Our Uptown Clean Crew Is Hard At Work!

One of the primary functions of the Business Improvement Association is to provide additional maintenance and sidewalk cleaning services within the BIA.  This summer we have kicked off by partnering with the City of Saint John in hiring two Uptown Clean Crew employees; Benjamin Bridges and Rob Hanson.


The Clean Crew reports into our USJI office daily, then they set out with all of the necessary tools required for cleaning our uptown sidewalks.  Specifically, Ben and Rob concentrate on sweeping, weeding, tree-grate cleaning and poster removal.  An added bonus is that these two gents are friendly and love uptown – always with a kind smile and are more than happy to assist anyone who may need directions, etc.


Welcome to our Uptown Clean Crew – Ben and Rob!  If you see them out and about on our streets, be sure to give them a high-five! #lovelifeuptown






If you notice an area of the uptown that may require some special attention for cleanup, please notify us at our office at 633.9797.
Together we can help make uptown more attractive and embrace our community pride together!