Welcome Uptown to Pomodori Pizzeria!

At Pomodori Pizzeria, Uptown Saint John’s newest pizza restaurant, the oven literally never turns off. Neapolitan pizzas are cooked for 90 seconds at 800-1000 degrees, in a hardwood-fired oven that is sealed each night to maintain its heat.  Served uncut as per Italian tradition, Pomodori’s individually-sized pizzas are offered in a variety of flavor combinations (think: everything from Thai chicken peanut to meat lover’s con carne), as well as with customizable toppings.

One of the main draws for Uptown restaurant-goers is Pomodori’s incredibly quick service – pizzas are brought to your table piping hot, but there’s no bill to wait for once you’re finished since you order at the counter. If sitting at Picaroons is more your speed, the friendly waitstaff will even deliver your pizza next door. What’s better than pizza and a pint?

Pomodori doesn’t just specialize in pizza, either: their espresso is to die for.  A selection of Italian-style coffee beverages compliments their pizza and gelato menu, while hand-squeezed lemonade, wine and craft beer round out their beverage offerings. The next time you’re in the neighbourhood, start your day off Italian-style with a shot of espresso or try their caffe latte for a caffeinated treat.

What are you waiting for? You can find Pomodori Uptown at:

Check out some photos of the new space below: