Welcome to Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop

We have a strong Irish heritage here in Saint John, and now we have a barbershop that fits that bill.  Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop is located on Princess Street and you can feel the warm and friendly vibe as soon as you walk in the space.  The striking green barber chairs are impressive and as much lovely to look at as functional.  Owner, Harry, has opened his shop in hopes to give SJ a classy and upscale barbershop where all ages and demographics will feel comfortable.  The shop is intimate and inviting, with custom made cabinets, countertops, and furnishings by Harry, utilizing the tools and space from the Saint John Tool Library.

Grab a coffee from across the street, then stop by to see they boys and freshen up your look, and luck 🙂

Find Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop:
105 Princess Street
Phone:  642.9172
Online:  uptownsshamrockbarbershop.ca
Facebook:  Uptown’s Shamrock Barbershop

Owner, Harry, invites everyone to stop by and see the new shop – maybe get a buzz while you’re there.  #LoveLifeUptown


Welcome Back to Uptown, Refresh Wellness Studio

We are extremely happy to be reunited with a good friend.  After undergoing some unanticipated changes and having to relocate to a temporary space for a few months, we now have Refresh Wellness Studio back with us at a new location, at 91 Princess Street.  The previous Elwoods Wood Lab, an Historica property, is the perfect set up and feel for Refresh.  Rustic, fresh and calming, you will love to settle in for a treatment here, conveniently located for a pop in at lunch time or after work.

Refresh Wellness Studio offers Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Esthetics.  Stop in, call, or book online.

Find Refresh Wellness Studio:
91 Princess Street
Online:  refreshwellnessstudio.com
Phone:  642.9001
Facebook:  @RefreshStudioSJ
Instagram:  @refreshstudiosj

Zach and Erin behind the new live-edge counter, custom built by Catapult Industry Inc.

Owner, Leah Ross, loves the new space and invites everyone to stop by to relax and enjoy the space as well.


Welcome to the Block, Quality Block Barbershop!

New to the uptown as of November 2018, Quality Block Barbershop adds even more quality to the block!  With a keen sense of style, nostalgia, and authenticity, the barbers here know their stuff.  It probably isn’t by chance that Quality Block Barbershop is located directly beside Backstreet Records because there is a distinct vibe in this space relating to all things artistic.  Classic, old school swing/jazz may be playing on the turntable, or you may be lucky enough to catch a live performance in their storefront window.  The boys are true artists and they have plans to use the venue in unique ways over and above their mainstay industry – haircuts, hot towel shaves and beard/stash trims.  They also offer special rates for military and emergency personnel.  Welcome uptown to Kirk, Mike, and Austin – Quality Block Barbershop!

Find Quality Block Barbershop:

On the Street:  122 Germain Street
Facebook:  Quality Block Barbershop.
Instagram:  @qualityblockbarbershop

Uptown Mug # 84 . Vanessa Duncan

“Who’s tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin’ at everybody she sees? “

We all know, it’s Vanessa!  There is a definite heightened energy in the Grannan Lane area whenever Vanessa is around.  Co-owner of Rogue Coffee, Vanessa is undeniably a huge part of the success of that business.  Whether it is her skills and knowledge of all things coffee, her ambition and vitality, her innate sense of style and cool – or maybe it is her ever present smile and spunky, positive vibe.  No doubt, all of this and more as anyone who knows her can attest.  Vanessa Duncan, we love you, your family, and your coffeeshop!

Rogue Coffee is located in the heart of uptown Saint John, tucked into a cozy corner off of Granan Lane.  Rogue Coffee Company is our regions only “third wave” coffee shop, committed to high quality delicious coffee, sustainable direct trade beans, and a coffee experience second to none in Atlantic Canada.

Find Rogue Coffee:
Facebook:  Rogue Coffee
Instagram:  @Roguecoffeesj
Twitter:  @Roguecoffeesj


Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born in the good ole John.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

Always loved the uptown and got my first apartment at 17 Horsfield in 1999.  Shoutout to Debbie and the late Mayor of Horsfield Dominic Eden.

What is your favourite season, and why?

Summer, beach time with our daughter Penelope!

Coffee, tea, or other?

Well coffee of course! Single origin Ethiopian coffee as a long black makes me dance!

Any pets?

Yes, our 11 year old Airedale Terrier Griffin. Check him and other favs out on our Instagram highlight – Dogs of Rogue.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

I love to inhale deeply my favorite blend of essential oil (peace & harmony) from Anne at The Feel Good Store before heading over to noon yoga at the Saint John Yoga Co-Op.  Brings me back to a peaceful place.

Welcome Uptown to the Lovely and Fashionable ‘Boutique Zekara’

You may have heard of Boutique Zekara, an upscale fashion boutique with locations in the Town of Rothesay and Halifax.  Well, we are lucky to now have this store uptown, recently opened on January 26 at 101 Prince William Street.  Boutique Zekara occupies the former Ella space and has a varied selection of trendy, comfortable, and affordable fashions from lines (including some of the previous ‘Ella the Shop’ favorites) like Dex, Black Tape, Bishop & Young, and Paige Denim.  Zekara will  be also adding a few new lines like Yoga jeans, Soya Concept, Mexx and Dex Plus which will fit sizes 12-22.  Pictured above, owners – mother/daughter dream team – Donna and Ashlee, invite everyone to stop by and shop awhile!

Welcome uptown, ladies!

Find Boutique Zekara:

101 Prince William Street
Phone:  657.3552
Website:  @boutiquezekara.com
Facebook:  @myboutiquezekara
Instagram:  @boutiquezekara