Uptown Mug #80 . Mishelle Carson-Roy

She works in a colorful store, she wears colorful clothes, and ‘she’s a rainbow’ colorful personality.  Mishelle manages Freak Lunchbox on King Street, and she certainly adds a spark to our community.  Always with a huge smile and full of fun, we are lucky to have her as one of our uptown people, and show her off whenever we can.  She is also very talented with the camera – if you are on Instagram, look her up and enjoy life through her eyes.  And, when you’re feeling like some sugar, stop by Freak Lunchbox to pick from a plethora of yummy treats and say hi when you’re there!

Let’s get to know Mishelle!

Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Saint John and have lived in both Gingerbread Styled Houses and The Jellybean building..I’m just naturally drawn to old architecture and sweets!  I moved to Halifax for college but returned in 2010 to have my son. The saddest part of leaving Halifax was leaving behind my job at Freak Lunchbox, You could imagine my excitement having our Saint John location follow me home a few months after my return.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been working uptown since 2011 and I’ve loved every minute of it. There’s just something about our people here, so many of our regular customers have become friends over the years!

What is your favorite season, and why?

I’m a sucker for our Fall Season. There’s something about watching all of the leaves change colour that just makes you feel warm and cozy.

Any pets?

I have a 20Lb Cat at home named Kevin, and a house trained Lop Rabbit named Waffles.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

My biggest insider tip is to just take yourself on a walk through the streets of uptown and look up. It’s amazing how many tiny details this city has to offer and we miss out on so much. Take the time and see for yourself!

Uptown Clean Sweep 2018 – What A Great Clean Up Event!

This morning was bright and sunny and a fantastic day for a Clean Sweep uptown.  Over 80 people came out to lend a hand – those who live, work, play and appreciate uptown – teams and individuals – who helped us collect over 50 bags of garbage this morning! Thanks to all who participated. The enthusiasm of our community in helping to clean up our urban neighbourhood is extremely impressive.

Thanks also to our sponsors, The Hilton for providing breakfast items, coffee, tea, and water – and participating; Country 94 and 97.3 The Wave for helping us share the event and for participating; The City of Saint John, Parks & Recreation for providing all of the tools and supplies needed via The Green Machine; and Market Square for assisting with all location logistics.

Uptown Saint John, the Business Improvement Association appreciates the huge representation of civic pride from our uptown members and we are more than thrilled to organize and host this event, this being the 4th annual.  Thanks again to all involved!

Freak Lunchbox Team:

The Hilton/Trade & Convention Centre Team:

Grant Thorton, Team A:

Grant Thornton, Team B:

Saint John Ale House Team:


GoTo Insurance Team:

Heather Acker/Pam Wheaton Team:

Acadia Broadcasting Team

Salesforce, Team A:

Salesforce, Team B:

Salesforce, Team C:

Carl Trickey and Doug Richardson:

Historica Developments Team:

Commercial Properties Team:

Canada Homes for Rent Team:

Constance Woldridge:

Ella The Shop Team:

Thandi Team:

Cst. Duane Squires stopped by to lend his support:

The Salesforce Team hard at work:

Uptown Saint John Staff, Rachelle and Deborah, serving up goodies from the HiltonSJ to volunteers:

A small sampling of what was collected.  Thank you, Uptown Saint John!


Uptown Mug #79 . Greg Marks

Sometimes we find a person who, though generally they don’t put themselves in the spotlight, they are most deserving. Greg Marks is just that. You most likely have seen him, as he is one of our most sharp dressed men. Or perhaps, you’ve heard him, as there are times when we are lucky to enjoy the sweet, sultry sounds his sax echoing through our city streets. Definitely, he is a mainstay uptown, and is most appreciated and worthy of some unsolicited attention.

Greg is a Registered Music Teacher (member of New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers’ Association). He conscientiously audio and video records all private lessons, for the peace-of-mind of parents and students.  He also offers a discount on instrument repair services to members of the New Brunswick Musicians’ Association (AFM Local 815), and to his students.  Greg is President of the New Brunswick Musicians’ Association (AFM Local 815 – nbmusicians.com – whose office is at 82 Germain St., representing professional musicians throughout New Brunswick) and Sergeant-At-Arms of the Saint John District Labour Council (representing unionized workers in Southern NB).

Greg is currently taking new students and would love to answer your questions regarding his music lessons and services. If you would like to know more, please see his contact information at the end of this post.


Let’s get to know this mysterious man behind the music.


