Uptown Mug #77 . Denise Gallant

If there ever was an uptown Saint John cheerleader, it is Denise!  This personable lady knows where the action is and where to find the best of the best in value and quality uptown.  Denise lives and works uptown and is an avid ‘tweeter,’ always sharing via twitter where she enjoys dining, shopping, and spending her leisure time.  If you are on Twitter and don’t already follow her, you should @DGallant1965.  She has a wonderful energetic spirit and keeps all of us updated on what’s happening – and we love her for it!

Let’s get to know Denise

Where were you born/Where are you from?

That’s actually a funny story, as I was born in Saint John  but only lived my first year here. (neither of my parents are native to here either) My father was then transferred to Moncton and I lived there  for 50 years.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

So in July of 2016, after a year off from my banking career, my friend Marilyn Robinson, owner of Inspire Collections offered me the job of taking over management at her Market Square location.  It meant leaving the comforts of the only home I ever knew which was not something I was ever planning but the opportunity seemed too great. So I packed up a bag and took the plunge.  Since I now needed to pay for parking for work, I opted to take an apartment  in uptown so I could walk to work, and that became the GREATEST decision ever, as it’s what brought me to this lifestyle that I adore!   I now am part of a community that I like to call more than just friends, but family.  

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

Without  naming names,  I look to the women who have, like me, been dealt a blow or more in life, but picked up the pieces and have moved on to shine even brighter  than before.   With their courage, strength and determination, they didn’t give up, they smiled when they wanted to cry and had faith that life could be beautiful again.  As I admire and am inspired by their story, I hope that others who are struggling can also look at my story and be inspired as well.  

What is your favorite season, and why?

I love heat so naturally my first instinct is to say Summer, but Spring has always been my ‘season of hope’.   All that was dead becomes alive again!  We feel that thrill of sitting outside for the first time in months, basking in the sunlight,  or walking, listening to nature’s sounds…ahhhh… coming soon I hope!!

What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

Let’s put it this way:  I would give up chocolate WAY before I would give up cheese!!   Of  course if you ask the chefs at the Ale House, they’d probably say cheese cake!


Coffee, tea, or other?

Every morning, the ritual is the same:  coffee.   Then later a treat would be a tea from the Feel  Good Store!


Any pets?


My sweet  dog Jasper!  He’s embraced the uptown life too!  His favorite spots are Java Moose on Prince William, or Picaroon’s on Canterbury.  I’m sure the treats have nothing to do with it haha.


Most guilty pleasure?


During the Summer months, there is a pure delight in enjoying some patio time uptown!  Sometimes by myself in late afternoon with a book, or after work with my friends.  A very simple activity that packs a lot of soul recharging punch!


What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 


My tip would be to dive right into the life that is offered here and REALLY live it.  My passion and sparkle is a direct reflection of what uptown gives me!  I not only live and work here but I shop, eat and play here.   I support a lot of the merchants in the City Market, and in the Summer , The Queen Square Market which is an activity all on its own.  I support our great locally owned restaurants/pubs/coffee shops that bring a unique charm to the experience.  Our social circle might take us to Happinez, Picaroons, the York Bistro or Hopscotch, just to name a few, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Saint John Ale House who consistently treat me like family.  I also traded in my Wildcat Jersey for a Sea Dog one.  The pedway system makes it easy for me to go and enjoy a great night.   The beauty of the historical properties, the scenic view from Harbour Passage and the parks and green spaces all make my outdoor time amazing.  The community here is ready to embrace you, all you need to do is step out and say hi.

Find Denise on Twitter:  @DGallant1965


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