Uptown Businesses Celebrate Years Uptown

As is the tradition now, we appreciate the opportunity to recognize businesses who have been uptown for a number of years at our Annual General Meeting.  This year we awarded Certificates of Recognition, from The City of Saint John, to uptown businesses who are celebrating an anniversary on the 5 year marks in 2017.

Recipients are as follows, presented by USJI Director and Councillor Donna Reardon

Celebrating 5 Years Uptown

The Corn Crib (Melanie McLaughlin)

Exchange on Germain (Lisa Oland)

The Yoga Co-Op (Jackie Fitzpatrick)

Heartbreak Boutique (Pamela Wheaton)

Inspire Collections (Denise Gallant)

Italian By Night (Gord Hewitt, Michelle Hooton, and Elizabeth Rowe)

Also celebrating 5 years, but absent for photo; East Coast Bistro, The Butcher’s Daughter.


Celebrating 10 Years Uptown

Scheherazade Books & Music (Teresa Jennings)

Print Three (Mike Plourde)

Also celebrating 10 years, but absent for photo – Encore Interactive


Celebrating 15 Years Uptown

Absent for photo; McGill’s, Pulse Communications


Celebrating 20 Years Uptown

Absent for photo; The Wild Carrot Café


Celebrating 30 Years Uptown

On & Off Court (Sue Bishop)

Also celebrating 30 years uptown, but absent for photo, O’Leary’s Pub


Celebrating 40 Years Uptown

Brunswick Square (Debbie Johansen)


Celebrating an Incredible 140 Years Uptown!

Flewwelling Press (Ron Stewart)


Uptown Events This Weekend! (April 28th-30th)

Friday, April 28th-


Brunswick Square Spring Music Showcase

12:00 PM @ Brunswick Square


Farm and Forest – By Andrea Brewer and Melissa LeBlanc

5:00 PM @ Buckland Merrifield Gallery


Sea Dogs vs. Chicoutimi – Game 5

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station


T.G.I.F. Party with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub

Saturday, April 29th-


International Tabletop Day 2017

9:00 AM @ Heroes’ Beacon


Brunswick Square Spring Music Showcase

10:00 AM @ Brunswick Square


Third Space Pop Up Video Screening

2:00 PM @ 36 Water Street


Dance Party Saturday Night

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub

Sunday, April 30th-


Fog City Comic Con 2017

1:00 PM @ The Saint John Free Public Library


The Harlem Globetrotters

2:00 PM @ Harbour Station

Complete ECMA Schedule

Complete Quality Block Party Schedule







Uptown Saint John Inc. is the Business Improvement Association for our city core and our mission ‘supports and empowers businesses in our community to thrive.’  We strive to continue growing in unity with those we support and work alongside daily.   In keeping with all other BIA’s/BID’s, locally and internationally, we have moved our brand forward – now more exclusive to us, as a not-for-profit organization, reflecting the synergies and harmonies with our community.


We enlisted the expertise of Alex Weaver Crawford (Crawford Weaver Creative), who led us to a brand that represents us visually.  It is modern and casual with a gritty urbanity synonymous with the city we represent.  The colors are simple and reminiscent of the historic, brick and mortar tones which are our intrinsic uptown backdrop.


Our tagline/hashtag is also receiving a refresh.  We are moving from ‘Live Life Uptown’ to the more inclusive ‘Love Life Uptown.’  This embodies our desire to share energies and emotions with all who love every aspect of our uptown – living, playing, shopping, eating, socializing, loving life uptown!



Uptown Mugs #66 . Fran Menton

Chances are, you have met Fran at some event or happening uptown.  She is synonymous with urban living and has lent her talents, abilities and enthusiasm to various restaurants, retail events, functions, and uptown initiatives.  Fran is an active member on our USJI Marketing and Events committee and is a valuable part of the Acadia Broadcasting team.  Everyone who knows Fran knows she rocks style, is culture smart, and has an infallible soft spot for animals, leading the way with various SPCA fundraisers and such. We all know and love her, and uptown would not be the same without the lovely Fran Menton.

Let’s chat with Fran!

Where were you born? Where are you from?

I was born in Guelph, Ontario but we didn’t stay there long. Only three years.
We moved a lot when I was young and I had the chance to experience many different countries and cultures growing up. Eventually we ended up moving to St. Andrews, New Brunswick but that didn’t stop me from continuing to move.  I am now glad to call Saint John my home.

How long have you been a part of the Uptown scene?

I became involved with the Urban Deli on King Street when I was completing my marketing courses at UNB in 2009.  I decided to take an internship with the company when I graduated because I enjoyed it so much. It really was an exciting experience.  I quickly fell in love with our uptown, especially the people and became involved with as many initiatives as possible.  