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in the Saint John General Hospital, and grew up in St. Martins.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I moved to Coburg Street in the summer of 1997 – I was working for NBTel at the time – but didn’t start operating my business from this location until the fall of 2000.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

Although I only get to drop by rarely, Anne McShane (Feel Good Store) is a perpetual inspiration, not simply because of her delightfully positive attitude, but because she manages to maintain this attitude without willfully disregarding the “negatives” that so many other “positive people” I’ve met would prefer to ignore. She doesn’t just look for the positive in people and situations; she sows and reaps it. Many people try to make lemonade from lemons; Anne plants the lemon seeds, too.

I’ve also drawn inspiration from the strength and creativity of Sarah Jones (Jones Gallery). As an artist, she reinvents herself regularly, but always remains true to her passion. She knows her worth, and chooses not to compromise her vision or value in the pursuit of success, but still remains engaging and connected to her family and her supporters.

What is your worst habit?

I’m something of a hermit! I rarely seem to get out to enjoy all that Saint John has to offer.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

There are some wonderful small businesses north of the City Market! Loyalist City Coin, Heroes’ Beacon, Waterton’s Barber & Hair Styling, The Second Shop, Saint John Tool Library, Fluid Audio, ESL Art Supplies, Dave Shoots Bookseller… this area may look a little downtrodden, but it is on the verge of a renaissance!

Contact information:

Greg Marks, B.A. Mus, B.C.S., R.M.T.

Proprietor, Culture Of One Music Services
(506) 693-9279
Twitter: @CultureOfOne

Uptown Saint John BIA Annual General Meeting 2018

Thank you to all who attended our Annual General Meeting, 2018.  Uptown Saint John, the Business Improvement Association, LOVES LIFE UPTOWN and makes it our priority to share and support the growth, vitality, and diversity of our unique urban community and membership.

Here is a recap of the AGM, and a look back at 2017.

Message from Andrew Costin, Chair of the BOD



Message from Cathy Hutchinson, Chair of the Governance Committee



Message from Keith Brideau, Chair of the Urban Design & Development Committee



Message from Kevin Loughery, Chair of the Marketing & Events Committee



Presentation of Certificates of Recognition from the City of Saint John (to businesses marking milestone anniversaries this year).  Thanks to Mayor Don Darling and Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary for presenting.

Celebrating 5 years in business uptown:

Second Cup

EN Sushi

Pristine . Photo below with Harrison Teed

Heroes’ Beacon . Photo below with Steve Henderson

Uncorked Tours . Photo below with Gill Nadeau

Shawarma Hut

Celebrating 10 years in business uptown:

Instincts Salon

NATIONAL Public Relations . Photo below with Jane Bardsley

Historica Developments . Photo below with Keith Brideau


Celebrating 15 years in business uptown:

Peace of Mind Management

Ammon Bay Ventures, Inc. . Photo below with Stephen Smith


Celebrating 20 years in business uptown:


Revolution Strategy . Photo below with Laura Noseworthy and Kelsey Ingersoll

Pat’s Secret Garden . Photo below with Bruce MacLeod


Celebrating 25 years in business uptown:

Baubles . Photo below with Sandy Teed

Billy’s Seafood . Photo below with Cara Grant

Eastward Sales . Photo below with Adam Garnett


Celebrating 30 years in business uptown:

Treats . Photo below with Kim Beckett

Celebrating 35 years in business uptown:

Grannan’s Seafood & Grill


Celebrating 40 years in business uptown:

Jeremiah’s Deli
Document Searching Services


Celebrating 90 years in business uptown:

CHSJ . Photo below with Chris Pearson


Celebrating 105 years in business uptown:

Imperial Theatre . Photo below with Angela Campbell


Below: Presentation of gift to past BOD Chair, Chris Boudreau


We look forward to a fantastic 2018 in Uptown Saint John!


Uptown Burger Week – April 30 – May 6

Where’s the beef? Find it in all sizes, shapes and forms during Uptown Burger Week – April 30 – May 6!   Enjoy a huge sampling of burgers created for you by our fine uptown chefs – everything goes, so loosen that belt buckle and get ready!  Reservations are recommended.




