Uptown Events This Weekend! (July 28th-30th)

Friday, July 28th:


Country Boardwalk Style

5pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Dioné Domination Mixer

7pm @ ConnexionWorks


Haunted Uptown Saint John Tour

8pm @ Outside Imperial Theatre


Club Rewind’s 1 Year Anniversary 

9pm @ Club Rewind


T.G.I.F. Party With Del

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub


Math Class | From The Sea | Jamie Comeau

10:30pm @ Peppers Pub

Saturday, July 29th:


Courtyard Concerts Featuring Sorcha’s Gunn

12pm @ King’s Square


Paul Evans (Funk, Rock, Folk, and Blues)

12pm @ Taco Pica


Country Boardwalk Style Featuring Kevin Chase

8pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Dance Party Saturday Night

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub


Steve & Mikey – Slowcoaster Acoustic Duo Show

11pm @ Peppers Pub

Sunday, July 30th:


Sax On The Boardwalk

12pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Harry Potter’s Birthday Party

2pm @ Saint John Free Public Library


Los w/Aminal & Loveover

7:30pm @ Callahan’s Pub


Drive-In Classics (Metropolis)

8pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Uptown Mug #71 . Santos Ruyan

‘What you put into the community, you get back.  That’s what keeps me going.’  Santos Ruyan

Santos is a man who, though sometimes seems a bit shy at first, is full of energy and has a beautiful zest for life.  A fixture at Taco Pica since it first opened in 1994, as well as the City Market and the Queen Square Market, Santos adds a fabulous flavour to our uptown.  His smile is brighter than the sun and he is a champion for our city, sharing his distinct love of food, entertainment, and life, as only he can.

Let’s get to know Santos,


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Guatemala.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been with Taco Pica since it opened in 1994, right here at 96 Germain Street.


What’s your favourite snack food?

I like wood fired pizza, like the kind you get at the Queen Square Market.  I love it with mushrooms, green pepper and pepperoni – a good Canadian pizza!
Coffee, tea or other?
Back in Guatemala, we used to grow citron and camomile, and that tea was good – but not like in the coffee shops here.  I love Jasmine tea.  It smells like a lady and it goes to my brain.  Coffee, I’ll drink with milk and sugar.  At Taco Pica, I love the Tropicana – blended with different flavours and rum added for a smooth taste.  The Lime Margarita is also good, on the rocks with crushed ice.
Do you have any pets?
I don’t have any pets because in Canada, I don’t have any time.  I love pets though.  When I was growing up in Guatemala, my mother loved animals and we had a farm with cats, cows, horses, ducks, and turkeys.  I also like plants and I try to grow them, like wild blueberries and mayflowers, but the deer also like them. 
What kind of music do you like?
I like Canadian and North American style of music – that’s why I get the kids to come play at Taco Pica so often.  But, I also like Latino/Salsa/Tango/Samba type of music, and we do have that when we have our Salsa Dance Nights.  The atmosphere is so energetic and passionate.  Exotic.  Sometimes we have people come here from other countries, all dressed up in fancy clothes and it’s like another world.  Sometimes, I like to dance with the ladies.  The feeling during these nights is something to experience.  Sometimes it shakes the floor.  I like it.
What’s your favourite thing about Uptown Saint John?
It’s beautiful.  It’s just very beautiful.  You feel the history in the streets.  It’s like Boston, and New York, and Montreal and Quebec.  It’s a nice feeling.  I also like it because it is slower paced.  People don’t walk on you or push you.  People are friendly here.
Find Santos at Taco Pica at 96 Germain Street or in the City Market during lunch, and representing Taco Pica at the Queen Square Market.
Phone:  633.8492
On Facebook:  Taco Pica

On Twitter:  @tacopica


Uptown Mug #70 . Litsa Daeres

A true ambassador and ambitious lady with a genuine passion for our uptown community, Litsa Daeres is the driving force behind many of the developments and upgrades uptown.  A lifelong resident, and active in community, she always has a beautiful smile on her face and a good word to share about urban living and the fun it can be.  She is a prime example of a millennial, loving life in Uptown Saint John!  Keep your eyes on Germain Street – new, mod, high end apartments are in the works, thanks to Litsa!


