Welcome to Gahan House Port City!

Welcome to the new place to eat, drink, and mingle on Prince William Street – Gahan House Port City.  Gahan House is established in Halifax, Charlottetown, and now here in Saint John.  Upping our game once again in the culinary scene, we are lucky to have the only Gahan House in NB, and another comfortable place to tuck into and enjoy a drink, the oyster bar, some great food and socializing!

Manager, Ben Tsang, and Chef Craig Rackley welcome you to Gahan House at 87 Prince William Street.



Find Gahan Port City:
On the Street     87 Prince William Street
Phone    214.8337
Facebook    Gahan House Port City
Twitter    @GahanSaintJohn
Instagram   @gahan.saintjohn
Online     gahan.ca