Chubb’s Corner – Did You Know?

In 1846, Henry Chubb’s newspaper, the New-Brunswick Courier, found a new home on the northwest corner of Princess and Prince William street in uptown Saint John. Since then this truly historic spot in uptown Saint John has been recognized as Chubb’s Corner. On any given day in the mid-1800’s, it was not unusual to see stocks or land, among other things, being auctioned off outside on the corner on this corner which hosted the business information hub of our city until well into the 1860’s.

After the great fire of Saint John, the building that stands today was constructed with some criticism due to the sixteen gargoyle like heads which can be seen on either side of the corner. Even The Daily Sun weighed in on the matter when they deemed the building, “disfigured by these meaningless heads”. While it is not completely known whose faces these are or who carved them, it is said that they were the faces of some of the leading citizens of the day.