When I first moved here I was going through a difficult time.  So many people were quick to give me their support. There really is a wonderful sense of community here and that is what made me want to invest myself in this place.  Now I work with Acadia Broadcasting Limited as an Advertising Consultant.  I have the most amazing clients and my co-workers are like family.   

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

My dad.  He used to frustrate me so much when I was younger but now I really admire him.  I often find myself passing on his wise words to close friends.  
I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family.  We are very tight and I can rely on them at any time.
Another important person in my life is Elizabeth Rowe, one of the owners of Urban Deli and Italian By Night.  I remember when I first moved here I was working a double shift at the restaurant and during my break my car died in the middle of an intersection.  When I got back to work I told Elizabeth what happened.  Without hesitating she threw me her car keys.  I couldn’t believe it!  I mean, she barely knew me and here she was giving me her car for the week!!
Elizabeth really played a big role during my first few years in Saint John.  She has high expectations and she really challenges you to be the best that you can be.  I have so much admiration for the strong entrepreneurial woman that she is and I still to this day I still go to her for advice.
Her business partner Gord Hewitt has also been inspirational.  He has a huge heart and he also challenges me to strive to be a stronger person.
I have to mention one more because there are just too many wonderful people in my life.  Sandra Bain, or The Bain as I like to call her.  I met her one afternoon with my mom at the Hilton.  It was Canada Day and we were on the patio when it started to rain.  She wasn’t under an umbrella so we invited her to join us.  We had our menus over our heads so that the rain coming down off the umbrella wouldn’t soak our backs.  We hit it off right away and had the best afternoon.  The weather didn’t phase us as all.  She inspires me to always acknowledge the good around me.  To see the positive in every situation and to enjoy life.

Coffee, tea, or other?

Wine. I prefer red but in the morning I like to have a coffee from Urban Deli.  I run over to the restaurant almost every morning to get a mug of their custom blend.

Any pets?

We have an adorable calico named Coco. She came into my life exactly five years ago along with her brother who is a serial cuddler named Booboo. They were adopted from the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue
Three years ago we decided to adopt one more. We have a cat ‘dog’ named Noah. He thinks he is part dog and loves to play fetch and gets excited when we have other dogs visit our home. 

Most guilty pleasure?

Sipping bubbly at Italian By Night. Heels. Dresses. Cuddling animals. Especially baby animals. I love being around them. I was actually thrilled when Tracy was about to take my photo and my friend Greg appeared with his girlfriend’s puppy, I had to include him in the photo.  

Worst habit?

There are so many but I like to pretend that I am perfect (which is really not true at all). At least I tell Curtis (my boyfriend) that I’m perfect and he pretends to believe me.
What is your Uptown Insider Tip?
In the summer you have to have a glass of wine on the Happinez patio (Hapito) or enjoy one on the Hilton patio overlooking the water during sunset.
If you want to have a drink and be surrounded by pups you have to check out Picaroons General Store.  You can bring your dog with you but they have to be on their best behaviour.
Be sure to try a spicy & smoky caesar at the Hopscotch Whiskey Bar.
Port City Royal for tasty apps and creative cocktails.
Best place for breakfast is Britt’s Pub. They make their hollandaise from scratch. Need I say more
Favourite vegan option is the channa masala from Thandi.
Go to En Sushi and get their butterfish sushi.
The best hummus can be found at Taste of Egypt.
Pizza, check out Vito’s. They even have thin crust and gluten free options. Also get a delicious slice of Italian by Night’s pizza while listening to vinyls and drinking craft beer at the Five and Dime.
Best gnocci can be found at East Coast Bistro and Italian By Night.
Get tableside caesar salad at Grannan’s.
Dessert, don’t try the lemon sour-cream pie at Urban Deli.  You will become addicted.  So don’t do it 😉
Best place to find the perfect heels are Manchester Shoe Salon and The Urban Shoe Myth. They know how to complete your closet.
Lordon and Ella are also great places for retail therapy.
City Market for fresh food. I go there once a week to pick up organic salmon and homemade salad dressings. On Saturday’s you can find amazing Turkish food. You can even sample everything before buying.
On Sunday check out the Queen Square Market – this is a seasonal market.
Boardwalk for music and entertainment.
Yuk Yuk’s for a good laugh.
The Gallery Hop is a must. It only happens three times a year and you get to see all the amazing artists in our city. Especially attend the one that happens the same time as THIRD SHIFT.

This list can go on forever. I just love our uptown and everything that it has to offer so be sure to visit or consider living here!


