Uptown Saint John, Business Improvement Association (BIA) Welcomes A New Tool To Help Beautify Our City Streets

Actualizing one of the priorities of the Neighborhood Plan, Uptown Saint John Board of Directors approves the purchase of the first Sidewalk Sweeper to clean our 26 blocks of the Business Improvement Area. The machine will be on the sidewalks 5 days a week until the end of October, 2018, then back out in early May next year.  The machine is owned and operated by the BIA, consistent with one of the association’s primary mandates – providing clean and safe streets for our businesses to operate and subsequently for our citizens and patrons to our district.


Through surveys completed in the past, the businesses in the uptown have acknowledged that beautification and cleanliness is at the top of their list.  Nancy Tissington, Executive Director of Uptown Saint John Inc. is pleased with the purchase of the machine and looks forward to augmenting the services of the local municipality, together we can make an impact.  We are stepping up the game of cleanliness & we need our citizens to continue to make every effort to pick up after their pets and other litter on the city streets.


Thank you our supplier, Tennant, and to the Saint John Parking Commission and Saint John City Transit for assisting in the logistics around storage of the sweeper.  Please join us in celebrating our civic pride as we help to realize the beauty of our unique urban community and continue to Love Life Uptown.

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