Uptown Mug #83 . Amy Barrett-Kay

If you are like most Saint Johners, you probably frequent or have at least visited Picaroons General Store on Canterbury Street.  The beer there is tasty, often changing flavors with the season while continually offering the local favorites.  Another awesome thing about Picaroons General Store is their manager, Amy.  Amy lends a lighthearted and welcoming vibe to the space and is always open to chat or recommend something new on tap.  A dog lover, she is enthusiastic to see the canine visitors at Picaroons too.  Feel free to stop by anytime for a cold one while socializing, playing a board game, or showing off your dog.

We are thrilled to share this Uptown Mug on Amy today.  Let’s get to know her a bit..


Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born and raised here in Saint John 🙂

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I have always loved the uptown scene! I lived here in my early 20’s before moving to Moncton and I have been living and working in Uptown for almost 3 years!

What is your favourite season, and why?

That’s a tough one! I would have to say late Summer into early Fall! The night life, weather, Queens Square Farmers Market and getting to watch the leaves change colour are my favourite things hands down!

Coffee, tea, or other?

Coffee!! And we are lucky to have so many great local coffee shops!!

Any pets?

I recently adopted a rescue dog named Bernie! He came here from Georgia and I could not imagine life without him! I also have two adorable rescue cats Bella and Rudy <3

What is your Uptown Insider Tip? (ex. best coffee, favourite shoe store, tasty dessert, nice view etc. uptown)

We are becoming the best city on the East Coast. We have so many historic buildings being renovated into unique and amazing locally owned bars and restaurants. My new favourite would have to be BunkHaus!! Be sure to take a walk and explore what our city has to offer!!


Find Amy at Picaroons General Store:

32 Canterbury Street
Phone:  648.9834
Facebook:  @Picaroonsgeneralstore
Instagram:  @Picaroonsgeneralstore
Twitter:  @PicsGeneralSJ

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