#30IN30 – DAY #20 – in PURSUIT

Christmas is so soon!

I have been running from store to store in the Uptown finishing off my Christmas shopping. As I walk through the uptown – One of my very favourite sights is to look down Prince William Street to see the big pink truck open for business.

In Pursuit just turned 3 – they have become a staple in the uptown core as well as at festivals, farmers markets and events in an around the Saint John area. In Pursuit is also a staple in my closet.

Shopping on the truck is so fun – and last week – COLD. The 18′ GMC is filled to the brim with dresses, blouses, skirts, jewelry, scarves and gifts.

I stopped by, snapped a few photos of my favourite gift items and had Dominique send me a few photographs from her fall clothing.

The number one hottest gift idea from In Pursuit is a YSJ tee (or sweatshirt). Honestly – she has them in ladies and unisex sizing and in so many great colours.
(Black on Black is my favourite). (Pictured above is Brittney Cousins – thanks for letting me steal this from your instagram!)

I have become obsessed with this scent.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In Pursuit needs to be on your list to finish up your Christmas shopping. You can follow Dominique on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see when she’ll be popping up next. If you’re not able to meet her – the online shop is always open … and bonus … she offers free delivery or pick-up within Saint John!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dominique has put together an AMAZING prize for #30in30!

It’s literally a gift for everyone on your Christmas list – OR – something awesome for you to keep for yourself worth $250!

Take a look:

Hot Sauce Tote
YSJ T-shirt of your choice (women’s OR unisex) screen printed by hand, Saint John NB
Paperfelt Glass Ornament with hearts, handmade in Toronto
Set of 2 “Beer Thirty” beer can glasses from Easy, Tiger
Campy Candle “Smells Like: The Holidays” handmade in Almonte, Ontario
Wall Print “She had a Cocktail in Hand & Confetti in her Hair”
Jaeci Bangle “Absofuckinlutely”
2 packs of Tattly temporary tattoos
“Mega Babe” party balloons by Little Arrow
Beige Blanket Scarf
$25 gift card

Enter below:

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #19 – Pristine

Uptown Saint John is killing it lately. It’s so obvious to see when stores move from the periphery into the Uptown BIA.

Pristine set up shop on King Street (moving from Prince Edward Street) last year and they have been such a welcome addition.

Pristine is a unique clothing and accessories boutique. The vibe of the store clearly comes from Harrison’s love of skateboarding, fashion and music. I was tempted more than once to grab a pair of Fairplay pants and a plaid button up.

I dropped by last week and was floored at the Pristine branding – I’m loving their hats, tees and hoodies. Harrison suggested that since I loved them so much – that’s what their #30in30 prize should be! (check it out below).

BUT FIRST! … Check out the photos I snapped of my visit.

You know what Civilized is – a conversation about elevating cannabis culture. The blog is great. The news stories are really interesting. Their gear (in my favourite colour combo – black & white) is found locally at Pristine.

For Christmas – they have really great gift boxes available. It’s filled with goodies – a tee, a tote bag, a mug and lots of extras.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Pristine branding is ON POINT. Resilient by Nature. FIVE 06. Boardwalk & Germain & City Market & King St. & Prince William.

Here’s your chance to have (almost) the whole (current) collection!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #18 – Piece o’ Cake

I was walking along Prince William Street last week and I stopped dead in my tracks walking by Piece O’ Cake.

Could I go by without buying / eating a gingerbread cupcake? Not likely.

When I stopped in to snap a few photos of their current menu, I believe I left marks on the counter from salivating.

I maintain that cupcakes are a HIT wherever you’re going over the holidays. Show up with a dozen of these bad boys and you will make fast friends.

Take a peek below at their Christmas flavours. Stop in today or in the next week and grab a dozen (or just one)! ENTER BELOW and you could WIN a dozen!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

You can win your choice of any 12 cupcakes courtesy of Sherry and Piece O’ Cake!

This is the perfect giveaway to enter before heading to a Christmas party this weekend…

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #17 – ELLA

ELLA opened earlier this year – first with an app and a website. The website featured hilarious blog posts by Kelly Lawson featuring such amazing titles as “My Toddler Styled Two of my Outfits” and “What You Should Wear to Become a #POKÉMONGO Master”.

The app – well let’s just say that I think I spend 30% of my paycheck on it. Women of Saint John (and any other City you’re in – seriously) post their slightly used items for anywhere from 20-50% of their retail value. I have snagged amazing boots, lulelemon pants, a winter jacket and hot-as-balls* heels.

*whoops – can I say that on this blog? Nancy will let me know 😉

the shop – by ELLA opened (hold on – checking my credit card slip) just about three months ago. Since then I have expanded my closet to include new staples – perfect black shirts, sweaters, night pants (as I affectionately call them – here’s a photo) and as of tomorrow, a new little black dress.

