Foundations – New After Hours Bar Uptown

Uptown Saint John is now home to a unique after hours dance club, Foundations.   Located at 9 Sydney Street, this performance and event venue is open from 1am – 5am.  Foundations is a cool place to go in the wee hours, specializing in house music, dancing and pro DJ’s, sometimes local and sometimes brought in from other cities.  The bar is dry, selling soft drinks, water, Red Bull, etc., but is alcohol free.  Sometimes, there is pizza in the parking lot, and always, it is a lot of fun.  This venue, many may remember in it’s various previous well known bar days – it still carries that great vibe and the history adds to it’s glory.  Stop by – if you’re a night owl, or after the other clubs close, for something energetic and different.

Find Foundations:
On the Street at 9 Sydney Street
Phone:  654.9153


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