#30IN30 – DAY #16 – the Urban Shoe Myth

So let me tell you about an observation I’ve made over the course of #30in30 to date.

I can’t actually walk into any of these business and leave without purchasing something. I think it might be impossible.

I went in to see the girls at Urban Shoe Myth this weekend. I walked in and said to Olivia – “don’t let me try on the Blundstones”.

You know what, she didn’t.

But somehow I left with the most beautiful pair of Michael Kors pumps I’ve ever laid eyes on. My message to Shelley today said “your girls are good.”.

It was hard to pick my favourite shoes and boots at Urban Shoe Myth this weekend, but I managed. Take a peek below and let me know if you need my shoe size**. I’d gladly accept any of them under my Christmas tree. <3

**These are the shoes I bought and I’m IN LOVE. They’re so comfortable and so classic. And a perfect colour.

Looking for stocking stuffers?

**For the record, this fits me…. so feel free to pick it up and put it under my tree.

I LOVE these headbands.

– – – – – – – – – –

Shelley and her team have picked out three pair of killer INSTANCE socks and have paired it with a $50 gift certificate. Use that baby to pick up a pair of pumps for your Christmas party, put it toward a pair of winter boots or use it to buy me that ring I posted above ^^^.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

PS – I’m a size 8. 

#30IN30 – DAY #13 – Element5

I have been loving doing #30in30 again this year. It’s been so much fun!

My favourite parts?

– Visiting stores for photos, chats, hangouts and catch up with your favourite staff
– Seeing the stores decked out for Christmas.
– Stocking up on my favourite products (so, so sorry Debit card!)

Element5 at Christmas time is always a treat – they’re decorated for Christmas, of course, but they also have their holiday packs in stock. Great products wrapped in the sweetest packaged sets ready to immediately (and I mean that – they’re beautiful) gift to anyone on your Christmas list.

chakra1 – grounded, chakra2 – nourished, chakra3 – intention, chakra4 – harmony, chakra5 – expressive, chakra6 – insight, chakra7 – wisdom

When Kat told me about these, I immediately wondered what was missing in my life. Probably always intention. 🙂

Element5 is going to be featured twice during #30in30 – they offer so many amazing services that was hard to fit it all into one post!



^^^^ Literally my favourite shampoo EVER.

I had an in depth conversation with Kat about the AVEDA dry shampoo – as a person who only likes to wash her hair 2-3 times per week.

When she showed me how it works, how much you use, and then told me how long her  product has lasted I was IN. Plus it smells AMAZING.

If you’re considering stocking stuffers this Christmas Season – look no further. For someone like me – a travel size of my favourite shampoo, hand cream, body wash… goes a long way when getting on a plane with my carry on bag!

– – – – – – – – –

You know how #30in30 works – it’s giveaway time.

Before that – I wanted to share my absolute favourite hair makeover of 2016 – my friend April! She got a total hair makeover by the team at Element5 and she looks incredible.


Element5 has a killer giveaway – $100 towards a color & cut with Jessica! Amazing! Can I win this one?

Enter below and see you tomorrow!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #12 – Manchester Shoes

I went to Market Square this weekend to snap some photos for Manchester’s #30in30 post. I had no sooner stepped inside the store … when I spotted the most beautiful Steve Madden brown boot. Fringe on the side. Perfect heel (you know the one – not too short, not too tall). It was love at first sight.

And to be honest – I think I could say that about almost every shoe, boot and handbag in Cathy’s shop.

Take a peek below at some of my favourite picks for the Christmas season.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To sweeten the Christmas shopping deal, or maybe to buy yourself a pair of winter boots (FYI, the selection of Sorel boots is drool worthy), Manchester Shoe Salon is offering 20% off your regular priced shoe, boot or handbag purchase from now until Christmas Eve!

*But note, size selection is decreasing all of the time so don’t delay!

And of course – what would #30in30 be without a giveaway??