Last week Kelly put out the most amazing style guide for the Christmas Season. She asked all of my Saint John style icons about their style, Christmas traditions, and holiday spirit.

And – she asked me! I think I’m actually still blushing about it.

Kelly and Brittney styled this without me picking things off the rack and handing them to them. They NAILED IT. From the Alison Gayton mug to the black jeans and the sweater I’ll probably buy this weekend.

These words are true, forever.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rather than post photos of her shop (you can visit there – I promise the entries below are worth it) – I wanted to share the photos of my Saint John mentors, heroes, style icons and best friends.

Take a peek below at captures from the style guide as well as portraits of SJ BABES.

**I’m not posting them all – you can download it for yourself by clicking HERE.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

OK one more thing! On Tuesday, December 13th – ELLA is launching their 10 days of giving. Watch the video below from Kelly and follow along on social media. I’ll race you 😉

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Kelly and her team are located at 101 Prince William Street.

They are so much more than an app – the girls have an amazing boutique filled with clothing that is on trend, at a great price point and COOL. It’s so cool.

Kelly has offered an amazing giveaway for #30in30 – a bottle of wine (hello, I feel like that’s my new H20) and a Lakefield & Co. dress. Lakefield & Co. is a brand from Nova Scotia that is so beautiful. Well made. Local.

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #16 – the Urban Shoe Myth

So let me tell you about an observation I’ve made over the course of #30in30 to date.

I can’t actually walk into any of these business and leave without purchasing something. I think it might be impossible.

I went in to see the girls at Urban Shoe Myth this weekend. I walked in and said to Olivia – “don’t let me try on the Blundstones”.

You know what, she didn’t.

But somehow I left with the most beautiful pair of Michael Kors pumps I’ve ever laid eyes on. My message to Shelley today said “your girls are good.”.

It was hard to pick my favourite shoes and boots at Urban Shoe Myth this weekend, but I managed. Take a peek below and let me know if you need my shoe size**. I’d gladly accept any of them under my Christmas tree. <3

**These are the shoes I bought and I’m IN LOVE. They’re so comfortable and so classic. And a perfect colour.

Looking for stocking stuffers?

**For the record, this fits me…. so feel free to pick it up and put it under my tree.

I LOVE these headbands.

– – – – – – – – – –

Shelley and her team have picked out three pair of killer INSTANCE socks and have paired it with a $50 gift certificate. Use that baby to pick up a pair of pumps for your Christmas party, put it toward a pair of winter boots or use it to buy me that ring I posted above ^^^.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

PS – I’m a size 8. 

#30IN30 – DAY #15 – Buckland Merrifield Gallery

It was just over a year ago I had attended the Buckland Merrifield grand opening at 36 Canterbury Street. Since then? I think every person in my family has received a pair of Jeneca Klausen earrings, a Yolande Clark mug, a Phil Savage herd member or a Juliette Scheffers vase.

I visited the gallery last week to take photographs. I fell in love with… everything …

Take a look below as some of my favourite pieces. I’ll put a star beside the things I want. It might actually be easier to put a star beside the things I don’t wait. (read: I literally want one of everything). 

Artist: Melissa Leblanc

Artist: Juliette Scheffers

Artist: Yolande Clark

Artist: Karen Burk

Artist: Phil Savage

Artist: Jeneca Klausen. Someone please buy this for me? 

Artist: Jack Bishop

– – – – – – – – – – –

Everything is amazing, right?

Well GUESS WHAT – Peter and Shannon have offered an amazing price for #30in30. Put it toward your Christmas shopping or toward your next major art purchase. Or my Christmas gift.

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #14 – TUCK

Hey everyone! #30in30 continues – today with Uptown Saint John’s newest design and decor studio – TUCK! Of course TUCK is not new to Saint John, but in April of this year, the studio moved from level 0 of Judith & Robert’s home on Autumn Street to the tall ceilings and historic architecture of 122 Prince William Street.

Judith Mackin, one of my dearest friends, owns the most amazing studio. She has amazing staff (Sarah, Alex, Heather & Joshua). She has amazing style (seriously she get to ELLA moments before me every time and steals my size). She carries amazing products.

As you’ll see from the gift ideas below, there’s something for everyone at TUCK. Especially me. you can literally buy me anything from here. 🙂


When you walk into TUCK – you’ll see a lovely set up, meant to look like a Christmas Market. This set up features two of my very favourite things at TUCK – Alison Gayton and Darren Emeneau’s pottery.

I bought a hang up from Brothers Dressler when TUCK opened 4 years ago.