Let’s get to know Litsa,

Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born and raised in Saint John, lived on Germain Street for 26years. My parents are actually going on 50 years there.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been apart of the uptown scene my entire life 🙂 born, raised and worked uptown.


Who do you look to for inspiration?

I would have to say my father inspires me, I’ve never seen anybody work harder than him. He landed here from Greece when he was 23 without knowing the language and  couple of dollars, everything he has he’s done himself by working day and night. 
What is your favourite season?
Summer…I love all the flowers.
What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 
 I love when the cruise ships are in. There’s nothing better than seeing all the people walking the streets, eating at our restaurants and shopping at our local stores. It Makes our city seem so alive and vibrant, I would love to see our city like that all the time. Sometimes I drive down the streets and think to myself…”why don’t more people live here? It’s so pretty.”   

Uptown Events This Weekend! (July 14th-16th)

Featured Event


Buskers on the Bay Festival

All Weekend @ Various Market Square Locations

Friday, July 14th:


Conversations en français

12pm @ Saint John Free Public Library


T.G.I.F. Party With Del

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub


FM Berlin + The Royal Volts

11pm @ Peppers Pub

Saturday, July 15th:


Astound Art Pop-Up Shop

8am @ Saint John City Market


Modere New Brunswick Launch Party

11am @ Connexion Works


Courtyard Concerts Featuring Don’t Tell Roy

12pm @ King’s Square


Photography Club 

1pm @ Saint John Free Public Library


Dance Party Saturday Night

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub

Sunday, July 16th:


Sax on the Boardwalk

12pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Talk with Holistic Nutritionist Caitlin Iles

2pm @ Saint John Free Public Library


Drive-In Classics (Freaks)

8pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


QBP Presents: Butcher | Right Shitty | Thirsty Camel

8pm @ Taco Pica


Uptown Welcomes Doyle & Day to the Neighborhood

Doyle & Day Design is the newest fine arts boutique in Uptown Saint John, specializing in custom graphic design and art for screen printing and sewing.  Stop in and find unique, quality made products from shoulder bags, wallets, prints, greeting cards, tshirts, and more.  Jessica and Chris are a talented team, ready to help you find that something extra special.  They are located at 44 Water Street and the space is just lovely!

Find the shop online:





Uptown Events This Weekend! (July 7th-9th)

Friday, July 7th:


Conversations en français

12pm @ Saint John Free Public Library


Fresh Catch Seafood Feast & ParticipACTION

5pm @ Market Square


David R. Elliott Album Release

7pm @ Taco Pica


T.G.I.F. Party With Del

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub


Deathsticks | Nightbummerz | Right Shitty

11pm @ Peppers Pub

Saturday, July 8th:


Courtyard Concerts in King’s Square – Featuring McKinley Morrison Collective

12pm @ King’s Square


Titanic – Atlantic Canadian Connections

7:30pm @ NB Museum Mary Oland Theatre


Live at the Five & Dime: TH + LOA / Lew Moss and the Lost Cause

8pm @ Five & Dime


Yuk Yuk’s Presents: Peter White

8pm @ Yuk Yuk’s Saint John


Jaguar Disco Circus

10pm @ Peppers Pub


Dance Party Saturday Night

10pm @ Callahan’s Pub

Sunday, July 9th


Sax on the Boardwalk

12pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


All Canadian Whisky Tasting

4:30pm @ Hopscotch Whisky Bar


Create Over Cocktails Paint Night Saint John

7pm @ Saint John Ale House


Drive-In Classics (On the Waterfront)

8pm @ Market Square Boardwalk


Uptown Mug #69 . Cait Milberry

Blue hair, don’t care.  Cait is a regular all over the uptown scene.  Full of spitfire, positive vibes and a wonderful creative spirit, Cait is a good friend and blessing to many and style icon to those who admire her from afar.
Let’s get to know Cait:

Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born here in Saint John and grew up in and around the outskirts and surrounding areas. St Martins, Deer Island. Always close to the water. Currently living with Historica in the Canterbury Carpark.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I have been living uptown since I was 13.


