Turn-overs Too, Treasure & Consignment Shoppe Opens Uptown

A little off the beaten path one can often find the most unique treasures. Such is the case with the recently opened Turn-overs Too, Treasure & Consignment Shoppe at 125 Station Street.

Owner, Ann Savoy, and her assistant Kevin, share an enthusiasm for charming items of yesteryear and display an ever-changing collection of curiosities, vintage electronics and decor items. Stop in and indulge your inquisitive nature at this interesting space located in the Maritime Bus building on Station Street. The prices are right and you’ll always find something new on the shelves, so visit often!

Let’s take a peek inside..

Owner, Ann, and her assistant extraordinaire, Kevin




















Find Turn-Overs Too:

On the street:  125 Station Street
Facebook:  Turn-Overs Treasure Shoppe
Phone:  653.1958 or 644. 8394

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