Welcome New Business: Juniper

The coolest new addition to Uptown Saint John’s retail scene, Juniper opened its doors on Prince William Street on September 2. The lifestyle boutique and refillery offers curated selections of baby items, homewares, clothing, accessories, skincare products and a refill station (find out more about how it works here)! Whether you’re pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle or you’re on a mission to reduce your impact on the earth, Juniper is your new one-stop shop for sustainable solutions.

Upon entering Juniper’s gorgeous storefront, you are greeted by a mixture of soft, natural scents wafting from the refill station. The open-concept store is beautiful and spacious, allowing the carefully curated selection of products to take centre stage.

Proprietor Katelyn Price prides herself on providing beautiful, ethically sourced wares for her customers. Her store’s selection ranges from locally-produced baby clothes to sustainable kitchen products. Whether you’re searching for a beautiful handcrafted housewarming gift or a new statement piece of jewellery, you’ll find it at Juniper.

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to an online catalogue of products on Juniper’s website. For now, check out their website or follow them online:

Storefront: 80 Prince William Street, Saint John
Web: shopjuniper.ca
Facebook: Shop Juniper
Instagram: @shop.juniper

Take a peek at the beautiful new space below!





6 thoughts on “Welcome New Business: Juniper

  1. The link that is supposed to direct the reader to “how the refill station works” is wrong. It directs me to Instagram sports highlights. Thanks

    1. Hi Heather, the link directs to Juniper’s Instagram story highlight describing how to use their refill station! The link can only be used by those with an Instagram account. Thanks for the comment:)

      1. Good morning,
        Heather is correct, the link takes you to a sports highlights page, I have IG and was signed in and it still redirected me there. Thanks

        1. Thanks for letting us know, Ani – looks like it was an issue with linking to the web-based version! I think it’s all fixed now 🙂

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