Uptown Mug #76 . Kim Jacobsen

It is our pleasure to recognize a lady who uptown is very proud to call ‘ours.’  Kim Jacobsen is an established Interior Designer and is very talented in creating  a perfect space, whether commercial or residential, to meet your needs and innate desires.  Well travelled, intelligent, social and cultured, Kim is the perfect combination of country soft and city sharp.  Her business, Kim Jakobsen Design, is located on Prince William Street, and she often brings her canine companion, Oscar to work with her.  If you see her out walking, often with Oscar, you will notice her.  She has an unmatched presence, subtle but distinct.  Humble just enough to be intriguing, and confident in the most charming way.  Not many can pull that off, but Kim does.  Without even trying. 🙂

Let’s chat with Kim:


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was physically born in Edmonton, Alberta …but my spirit came alive on  Quadra Island BC.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

Joined Heather Kamerman  in 2008  to start an  interior design business  “Design 4 Space inc. ”  We won best new business at the Uptown Live Life Awards 2010. Life changed in 2013 went solo with my current business KIM JAKOBSEN DESIGN…we have made our home in the Creative Soup building working alongside the talented Hemming’s House team. Have had the most amazing time living and working in SJ!! 


Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?  

French designer Phillipe Starck &  local SJ  artist and BF Elma Johnston McKay.


What is your favorite season, and why?     

I love all the seasons ..they give us ever changing scenery, light, color, flora, temperatures…  and the way we  experience them …inspiration for design.


Most favorite snack food?      

Smoked oysters out of the can with crackers and vino … ultimately while  on the beach or in the woods with my friend El.


Coffee, tea, or other?

Cappuccino am / honey+ lemon+ cinnamon stick pm.


Any pets?

My shadow, Oscar… a  b/w  Jackshitz who gives me a reason to walk every day.


Most guilty pleasure? 

Recently a croissant and cappuccino  @ Rogue coffee made by the talented and lovely Kim Steel of East Coast Bistro.


Favorite Musician? 

I love loads of artists… but David Gilmore, Sting and Sigur Ros are always in the queue.


What is your Design philosophy?

When I work with public spaces its all about emotion and experience…I have to tell a story and print the strongest memory of the spirit of the place on everyone who visits, to wake them up and provoke them and give them energy.

The opposite is for the private space…I must be humble almost silent. I have to be a good friend who listens and helps people to build there own home and life. Then I must disappear. In private space my role is to protect the energy and love of the couple or family. Their job is to get on with their life.



What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

Food.. its a place off the beaten path but worth the walk..Thai Pho love the curry’s and Pad Thai + black thai rice desert omg!   View.. love to take Oscar for a walk to Tin can beach to chill ….and take in nature plus all the  activity of the SJ harbor.

Find Kim:

On FACEBOOK @kimjakobsendesign

Online:   kimjakobsendesign.com

Published in East Coast living magazine:  http://eastcoastliving.ca/2017/10/saint-john-love-nest/