Uptown Clean Sweep – Happy Earth Day!

Uptown Saint John celebrated Earth Day on Friday, April 21st, by hosting our 3rd Annual Uptown Clean Sweep – Clean to the Core event.  Several dedicated uptown businesses and citizens gathered at Loyalist Plaza, geared up with clean up essentials and hit their target area to sweep and pick up a whole lot of garbage.  In all, approximately 32 bags of garbage were gathered from the uptown core of the city.

Thanks to all of the enthusiastic teams who made the event fun while showing unity and civic pride.  Also, a big thank you to Uptown Saint John Inc. for organizing, the City of Saint John for use of the Green Machine, Hilton Saint John for providing coffee and breakfast goodies, Market Square for assistance in access to the Boardwalk and Loyalist Plaza.

The Green Machine, a vehicle full of all necessities for clean up – brooms, rakes, gloves, garbage bags, etc., is available for use from the City of Saint John.  To book it for your neighbourhood clean up, check here.


The team from Acadia Broadcasting.

Executive Director of Uptown Saint John, Nancy Tissington and Mark Bujold

These dedicated uptown residents pitched in to help.

Nancy Tissington, Dermot Collins, and Greg Cutler

The Angus Miller team

ICS, Presponse, and Five and Dime team

The Commercial Properties team

The Hilton team

The Salesforce team

The Saint John Ale House team

Five and Dime

Thanks again to everyone who helped – every little big counts.  Happy Earth Day!

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