Uptown Clean Sweep – Happy Earth Day!

Uptown Saint John celebrated Earth Day on Friday, April 21st, by hosting our 3rd Annual Uptown Clean Sweep – Clean to the Core event.  Several dedicated uptown businesses and citizens gathered at Loyalist Plaza, geared up with clean up essentials and hit their target area to sweep and pick up a whole lot of garbage.  In all, approximately 32 bags of garbage were gathered from the uptown core of the city.

Thanks to all of the enthusiastic teams who made the event fun while showing unity and civic pride.  Also, a big thank you to Uptown Saint John Inc. for organizing, the City of Saint John for use of the Green Machine, Hilton Saint John for providing coffee and breakfast goodies, Market Square for assistance in access to the Boardwalk and Loyalist Plaza.

The Green Machine, a vehicle full of all necessities for clean up – brooms, rakes, gloves, garbage bags, etc., is available for use from the City of Saint John.  To book it for your neighbourhood clean up, check here.


The team from Acadia Broadcasting.

Executive Director of Uptown Saint John, Nancy Tissington and Mark Bujold

These dedicated uptown residents pitched in to help.

Nancy Tissington, Dermot Collins, and Greg Cutler

The Angus Miller team

ICS, Presponse, and Five and Dime team

The Commercial Properties team

The Hilton team

The Salesforce team

The Saint John Ale House team

Five and Dime

Thanks again to everyone who helped – every little big counts.  Happy Earth Day!

Uptown Events This Weekend! (April 21st-April 23rd)

Friday, April 21st-


3rd Annual Uptown Clean Sweep

8:30 AM @ Loyalist Plaza


Sea Dogs vs. Chicoutimi – Game 1

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station


Art Battle

8:00 PM @ Sanctuary Theatre


T.G.I.F. Party with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub


Saturday, April 22nd-


Reiki Yin Workshop

2:00 PM @ The Yoga Co-op


Canvas & Cocktails Paint Night

3:00 PM @ McGills’s


Sea Dogs vs. Chicoutimi – Game 2

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station


Sons of the Pioneer

7:30 PM @ Imperial Theatre


Punks For Paws – Saint John SPCA Benefit

9:00 PM @ The Panic Room


Dance Party Saturday Night with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub


The Hypochondriacs & Torero

11:00 PM @ Peppers Pub

Sunday, April 23rd-


It’s a Girl Thing

1:00 PM @ The Saint John Arts Centre


Interactive Book Talk with Robert Rayner

2:00 PM @ The Saint John Free Public Library


Glenfiddich & Chocolate Pairing

4:30 PM @ Hopscotch Whisky Bar


Canvas & Cocktails Paint Night

7:00 PM @ The Saint John Ale House


Uptown Events This Weekend! (April 14th-16th)

Friday, April 14th-


Creative Differences Live

9:30 PM @ Cask & Kettle


Easter Bash & Bar Hop

10:00 PM @ Club Rewind



T.G.I.F. Party With Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Saturday, April 15th-


Easter Eggstravaganza!

11:00 AM @ The Saint John City Market



MTG Grand Prix Trial Montreal

11:00 AM @ Heroes’ Beacon


Dance Party Saturday Night With Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Country Fuel

11:00 PM @ Peppers Pub



Uptown Mugs #65 . Karen Riley

Once in awhile, you notice someone on the street who just emits an urban aura.  Karen is just that.  Full of grace and style, she’s a lovely representative for uptown living and perfect face for her successful annual event, ‘It’s a Girl Thing!’

‘It’s a Girl Thing’ is in it’s 15th year uptown, and it is always a sign that spring is here and all of the ladies who attend get a taste of feminine indulgences and treats, as well as valuable spirit building and well-being growth.

Let’s get to know the woman behind this wonderful event and important fundraiser:


Where were you born? Where are you from?

I was born here in Saint John at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in the heart of the city.  I grew up with four brothers & two sisters so needless to say never a dull moment!  They are my “great big fat Irish family”.

How long have you been a part of the Uptown scene?

I have been a part of the Uptown scene pretty much always.  I work with businesses “Uptown” & have witnessed Saint John evolve to be recognized as a vibrant architectural gem.  I have great memories as a young girl growing up & travelling to Uptown from the west side of the city called Lancaster.  Our family watched the Santa Claus parade from my Dad’s office window uptown.  We would go uptown with Mom to shop in some great department stores that were here at that time such as Scovil’s,  Calp’s  &  MRA’s.  I am an active volunteer with the Chamber so have  an up close perception of some of our City’s best movers & shakers.