Billy’s Seafood

47-51 Charlotte Street

Billy’s Bacon Overload – $15

-Canadian Bacon

-Bacon Jam

-Smokey BBQ sauce

-Lettuce and Tomato

-Crispy Onions

On a Brioche Bun


Gahan House

87 Prince William Street

Ciao Bella (winner of Gahan Burger Battle) $16

Beef Patty, Crispy Prosciutto, Smoked Mozzarella, Candied Tomato Jam, Arugula, Pesto Mayo on a Seasoned Bun, served with Gahan Spiced Fries

Veggie Bella $16

Black Bean Veggie Patty, smoked mozzarella, candied tomato jam, arugula, pesto mayo on a seasoned bun, served with Gahan Spiced Fries

BrewBuddy $18

Beef patty, Sydney street bbq pulled pork, candied bacon, cheddar cheese, house coleslaw, seasoned bun, garnished with pork belly bite. Served with Gahan Spiced Fries




Level 3, Brunswick Square, 39 King Street

Omelette burgers – $8.95 – $10.65

Your favourite omelette served in a soft brioche bun. Accompanied by potatoes. Comes in nine varieties

  • Cheese and bacon
  • Cheese and sausage
  • Ham and Swiss
  • 10 star
  • Theo’s
  • Goat cheese, tomatoes, bacon
  • Spinach and Cheddar
  • Western
  • Gigi


Kebab House

88 Prince William Street

Mushroom Burger*

Homemade Beef burger with Mushroom sauce

Cheese Burger*

Homemade beef Burger and Cheddar cheese

Chicken Burger*

Chicken breast with Mushroom sauce

Mix-Double Burger*

Homemade Beef Burger, Chicken Breast, Cheddar Cheese
All beef burgers will be made of Halal Top sirloin beef as Persian style, so Muslim Community can also enjoy the Kebab House Burgers
The weight of each burger/Chicken breast is 110 gram.
Inside The Burgers can be filled by Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Green pepper and etc, as request of customers.
Special Sauces like Mushroom sauce, hot sauce and etc, are available as request of customers.
We probably will provide the Gouda cheese by the burger week to have more cheese options for the customers.
*Prices are min $ 10 and max $15 that depend on the filling materials and sauces.




The York Bistro + Pub

75 Smythe Street (Hilton Hotel Restaurant)

Pepperoni pizza burger – $17

Tri ground beef patty, roasted tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese on brioche bun with arugula and tomato

Mac n cheese stuffed burger – $17

House blend of brisket ribeye and ground beef surround a centre of macaroni and cheese, brioche bun, arugula, tomato

Taste of Egypt

87 King Street


Cauliflower Burger (Vegetarian) – $15

Battered, deep fried cauliflower patty, topped off with ranch dressing, tomato, lettuce and cheddar cheese. Served with our fresh cut fries.

Tandoori Chicken Burger – $16

Chicken breast marinated in tandoori spice and charbroiled topped off with garlic alioli, tomato, lettuce, onion and pickle. Served with our fresh cut fries.

Portobello Beef Burger – $17

charbroiled beef patty, topped off with a marinated Portobello mushroom, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion and mozzarella cheese. Served with our fresh cut fries.


We will be donating $1 from every one of these burgers to Hestia House Inc. Hestia House provides a safe environment for women and women with children who are victims of family violence and provides opportunity for change.

All burgers will be available for Take-out and Delivery during Burger Week


MIX Resto|Bar

39 King Street (Brunswick Square Restaurant)

The Richard Burger – $15

This is a 5oz chicken burger set on a Sourdough bun and topped with bacon jam, spinach, crispy onions, a deep fried pickle and Havarti cheese

Mushroom Egger Melt – $15

This 6oz Sirloin patty is covered with mushrooms, bacon and nacho cheese, topped with a fried egg and served on our home style bun that’s toasted with garlic butter.


Churchill’s Pub & Church Street Steakhouse

10 Grannan Alley

The Golden Oldies Burger – $17

Fresh ground ribeye, cast iron seared, aged cheddar, caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, tomato and burger sauce.

Served with deluxe onion rings.

$5 Shake – Classic strawberry shake, fresh California berries, whipped cream, vanilla bean ice cream, maraschino cherry and sprinkles

Grannan’s Seafood & Grill

1 Market Square


Dungeness Crab Burger – $17

Pan seared house made jumbo crab cake, Jarlsberg cheese, smokey tartar sauce, arugula, tomato and pickled red onion.

French Onion – $16

Fresh ground chuck, brandy candied onion, thick swiss cheese, dijonnaise, au gratin brioche bun & jus dip



Britt’s Pub + Eatery

42 Princess Street

Asian Pork Burger $16

A juicy ginger infused pork patty, topped with an Asian slaw and a zesty siracha aioli, on a cracked black pepper, sesame seed bun.


