Welcome Uptown to The Original Uptown Donuts

We are thrilled to welcome a new treat spot uptown – The Original Uptown Donuts.

We are absolutely drooling daily over these donuts beyond typical donuts from The Original Uptown Donuts, now located in the City Market.  They are original, but more than grandma’s original.  These are epic.  Loaded with These tantalizing morsels of decadence are baked daily and are sure to impress as a special treat for any occasion, or no occasion at all.  Get there early for best selections.  These things go like hotcakes!

Congratulations to Melissa Whiting and her team, and thank you for making all of our lives a lot sweeter.

























Find The Original Uptown Donuts:

On the street:  The Saint John City Market, 47 Charlotte Street
Facebook:  @UptownDonutsSJ
Instagram:  @UptownDonutsSJ

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