What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

I thought of so many Uptown Insider tips I don’t know where to begin!  Favourite pastimes include brunch with friends at the City Market, the free summer series of concerts at King Square & Market Square & strolling through the Farmer’s Market at Queen’s Square.  Other weekend favourites are the curiosity shops like Loyalist Coin Shop which includes patting the owner’s two gorgeous Chow dogs.  A walk along Germain Street & you can find some hip women’s clothing boutiques which are on point as any you could find in Montreal or New York!  Our multi-cultural restaurants, friendly café’s , art galleries & Imperial Theatre are treasures.  There are wonderful yoga classes, the Harbour Passage  & New Brunswick Museum which are all situated  in the whole Uptown area…

It’s a Girl Thing the Original Since 2003

Calling Everyone of the, Shall we say Emotionally Advanced Gender!  What a Fun Chance to Connect or Re-Connect with the Special Females In your circle Tag your sister, Aunt, Grammy, Daughter, Mama & BFF & Enjoy some “we time” Catching Up & Yes Men can come too!

With Mother’s day around he corner shop some unique gift ideas.

Renew your spirit and capture your imagination by attending “It’s a Girl Thing the Original Since 2003”. Receive tips on everything from skincare, interior decorating, makeup, purses, jewelry, fitness, de-cluttering techniques, fashion, cooking & much more!
This event features a walk around fashion show , live music, door prizes, information, food & drink samplings & so much more!

Sunday April 23rd   1-4

20 Peel Plaza (across for the Police Justice Department)
$6.00 Cover Charge goes to
Romero House & Saint John Outflow Food Bank & Outreach Programs
Find out more about ‘It’s a Girl Thing!’

Dave Shoots, Bookseller – Another One of Uptown Saint John’s Hidden Gems

The first thing you may notice when first stepping in to Dave Shoots’ rare and used book store is the ever comforting scent of old books, mostly hardcover.  Following this, the awesome feeling of being surrounded by an abundance of quality literature and a plethora of energy from these stories and chronicles lining the three rooms of the shop, from ceiling to floor.  This unique store is owned and operated by father, Dave, and daughter, Wendy, whose knowledge and passion for what they do is unmatched.  Along with managing their classic, old school book store – reminiscent of a curiosity shop of sorts – they are also very web-savvy.  Utilizing an efficient and thorough website, daveshootsbookseller.com, enables the world to shop their rare and collectable books.  They have happily shipped books throughout Canada and the United States, as well as to places like Australia, China, and South Africa.  While many extraordinary books stand out in the store, one rises above the rest – a signed Lucy Maud Montgomery book, one of only four books signed by her which are currently offered for sale on abebooks.com (one of the world’s largest bookselling sites).


Dave Shoots’ logo is taken from a black and white glossy photo that was found stuck inside a book in a lot purchased from Stone Church – the books had belonged to a German fellow who had died, and his family in Germany wasn’t interested in keeping them.  Wendy thought it reminded her of her dad as a boy; tousled hair, relaxing on his belly, reading a book, with another tucked in his back pocket. The exact photo they found in the book that day, a larger black and white glossy, hangs proudly in Dave’s office and is an appropriate and heartwarming logo for this quaint family owned and operated bookstore.




A very special happening will be taking place next month, Dave will be celebrating his 80th birthday on May 27th.  His daughter, Wendy, is organizing a day to celebrate with them with a party of sorts and open house at the shop.  Be sure to stop by and wish Dave a happy 80th birthday!  For more information about the open house, click HERE.



Find Dave Shoots, Bookseller:

In store @ 40 Coburg Street

On Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Dave-Shoots-Bookseller-78031095944/

On their website @ http://www.daveshootsbookseller.com

Phone:  506.693.7758

Uptown Events This Weekend! (April 7th-9th)

Friday, April 7th-

Val d’Or vs. Sea Dogs – Game 1

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station



Ashley MacIsaac

7:30 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



T.G.I.F. Party with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub


Saturday, April 8th-

Skate to Care 2017

9:00 AM @ Harbour Station



Val d’Or vs. Sea Dogs – Game 2

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station



Classic Albums Live Presents: The Eagles – Hotel California

7:30 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



Run For Your Lives, Rifium & The Wasteland Zombies

9:00 PM @ The Panic Room



Dance Party Saturday Night

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



ER & The Other, Butcher & Reagans Rayguns

11:00 PM @ Peppers Pub


Sunday, April 9th-

Coco Love Alcorn

2:00 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



Saint John String Quartet

2:00 PM @ The Saint John Arts Centre



Canvas & Cocktails Paint Night

7:00 PM @ Saint John Ale House