Uptown Saint John Service Industry, Orange Phase, November 2020

Uptown Saint John

Business Improvement Association

17 Canterbury Street, Suite 180

Saint John, NB, E2L 2C3



For Immediate Release

November 30th, 2020


Uptown Saint John would like to update you on the status of our service industry in the BIA.

As cases of COVID-19 increase in Saint John, the majority of our restaurants and bars have made the decision to voluntarily close their dining rooms. Some remain open for takeout orders. This is not due to exposure, but for the sake of their customers, staff, and the community. As a result, many of their employees are now out of work at a time when there should be hope and prosperity in the air.

This has not been an easy decision to make. Nor has this been the first time.

As an industry, they have made incredible investments to meet protocols including plexiglass barriers, advanced cleaning procedures, masked staff, and contact tracing. We applaud these business owners for their diligence and perseverance as they face this immense challenge together.

Some of our restaurants and bars have made the decision to remain open. It should be noted that these businesses have taken every precaution possible to ensure your comfort and safety as patrons.

Everyone is doing their part in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Uptown Saint John is urging everyone to join us and support these hard-hit businesses at a time when they need it most. We also invite our community to #LiftUpLocalSJ once again when we return to the yellow phase of recovery and our restaurants re-open for business.

When that day comes, and it will, they will open together, unified, and grateful to serve you once again in a safe and welcoming environment.

They miss you. They love you.



Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail

Is there anything more magical than the 9th Annual Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail?

Visit 26 candy-coated gingerbread creations, scented with cinnamon and bursting with colours of the holiday season.

Follow the Gingerbread Trail map HERE, and discover these holiday treasures at Uptown shops and restaurants. Tie a bow on a very special Christmas tradition! See displays now until December 24th. Sponsored by Crosby Molasses, Uptown Saint John and Country 94.


Uptown in Your Town – Delivery

In case you haven’t heard, Uptown Saint John is offering free delivery to customers in Saint John and surrounding areas this holiday season!
Uptown in Your Town allows you to browse the Uptown Holiday Wishbook, order through any of our participating retailers, and have your purchases delivered to your door. Free!
The delivery program will run from November 16 through December 21. Deliveries will arrive within 2-5 days from the date you place an order with one of our participating Uptown Saint John retailers – listed below.
The joy of shopping in Uptown Saint John, with the convenience of having it shipped to your door. Uptown in Your Town is brought to you by your Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Association. #LiftUpLocalSJ
Participating Retailers
List coming soon

Welcome RIFF RAFF: Record and Skate Shop

When you think of Uptown Saint John, immediately King Street comes to mind. As does Germain, Canterbury, Princess, and others. There is another street, somewhat off the beaten path, that is part of an important revitalization.

That’s where you will find Riff Raff: Record and Skate Shop.

You can’t miss the striking yellow awning at 12 Charlotte Street. It’s where Trent Wheaton set up shop in March of 2020. COVID-19 forced a late opening in May, but Riff Raff was already adapting through e-commerce.

In-store, a larger than life Lemmy Kilmister overlooks the operation from above the room which is loaded with enough hard rock, metal, and punk vinyl to satisfy any degree of hard-edge musical taste.

The shop also carries a wide selection of skateboard equipment, clothing, and accessories. Essentially, it’s a boutique music store where you can get really cool skate stuff!

But Riff Raff isn’t stopping there. The plan is to expand the music section to include pre-owned albums brought in by music lovers, with sights set on eventually becoming a live music venue.

In a city which once had “Sam’s”, “Radioland” and “A&A Records”, the appetite is there for a specialty music store, one that compliments what Uptown Saint John already offers. The main difference being, the current music stores are 100% locally owned.

And for Saint John.

Visit Trent at Riff Raff, 12 Charlotte Street, and #LiftUpLocalSJ.


#WeAreAllInThisTogether Graphics and Profile Photo

In this time of concern, we applaud everyone for staying home and staying safe.  At the same time we salute our local businesses for their quality service during this time, as always, and others who are hanging on for when everything returns to ‘business as usual.’

Please feel free to join us in using these graphics to show our solidarity in fighting through these trying times, and demonstrating our support to the businesses we know and love.


Facebook Profile Photo:


Tips for small businesses to secure their premises during a close down related to COVID 19

Tips for brick and mortar to secure their premises during a close down related to COVID 19, from the International Downtown Association.



For businesses whose operations are closed during this time, Ottawa Police have created a safety checklist to ensure your shop or restaurant remains secure. Police recommend the following guidelines:


  • Keep the lights on
  • Remove ALL cash and receipts
  • Do not leave any valuables clearly visible or accessible
  • All safes and tills should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage
  • Keep all cash drawers open to show that nothing is in the drawers
  • All ATM’s should be emptied and moved off-site for safe storage
  • All alcohol products removed from bar and put in secured storage areas (no alcohol left visible from outside)
  • Consider posting “NO CASH or Valuables on Premises” signage
  • Deactivate all scheduled FOB door openings (ie. Cleaners, deliveries, etc)
  • Disconnect all kitchen gas lines from their gas source
  • Make regular site visits to monitor your shop/business and to manage inventory and storage conditions (consider scattering the times this is done to not establish a pattern)