Surf and Turf Burger $17

A house beef patty paired with sautéed jumbo shrimp and juicy grilled pineapple, topped with crispy jalapeño, chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served on a cracked black pepper, sesame seed bun.


Smokehouse Burger $15

A Smoke infused beef patty, with smoked Gouda cheese, topped with smoked bacon, crispy fritz and jalapeño, chipotle mayo and grainy mustard. Served on a cracked black pepper, sesame bun.


We are proud to be serving grass fed, pasture raised beef from P.E.I. Courtesy of Atlantic Beef.



Decimal 81

81 Princess Street

(Open for Lunch and Dinner during Burger Week)


Beignet Burger – $18, includes choice of side

6oz Dairy Cow Beef Patty, White Cheddar, Lettuce, Onion Crisps, Sweet Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Beignet Bun

Chicken + Waffle Burger – $18, includes choice of side

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Smoked Pork Belly, Manchego Cheese, Chipotle Orange Sauce, Waffle Bun

“The Maritimer”  – $18, includes choice of side

Fish + Chip Burger: Beer Battered Halibut, Russet Gautrettes, Shredded Lettuce, Remoulade, Potato Bun



Truffle Frites / Onion Rings / Garden Salad



East Coast Bistro

60 Prince William Street

Philly Cheesesteak $18

Shredded roast beef, green pepper & onion topped on a 4oz patty with provolone cheese on a hoagie bun.

McNotChick $18

Fried “not chicken” patty, shredded iceberg lettuce, soy aïoli on a sesame bun

Bistro Big Mac $18

Two patties, ECB bacon, house-made thousand island dressing, shredded iceberg lettuce & aged cheddar on a sesame bun

ECB Burger $18

Caramelized onion aïoli, aged cheddar, crispy shallots, lettuce & roasted Roma tomatoes on a sesame bun

Dessert Burger $10

Chocolate cremeux patty, white chocolate cheese, raspberry ketchup, passion fruit mustard & kiwi pickle on a sugar doughnut bun
* All burgers (with the exception of the dessert burger) will be served with the customer’s choice of fries, chips or salad.


Rocky’s Sports Bar

7 Market Square

Black Bean Veggie Burger – $14.99

Siriracha mayo
2 slices grilled tomato
Red onion
Feta cheese on a brioche bun

Stuffed cheddar/Jalapeño Burger – $14.99

Siriracha sour cream sauce
Stuffed burger with cheddar and jalapeño’s
Topped with cheddar cheese

The Pizza Works Burger – $14.99

Pepperoni, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, green peppers with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella

Crunchy Bork Burger – $14.99

1/2 beef, 1/2 Pork, jalapeño cheddar cheese sauce and red onion coleslaw with jalapeño cheddar Dorito’s






33 Canterbury Street

(Please note, we are closed April 30 and May 1st for construction)

The Canterbury – $15

Beef & Pork Burger on a toasted Kaiser, topped with Roasted Brisket and Carmelized Onion. The secret is in the mix.

Tandoori Paneer Burger – $15

Paneer, Roasted Veggies, Tandoori Spice and Mushroom Matar Puree on a toasted Kaiser with Mango Coulis.



Big Tide Brewing Company

47 Princess Street

(All burgers include your choice of side)


The Square Donair – $12

A Square Cut Donair Burger on a Naan Bun with Sweet Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato and Onion

The Fusion Burger – $15

Canada and Korea meet with the joining of a Korean BBQ Chicken Breast with Shredded Lettuce, Red Onion, Peppers and Maple Chili Mayo between two Waffles

The South of the Border – $15

A Taco Seasoned Beef Patty topped with Chili-Fried Onions & Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato – $15

The Falafel Burger (vegan) – $12

A Falafel Patty with Tahini Sauce, Lettuce and Tomato on a Naan Bun.



Ryan Duffy’s Steak & Seafood


One Market Square


‘The Best of Three Worlds’ – Trio of Sliders with Choice of Fries or Caesar – $17

Greek – Lamb, Feta, Onion, Tomato, Olive, Tzatziki

Spanish – Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Jamon Serrano, Aioli

Italian – Chicken, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Marinara, Pesto Mayo


Lemongrass Thai Fare/Peppers Pub


One Market Square

Chiang Mai Burger – $16

Our Northern Thai inspired burger boasts flavors of lemongrass, lime leaves, chilies and fresh turmeric packed into grass fed local Halal beef; topped with crunchy deep fried wontons and charred green onion aioli. #jamitinyourmaw




Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub

112 Prince William Street

THE U.N. Burger (inspired by Mister Steer Burger, Montreal Quebec) $17

AAA patty, Montreal Steak Spice, Candied Maple Bacon, Smoked Dubliner Cheese, Rostii Potato Cake, Sweet and Sour Red Onion Marmalade, Shrettuce, Onion Soup Mix Mayo, Tempura Onions, Potato Chive Bun, toasted…Nicely Toasted.