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #11 – Freak Lunchbox

You guys like candy, right?


I remember when Freak Lunchbox opened in Saint John a few years ago – I was jazzed. I would always visit their Halifax location and stock up on silly sour candies and Cadbury Flake bars.

In addition to their insane selection of candy, jelly beans and chocolate bars – they also have some really cute gifts. Large and stocking stuffer sized for literally anyone that you know. Between the eggplant emoji key chain (pictured below) and the howling wolf mask (also pictured below) – I feel like I could knock a few people off of my Christmas shopping list with a quick trip to Freak Lunchbox.

Take a peek below at the CANDY – my apologies for the trip you’re going to make this afternoon for a bag of jelly beans.

– – – – – – – – –

candy candy candy candy candy candy – honestly all I can think about right now.

Click below – Enter to with a $30 gift certificate to Freak Lunchbox!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #10 – Paddington Station

I can’t count on my two hands the number of times Clare at Paddington Station has saved my butt.

“Clare – do you have an Olaf doll?”

Response: Yes – I’ll wrap it for you!

“Clare – what is the coolest thing for new moms?”

Response: I’ll get a few things out for when you arrive!

“Clare – I have 20 minutes and I need to buy a gift get my hair done and find a shirt to wear to a party”

Response: I’m on it.

The selection of toys, craft supplies, sticker books and clothing at Paddington Station is so wonderful. Something for every child from 0 to 12+.

Take a peek at some of my favourite things and enter the amazing giveaway below!

I never really understood the appeal of Peppa Pig until I sat down and watched an episode with Lena. Just kidding I still don’t get it.

These books are very cool – they’re made out of that material that is basically indestructible. It can get wet, dirty, ripped and torn and will not look any worse for wear. Clare has quite a few different titles for babies, toddlers and young readers!

The selection of Melissa & Doug art supplies is gigantic – paints, crayons, paper, stickers and markers. Anything you’ll need for craft time!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Interested in doing a little Christmas shopping at Paddington Station?

Clare and her team has offered up a $50 gift certificate to put toward your Christmas shopping – perfect for you or for your family!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #9 – ICS Creative Agency

Feels like Christmas time now doesn’t it?

It’s my favourite time of year – snow has started falling. Mustaches have been shaved off after Movember. Advent calendars have started.

And Sea Dogs Hockey is in full swing.

ICS Creative Agency – located at 32 King Street – is a full service graphic design, video production, creative briefing, branding, photography, e-commerce solutions, social media marketing, content creation and SEO management team.


They also have a sweet, sweet section at Harbour Station and have offered #30in30 followers a chance to bring 9 of their friends to the game with them. Comfortable seats, all you can eat popcorn and a sweet view of the game.

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #8 – Market Square

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Market Square has Christmas on point – and Santa is in the house. Specifically, every Saturday between now and Christmas.

Market Square houses some of my very favourite shops in Saint John as well as my current and future favourite restaurants (hellloooo Taro Taco!). Envy, Samuel & Co., the New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop, Element5, Manchester Shoes – the list goes on (and on!)*.

*For a full list of shops – click here. For restaurants – click here.

In addition to the amazing shopping and eating you can do – Market Square looks after the very best of entertainment for the Boardwalk.

This New Years Eve – spend it with Matt Mays, Christina Martin, +++. (Click here for the Facebook Event)

And you know, that’s not even all of it. Shop at Market Square leading up to Christmas and be entered to win one of their coveted $500 gift certificates through their Five Festive Fridays promotion.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Market Square has offered 4 $30 gift certificates to lucky #30in30 readers. Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #7 – LORDON

I’ve been joking with Kate that LORDON is Silver Daisy’s older, cooler and more sophisticated sister.

The boutique opened in August at the corner of Canterbury Street and King Street – an ideal location to drool over their latest tops, dresses and accessories while on route to Second Cup (in one direction) and Picaroon’s (in the other).