Any Pets?

Pet- Herb just turned 11 last month. He has been the one constant in my life. He is definitely my north star and keeps me aligned and healthy. Uptown folks know him well #herblife.


Favorite Musician?

Steely Dan, Les Claypool, Tool


Ultimate Favorite Snack Food?

Garlic Cheese Toast forever! On Repeat! ​


Who do you look to for inspiration?

I have been looking up to people who challenge me and make me want to leave the comfort zone and try new things.
Monica Adair and Cherise Letson are now 2 of my closest friends, mentors and biggest influences in my life right now. 
Both of them challenge me to learn and explore, be more confident and to ultimately be a better Cait.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

Favorite spots in uptown:
Treats- I love their soup. They also have frozen dishes all homemade for 2$ to take home, and the city’s best chocolate chip cookies. The view is incredible too. 
Five and Dime- Literally my favourite spot. Superb vinyl collection, great people, drinks, atmosphere, location, everything about this place is phenomenal and the first spot I bring people. 

Favorite thing about uptown?

There are equal amounts of effort being put into what seems every area for people to enjoy. New businesses, art, and generally the way I am watching people enjoy the Uptown area, all different times of the day. My window faces Canterbury and I love now seeing people I don’t know walking by, knowing they made the trip to come uptown.

Find Cait:

At work:  ICS Creative Agency
On Twitter:  @CaitMilberry
On Instagram:  @caitmilberry

Courtyard Concerts – Uptown Summer Music Series

It’s summer in the city, that means – free noon hour music uptown!
Every Tuesday and Thursday in CentreBeam Courtyard from noon-1pm
Every Saturday in King’s Square from noon-2pm
Enjoy listening to local, talented musicians while you sip on a cold slushy or have a picnic, through July and August.

Rain location will be the Saint John City Market.


Saturday, July 1       noon-2pm      King’s Square                       McKinley Morrison Collective
Tuesday, July 4        noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      Jaclyn Reinhart
Thursday, July 6      noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      Ian MacDonald
Saturday, July 8       noon-2pm     King’s Square                       McKinley Morrison Collective
Tuesday, July 11       noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      Shamper’s Bluff
Thursday, July 13    noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      Matthew Martin
Saturday, July 15     noon-2pm      King’s Square                       Don’t Tell Roy
Tuesday, July 18      noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      Mary Beth Marks
Thursday, July 20   noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard      InterAction Students
Saturday, July 22    noon-2pm      King’s Square                       Rock n Roll Cowgirl
Tuesday, July 25     noon-1pm       CentreBeam Courtyard      Corey Bourque
Thursday, July 27   noon-1pm       CentreBeam Courtyard      Country Fuel
Saturday, July 29    noon-2pm      King’s Square                        Sorcha’s Gunn

Tuesday, August 1     noon-1pm       CentreBeam Courtyard      Frank James
Thursday, August 3   noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard       Joyce Boone
Saturday, August 5    noon-2pm     King’s Square                        David Mudge
Tuesday, August 8     noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard        Verdell Finnamore
Thursday, August 10  noon-1pm    CentreBeam Courtyard        Kylie Fox
Saturday, August 12   noon-2pm    King’s Square                         Bonnett House
Tuesday, August 15    noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard        Marissa Sollows
Thursday, August 17  noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard        Rick Watters
Saturday, August 19   noon-2pm     King’s Square                         PenaltyBox
Tuesday, August 22    noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard        Paul Evans
Thursday, August 24  noon-1pm     CentreBeam Courtyard        Luc & Maddy Poirier
Saturday, August 26   noon-2pm     King’s Square                         Burgandy Drive
Tuesday, August 29    noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard       Marvin Rathburn
Thursday, August 31   noon-1pm      CentreBeam Courtyard       Chris Daigle

*schedule is subject to change

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