Uptown Mugs #67 . Dave Shoots

We have a few distinctive characters uptown, and sometimes they are so full of intrigue and captivating nature, it is difficult to grab it all and adequately relate it.  Dave Shoots is the owner of Dave Shoots, Bookseller, who, along with his daughter Wendy, manages one of the most fascinating book stores in these parts.  The bookstore, in and of itself, is extraordinary – from the grand, curved and cut glass entrance door to the chock-full space with bookshelves and nooks and crannies all housing treasures and stories ready to be revisited.  Dave’s office is a cozy room in the front of the bookstore, and the office itself seems to have a personality.  One can feel the essence of the man in the decor – in the books, photos and memorabilia all in its carefully-placed position.

Well, this valiant but feeble attempt to share Dave Shoots with everyone is the best we can do.  However, you are cordially invited to meet Dave at the Open House being held to celebrate his 80th birthday!  Check the FACEBOOK event and come out and wish him a very happy birthday on May 27!


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I am from Central Ohio.  We moved to Canada in 1969.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I’ve been part of the uptown 17 years in August.


What is your favorite season?

I love the Fall.  The Fall colors are beautiful and the temperatures are not too hot, not too cold.


What’s your favorite snack food?

Wendy’s cookies!  Especially, the oatmeal cookies.


What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

I love the old buildings uptown and the character of this historic city centre.  I also appreciate the friendliness of the people.


Find Dave and Dave Shoots, Bookseller:
On the street:  40 Coburg Street
Phone:  693-7758
Online:   daveshootsbookseller.com
Facebook:  Dave Shoots, Bookseller

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