Hang Ups are composed of found wood, scrap material, salvaged hardware and upcycled automotive parts. My hangup is still featured on their website (link above). It’s the only thing I have on the wall in my bedroom and I love it.

If I was to go out on a limb and suggest one thing that you pick up this Christmas Season – it would be this:

Chris Lloyd – has designed these delightful metallic silk screen manhole covers (if we’re being specific – they’re actually valve chamber covers but I’ll let him away with it). They’re mounted on wood and can hang on the wall. They’re about 8″ in diameter.

If you’re not interested in something this shape/size, there are also 8 x 10″ screen prints available and they are fantastic. TUCK posted an instagram video about it this week (click here for the video).

It is the perfect gift for someone who loves Saint John – whether they’re here or away. It’s my #1 top pick.

– – – – – – – – – – –

From December 5th to the 16th ANY purchase made in store will earn you a ballot to be entered into a draw to win all twelve items (featured here – click)  included in the 12 days of Umbra (value: $612.00)!

You can follow along on their Facebook and Instagram accounts for gift ideas and updates!

– – – – – – – – – – –

We all know what #30in30 is about – staying here and shopping // supporting local.


Judith and her team have really brought their A game this year – They have offered a one hour consult with Judith ($150 value) and a $200 gift certificate!

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See you tomorrow!


#30IN30 – DAY #13 – Element5

I have been loving doing #30in30 again this year. It’s been so much fun!

My favourite parts?

– Visiting stores for photos, chats, hangouts and catch up with your favourite staff
– Seeing the stores decked out for Christmas.
– Stocking up on my favourite products (so, so sorry Debit card!)

Element5 at Christmas time is always a treat – they’re decorated for Christmas, of course, but they also have their holiday packs in stock. Great products wrapped in the sweetest packaged sets ready to immediately (and I mean that – they’re beautiful) gift to anyone on your Christmas list.

chakra1 – grounded, chakra2 – nourished, chakra3 – intention, chakra4 – harmony, chakra5 – expressive, chakra6 – insight, chakra7 – wisdom

When Kat told me about these, I immediately wondered what was missing in my life. Probably always intention. 🙂

Element5 is going to be featured twice during #30in30 – they offer so many amazing services that was hard to fit it all into one post!



^^^^ Literally my favourite shampoo EVER.

I had an in depth conversation with Kat about the AVEDA dry shampoo – as a person who only likes to wash her hair 2-3 times per week.

When she showed me how it works, how much you use, and then told me how long her  product has lasted I was IN. Plus it smells AMAZING.

If you’re considering stocking stuffers this Christmas Season – look no further. For someone like me – a travel size of my favourite shampoo, hand cream, body wash… goes a long way when getting on a plane with my carry on bag!

– – – – – – – – –

You know how #30in30 works – it’s giveaway time.

Before that – I wanted to share my absolute favourite hair makeover of 2016 – my friend April! She got a total hair makeover by the team at Element5 and she looks incredible.


Element5 has a killer giveaway – $100 towards a color & cut with Jessica! Amazing! Can I win this one?

Enter below and see you tomorrow!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #12 – Manchester Shoes

I went to Market Square this weekend to snap some photos for Manchester’s #30in30 post. I had no sooner stepped inside the store … when I spotted the most beautiful Steve Madden brown boot. Fringe on the side. Perfect heel (you know the one – not too short, not too tall). It was love at first sight.

And to be honest – I think I could say that about almost every shoe, boot and handbag in Cathy’s shop.

Take a peek below at some of my favourite picks for the Christmas season.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To sweeten the Christmas shopping deal, or maybe to buy yourself a pair of winter boots (FYI, the selection of Sorel boots is drool worthy), Manchester Shoe Salon is offering 20% off your regular priced shoe, boot or handbag purchase from now until Christmas Eve!

*But note, size selection is decreasing all of the time so don’t delay!

And of course – what would #30in30 be without a giveaway??

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

#30IN30 – DAY #11 – Freak Lunchbox

You guys like candy, right?


I remember when Freak Lunchbox opened in Saint John a few years ago – I was jazzed. I would always visit their Halifax location and stock up on silly sour candies and Cadbury Flake bars.

In addition to their insane selection of candy, jelly beans and chocolate bars – they also have some really cute gifts. Large and stocking stuffer sized for literally anyone that you know. Between the eggplant emoji key chain (pictured below) and the howling wolf mask (also pictured below) – I feel like I could knock a few people off of my Christmas shopping list with a quick trip to Freak Lunchbox.

Take a peek below at the CANDY – my apologies for the trip you’re going to make this afternoon for a bag of jelly beans.

– – – – – – – – –

candy candy candy candy candy candy – honestly all I can think about right now.

Click below – Enter to with a $30 gift certificate to Freak Lunchbox!

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See you tomorrow!