Uptown Mug #81 . Lorraine Peters and Darrelyn Masson

Uptown Saint John is on the map in the global fashion industry thanks to NWH Modelling & Self Improvement Agency. Owner, Lorraine Peters was thrilled to recently announce that one of her models – Darrelyn Masson –  has just signed a contract with a modelling agency in Osaka, Japan.  Congratulations to both of these ladies, and best of luck to Darrelyn!

Let’s get to know Lorraine and Darrelyn.

Where were you born/Where are you from?

Lorraine:  I was born in St.Stephen N.B and after returning from Modelling in Toronto 32 years ago I settled in Saint John, N.B.

Darrelyn:  I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

Lorraine:  I have lived and worked in Uptown S.J since 1986

Darrelyn:  As long as I can remember!

What is your favorite season, and why?

Lorraine:  I love Summer in Uptown S.J because there is an ease of movement in the Summer that matches my personality & style.

Darrelyn:  My favourite season is fall because that’s when Halloween is! In Japan, they celebrate Halloween differently than we do. I’ll definitely post a video about it on my YouTube channel (Magical Girl Darrelyn) if I’m not working!

Coffee, Tea or other?

Lorraine:  I LOVE coffee and Saint John has so many amazing ways to indulge. Rogue is my new favorite eye candy and caffeine fix.

Any pets?

Darrelyn:  I have two adorable rescue cats! One is a black cat named Sephora, and the other is a tuxedo cat named Shimo! Shimo means frost in Japanese. I gave him his name because when he was a stray, he got frostbit on his ears and they got scared. You can see pictures of them on my Instagram @magical_girl_darrelyn

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

Lorraine:  Enjoy the moments of your day in Uptown Saint John. Get your coffee, stroll to your meeting, sit for a moment in the park 🙂

Darrelyn:  Go to as many shows uptown as you can, especially the ones at Taco Pica! There are amazing bands that are playing all the time, like Loveover and Thirsty Camel!


Find NWH Modelling & Self Improvement:

Online:  https://nwhmodellingandselfimprovement.weebly.com/
Facebook:  NWH Modelling and Self Improvement
Instagram:  NWH.Modelling
Phone: 506.639.5858

Find and Follow Darrelyn Masson:

Instagram:  magical_girl_darrelyn
Youtube:  Magical Girl Darrelyn
Twitter:  MagicalDarrelyn
Tumblr:  magical-girl-darrelyn


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