Chicken Of The Sea Banh Mi – $17

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna, Crushed Avocado & Tomatillo, Carrot Cucumber “Quickle”,

Cilantro, Wasabi Kewpie Chili Aioli, Garlic Butter Brioche


The Irish L.C Burger – $17

AAA patty, 2 yrs Old Cheddar, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato, Maple Bacon, Jameson Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Guinness Cheese Dip, Sweet Pickles, Garlic Butter Brioche Bun


 The Veggie Burger – $17

Dried Green Pea patty with Beet Juice and Coconut, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickled Red Onions, Herbed Chèvre Cheese, Spicy Mayo



Saint John Ale House

One Market Square

Mack Tostada Burger – $20

With Slipp Farms Organic beef, Mac sauce and all the Mac fixings and American cheese fries.




One Market Square

Big Green Chorizo Burger – $13

A pork burger seasoned with fresh herbs, lime juice and jalapenos.










Barred Rock Chicken


One Market Square – Food Court

Aztec Chicken Burger – $16

Fried chicken, Ancho BBQ sauce, pickled peppers and onions, guacamole, and cilantro. (Includes a side and beverage)


Saint John City Market

Hawaiian Chicken Burger with Pesto Mayo – $12

Grilled Chicken breast, Swiss cheese, shaved ham, pesto mayo topped with grilled pineapple and red onion served on a fresh potato scallion bun.


Infusion Tea Room

41 Charlotte Street

Bulgogi Burger with daily soup – $13.95

These burgers are based on Bulgogi, a traditional Korean Barbecue specialty of marinated sirloin.Authentic flavour of all seasonings and the tenderness of sirloin will make you fall in love with Korean cuisine.

Asian Barbecue Pork Burger with daily soup – $13.95

These burgers are dripping with flavour and tastes delicious with gochujang (a savoury and spicy red chili paste), topped with crispy jalapeno,

Taco Pica

96 Germain Street


Taco Pica Burger – $14

Delicious burger stuffed with Taco chips, cheese and salsa!


Port City Royal

45 Grannan Street

All burgers are served with your choice of side and made with either a 5oz grass fed beef patty or a white bean patty.

Marjorie’s @ PCR (from 11:30am to 4pm)

Peanut Butter & Jam Burger – $17

Barbours peanut butter, strawberry ketchup, fried leeks, hickory sticks, apple smoked cheddar

Bacon Avocado Burger – $19

House smoked bacon, bacon & coffee jam, avocado, tomato preserve, fried egg

Port City Royal (5pm to 11pm)

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Burger – $18

Butter poached mushrooms, mushroom paté, bleu l’ermite, herb salad, chive mayonnaise

Ramen Burger – $19

Pork Belly, egg yolk purée, enoki mushroom, nori, fried ramen noodles, chicken and dashi gravy

Urban Deli

68 King Street



2 Peel Plaza


Slocum & Ferris


47 Charlotte Street, City Market


Our prime, top cut sponsors are: Uptown Saint John Inc, your Business Improvement Association, Rock 88.9, and Moosehead Breweries.

Uptown Restaurants present $6,450 to Lunch Connection for Chop Chop Winter, 2018

Uptown Saint John and the restaurants who participated in our Chop Chop Winter 2018 Restaurant Week were thrilled this morning to present a cheque for $6,450 to Lunch Connection.  This amount represents $1 per every Chop Chop dish sold by all restaurants during our recent winter restaurant week.

For Lunch Connection, each dollar provides one meal for a child through this program.  They are very appreciative, once again, of this significant and generous donation.  Find out more about Lunch Connection here.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Uptown Saint John Inc., 97.3 The Wave, Country 94, Picaroons, Mirage Foods, and Summertime Industries.

Thank you to the uptown restaurants and chefs who always present us with delicious and unique Chop Chop offerings.

BIG thank you to everyone who ate out during Chop Chop Winter Restaurant Week.  Know that your indulgence during the week is helping to bring satisfied and full bellies to some very deserving kids.  Watch the video showing the significance of Chop Chop and how WE FEED KIDS.


Pictured above (left to right): 
Nancy Tissington – Uptown Saint John Inc., Executive Director
Adele Moriarty – Saint John Ale House
Mark Slader – Inner City Youth Ministry, Lunch Connection
Cara Grant – Billy’s Seafood
Brian Earle – Inner City Youth Ministry, Lunch Connection
Santos Ruyan Juarez – Taco Pica
Heather MacDonald – Thandi
Erin Hodge – Inner City Youth Ministry, Lunch Connection
Mallory Curwin – Summertime Industries, Event Sponsor
Fran Menton – Acadia Broadcasting, Event Sponsor

Weekend Events . March 30 – April 1

Friday, March 30th


Yuk Yuk’s Presents Christophe Davidson
8:00pm @ Yuk Yuk’s

On the Main Stage – Alter Ego
10:30pm @ O’Leary’s Pub

Town House/Adam Washburn + guests
11pm-2am @ Pepper’s Pub

Friday Night Entertainment
7:00pm-9:30pm @ Grannan’s Seafood

Friday Night Live with Bailey Bail
11:00pm @ McGill’s

Loveover and Cassette Tapes
9:30pm-12:00am @ Taco Pica

Scrabble Friday’s
1:30pm-4pm @ Saint John Free Public Library

T.G.I.F Party with Del
10:00pm @ Callahan’s Pub




Saturday, March 31st

She Said Feck Launch / THTM / CHIPS / Little Cities
10:00pm-2:00am @ Pepper’s Pub

Yuk Yuk’s Presents Christophe Davidson
8:00pm @ Yuk Yuk’s

On the Main Stage – Alter Ego
10:30pm @ O’Leary’s Pub

Rebecca Dobbelsteyn
7pm – 9pm @ Taco Pica

Rock it with Del ‘live on stage’ Dance Party

10:00pm @ Callahan’s pub

Live at the Matinee – Open Mic
4:00pm-8:00pm @ O’Leary’s Pub

 A Little Help For A Friend
9pm – 1am @ McGill’s

The Great Canadian Karaoke Challenge
@ First City Brewery


Sunday, April 1st

Saint John Riptide Vs Cape Breton
2:00pm @ Harbour Station

Man in the Moon – Early Literacy for Men and Babies
11 am @ The Saint John Free Public Library



Uptown Mug #78 . Cherise Letson

Cherise Letson is most likely a name you are familiar with if you follow intelligent uptown conversation and/or hang out at trendy uptown locales.  She is often on the scene as associate editor of Huddle, an online business publication that covers New Brunswick and the East Coast, as well is noticeably on point and current, utilizing various social media channels.  As co-host/co-founder of Strange Grooves, a podcast and online community for vinyl/music lovers, she gets to share her talents for one of her passions, music.

Cherise is definitely one of our bright and beautiful personalities uptown who adds a special vibrancy to our scene.  Let’s get to know Cherise..

Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Saint John.

How long have you been part of the uptown scene?

I went to high school uptown, so I guess the area has felt like home to me for a while, even though I grew up on the east side. But I didn’t start living and working uptown until 2014, after I moved back to Saint John after I graduated university.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I guess Huddle founders Allan Gates and Lise Hansen are the first people who pop into my mind. I wouldn’t be doing all that I’m doing now without their constant support and encouragement.
There’s also my long-time mentor Lisa Hrabluk, who has helped me so much both personally and professionally over the past four years. That woman is a damn visionary, seriously.
Of course, I can’t forget my Strange Grooves co-host and dear friend Cait Milberry. She has such an amazing drive and is always looking for new ways to elevate others. She rules.

Favorite Musician?

Steppenwolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

Five & Dime! It’s my absolute favorite bar in the whole city. Great people, great vinyl, great atmosphere, what more could you want? I just love being there.
The Cask & Kettle‘s breakfast poutine is to die for.
MIX Resto Bar has a really nice view. A lot of people don’t think to go there because it’s at the top of Brunswick Square by the Delta Marriott. They have great drinks and food too!

Old School Barber at New Location, Union Street. Welcome to Maritime Cuts Barbers

There’s nothing like an old fashioned hot towel shave or other classic barber service and the boys at Maritime Cuts are old school pro with a modern edge.  Jose, Chris, and Josh have opened shop at 139 Union Street and welcome new clients.  Check them out at their shop, on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM (@MaritimeCutsSJ), or give them a call at 214.8668 and book yourself a treat.