I’m normally already aware of their latest wares – as I’m obsessed with watching their Instagram Stories and looking through their feed.

Within moments of stopping in last week – I had already picked out Christmas gifts for a few of my girlfriends. Blankets, scarves, soaps, candles, socks, jewelry and sweaters – look below, you’ll see what I mean.


The Round Towel – use it as a towel, throw blanket, yoga mat, shawl, or a rug!

(I’m partial to the rug option)

LORDON has started carrying Smith and Cult – eyes, lashes, cheeks and nail… Awesome packaging and a great price point.

At the LORDON opening in August – I bought a pair of Wolf Circus earrings. Money well spent – as they did not leave my ears for months.

Apologies in advance to all of the friends I’m going to offend over the next year. hehe

– – – – – – – – – –

I love everything. And now – so can you!

Kate and her team at LORDON have offered up – what I have dubbed – Christmas in a box. Honestly – you could wrap everything individually and have some very excited friends and co-workers. OR – you can sit on your new beautiful blanket scarf by the fire in your new socks painting your nails with a candle burning.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #6 – Backstreet Records

When I think about Backstreet Records – I can’t help but smile. Gordie Tufts has got to be the most genuine man in the City. Kind, interested, involved and extremely active in the local music community. (At 60 – Gordie goes to more late night rock shows that I do!)

Over the past couple years, I have really gotten into listening to music on vinyl.

In about… 2007… I remember my pal Chris looking through my iPod and scolding me for not having full albums.

“I can’t believe you only have one track by of Montreal!” he’d scoff, before unplugging my iPod and plugging in his.

Since then, I have really taken the intentional route when buying and listening to music. While I might enjoy the jams of an album single, I do love listening to an entire album front to back. I love having to go back into the living room and flipping an album.

Take a look below at some of my favourite records leading into the Christmas Season. I will always accept a record as a gift, and apologies in advance if I buy one for you. Well, , sorry not sorry.

The ALVVAYS album has been a favourite since … oh, 2014 or so. Super poppy. Polaris Prize shortlist. Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island artists.

Wintersleep *heart eyes emoji*

Angel Olsen wins the “Barb Crawford Award for Best Album of 2016”.

(I stole this photo from the Bad People Facebook page)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

30 giveaways in 30 days – Godie has offered up a $30 gift certificate to purchase some VINYL!

Thanks Gordie!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #5 – the Butcher’s Daughter

A gift giving staple for me has always been a mug – (giving or receiving, for the record). I use a mug for everything – coffee, tea, wine, beer (I know) – so getting a new one to add to the collection is a welcome addition.

Butcher’s Daughter, located at the top of the City Market, has a wonderful collection of local, regional, maritime and Canadian artists. Mugs, yes, but also jewelry, cards, soaps, pottery, paintings, sketches and much more.

When I dropped by earlier this week I fell in LOVE with quite a few items. I have some gift giving ideas for you below – but feel free to drop by today (or any day)!

I was TAKEN with these mugs by artist Therese Bombardier. I kept going back and looking at them over and over again. There’s something about straight lines and gold leaf on black and white mugs. This is where I’d insert the emoji with hearts for eyes. 

I love these tight top mugs from Monique Duclos Pottery. She also has pottery travel mugs that (1) fit in your cars cup holders and (2) have cork tops!

The SJ cityscape series from Maru Pottery is fantastic. I love the bright colours and carved scenes around the tops. Look closely – you’ll see something you recognize! #3Sisters

– – – – – – – – – –

And now for everyone’s favourite part!

I know you saw something above that you did a double take at – I also know that when you visit them week to get your extra 5 entries, you’ll see something else you like.

The Butcher’s Daughter has offered a $50 gift certificate to help you with your local Holiday Shopping! Fantastic!

Enter below!

(Click the link to go to the Rafflecopter page – thanks!!)

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See you tomorrow!