Dave Shoots, Bookseller – Another One of Uptown Saint John’s Hidden Gems

The first thing you may notice when first stepping in to Dave Shoots’ rare and used book store is the ever comforting scent of old books, mostly hardcover.  Following this, the awesome feeling of being surrounded by an abundance of quality literature and a plethora of energy from these stories and chronicles lining the three rooms of the shop, from ceiling to floor.  This unique store is owned and operated by father, Dave, and daughter, Wendy, whose knowledge and passion for what they do is unmatched.  Along with managing their classic, old school book store – reminiscent of a curiosity shop of sorts – they are also very web-savvy.  Utilizing an efficient and thorough website, daveshootsbookseller.com, enables the world to shop their rare and collectable books.  They have happily shipped books throughout Canada and the United States, as well as to places like Australia, China, and South Africa.  While many extraordinary books stand out in the store, one rises above the rest – a signed Lucy Maud Montgomery book, one of only four books signed by her which are currently offered for sale on abebooks.com (one of the world’s largest bookselling sites).


Dave Shoots’ logo is taken from a black and white glossy photo that was found stuck inside a book in a lot purchased from Stone Church – the books had belonged to a German fellow who had died, and his family in Germany wasn’t interested in keeping them.  Wendy thought it reminded her of her dad as a boy; tousled hair, relaxing on his belly, reading a book, with another tucked in his back pocket. The exact photo they found in the book that day, a larger black and white glossy, hangs proudly in Dave’s office and is an appropriate and heartwarming logo for this quaint family owned and operated bookstore.




A very special happening will be taking place next month, Dave will be celebrating his 80th birthday on May 27th.  His daughter, Wendy, is organizing a day to celebrate with them with a party of sorts and open house at the shop.  Be sure to stop by and wish Dave a happy 80th birthday!  For more information about the open house, click HERE.



Find Dave Shoots, Bookseller:

In store @ 40 Coburg Street

On Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Dave-Shoots-Bookseller-78031095944/

On their website @ http://www.daveshootsbookseller.com

Phone:  506.693.7758