having to relocate to a temporary space for a few months, we now have Refresh Wellness Studio back with us at a new location, at 91 Princess Street.  The previous Elwoods Wood Lab, an Historica property, is the perfect set up and feel for Refresh.  Rustic, fresh and calming, you will love to settle in for a treatment here, conveniently located for a pop in at lunch time or after work.

Refresh Wellness Studio offers Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Esthetics.  Stop in, call, or book online.

Find Refresh Wellness Studio:
91 Princess Street
Phone:  642.9001
Facebook:  @RefreshStudioSJ
Instagram:  @refreshstudiosj

Zach and Erin behind the new live-edge counter, custom built by Catapult Industry Inc.

Owner, Leah Ross, loves the new space and invites everyone to stop by to relax and enjoy the space as well.


Welcome to the Block, Quality Block Barbershop!

New to the uptown as of November 2018, Quality Block Barbershop adds even more quality to the block!  With a keen sense of style, nostalgia, and authenticity, the barbers here know their stuff.  It probably isn’t by chance that Quality Block Barbershop is located directly beside Backstreet Records because there is a distinct vibe in this space relating to all things artistic.  Classic, old school swing/jazz may be playing on the turntable, or you may be lucky enough to catch a live performance in their storefront window.  The boys are true artists and they have plans to use the venue in unique ways over and above their mainstay industry – haircuts, hot towel shaves and beard/stash trims.  They also offer special rates for military and emergency personnel.  Welcome uptown to Kirk, Mike, and Austin – Quality Block Barbershop!

Find Quality Block Barbershop:

On the Street:  122 Germain Street
Facebook:  Quality Block Barbershop.
Instagram:  @qualityblockbarbershop