Over 8k Presented to Lunch Connection From Chop Chop Winter Restaurants

Uptown Saint John and the restaurants who participated in our Chop Chop Winter Restaurant Week were thrilled this afternoon to present a cheque for $8,221 to Lunch Connection.  This amount represents $1 per every Chop Chop dish sold by all restaurants during our recent winter restaurant week this past February.

For Lunch Connection, each dollar provides one meal for a child through this program.  They are very appreciative, once again, of this significant and generous donation.  Find out more about Lunch Connection here.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Uptown Saint John Inc., 97.3 The Wave, Country 94, Picaroons, Mirage Foods.

Thank you to the uptown restaurants and chefs who always present us with delicious and unique Chop Chop offerings.

BIG thank you to everyone who ate out during Chop Chop Winter Restaurant Week.  Know that your indulgence during the week is helping to bring satisfied and full bellies to some very deserving kids.



Pictured above:  Santos Ruyan Juarez (Taco Pica), Michelle Hooton (Italian By Night), Erin Hodge (Inner City Youth Ministry, Lunch Connection), Roy Scribner (Britt’s Pub & Eatery), Glen Hussey (Britt’s Pub & Eatery), Brian Earle (Lunch Connection), Nancy Tissington (Uptown Saint John Inc., Executive Director)


Uptown Events This Weekend! (March 31st-April 2nd)

Friday March 31st-

Adam Washburn CD Release w/Burgundy Drive

8:00 PM @ Sanctuary Theatre



Manolis Zontanos

8:00 PM @ Yuk Yuk’s



ECMA Nomination Party for Phakt

10:00 PM @ Club Rewind



T.G.I.F. Party with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Motherhood and Klarka Weinwurm w/ WROTE

11:00 PM @ Peppers Pub



Saturday April 1st-

Amazeatorium 2017 PLAY!

10:00 AM @ Harbour Station



April Showers

10:00 AM @ The New Brunswick Museum



Foolish Waffle Breakfast + Membership Drive

10:00 AM @ Third Space Gallery



Dinner & Song with Harry

2:00 PM @ Billy’s Seafood Company



Manolis Zontanos

8:00 PM @ Yuk Yuk’s



Scott Medford & The Instigators

8:00 PM @ The BMO Studio Theatre



Dance Party Saturday Night

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Elephant Skeletons Album Release Party w/ Jaguar Knight

10:00 PM @ Peppers Pub



Sunday April 2nd-

Canada’s Ballet Jorgen: Swan Lake

2:00 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



The Artist’s Perspective: On a Silver Platter

2:00 PM @ The New Brunswick Museum



TV Taping! Comedy Boot Camp NB Final

7:30 PM @ Yuk Yuk’s



Counting Down To Canada Day!

June 16-July 1, 2017

Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in the nation’s oldest incorporated city – Saint John, New Brunswick!

The city will be bursting with special events and family-friendly activities, including FREE live performances and a spectacular firework show – you won’t want to miss them!

For all of Saint Awesome’s Canada 150th birthday celebrations, visit www.sjcanadaday.ca

For all of the events throughout 2017 celebrating Canada 150, visit www.discoversaintjohn.com/canada150

Uptown Events This Weekend! (March 24th-26th)

Friday March 24th-

Flag Raising in Honor of Greek Independence Day

9:30 AM @ City Hall


Grand Opening Evening

5:00 PM @ The Urban Shoe Myth



Rimouski vs. Sea Dogs – Playoff Game 1

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station



Saint John Theatre Company- Of Mice And Men

7:30 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



T.G.I.F. Party with Del

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Math Class & Mrs. Hippie

11:00 PM @ Peppers Pub



Saturday March 25th-

Pokemon Sun & Moon Spring League Cup

11:00 AM @ Heroes’ Beacon



Yin-Yang Yoga Meet-Up with Ambassador Bernice Lanigan

11:00 AM @ Lolë Saint John



Saint John Theatre Company- Of Mice and Men

2:00 PM & 7:30 PM @ The Imperial Theatre



Greek Night

6:00 PM @ The Saint John Trade and Convention Centre



Rimouski vs. Sea Dogs – Playoff Game 2

7:00 PM @ Harbour Station



Joel Leblanc Trio plays the music of Thelonious Monk

8:00 PM @ Five and Dime



A Lucid Nightmare, Elevate The Virus, I Monolith & Adverse FX

8:00 PM @ The Panic Room



Lights Out with Jason Ogden

8:30 PM @ SJAH



Great Lake Swimmers & Megan Bonnell

9:00 PM @ Peppers Pub



Spring Fling with Pretty in Pink

9:00 PM @ CLUB Rewind



Dance Party Saturday Night

10:00 PM @ Callahan’s Pub



Sunday March 26th-

Ventus Machina in Concert – Saint John SNB Virtuoso Series

2:00 PM @ The Saint John Arts Centre



Derek Edwards

7:30 PM @ The Imperial Theatre







Chubb’s Corner – Did You Know?

In 1846, Henry Chubb’s newspaper, the New-Brunswick Courier, found a new home on the northwest corner of Princess and Prince William street in uptown Saint John. Since then this truly historic spot in uptown Saint John has been recognized as Chubb’s Corner. On any given day in the mid-1800’s, it was not unusual to see stocks or land, among other things, being auctioned off outside on the corner on this corner which hosted the business information hub of our city until well into the 1860’s.

After the great fire of Saint John, the building that stands today was constructed with some criticism due to the sixteen gargoyle like heads which can be seen on either side of the corner. Even The Daily Sun weighed in on the matter when they deemed the building, “disfigured by these meaningless heads”. While it is not completely known whose faces these are or who carved them, it is said that they were the faces of some of the leading citizens of the day.


Uptown Mug #64 . Kelly Lawson

Sugar and spice and everything nice…and a little bit rock and roll.  She’s one of our sweet spitfires uptown, a professional photographer, a successful entrepreneur, and one of the coolest moms out there.  Kelly Lawson is the woman behind ‘Ella’ the Shop at 101 Prince William Street and ‘Shop our Closets,’ the online app that connects women who wish to buy and sell pre-owned fashion and accessories.  Kelly also is a huge cheerleader for uptown and does a fantastic job adding a real positive vibe to our city by sharing fun blogs and promoting her fellow shop owners.  We are proud to have her uptown and love how she shows us off, with style.

Let’s chat with Kelly..


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Antigonish Nova Scotia, and I grew up on the outskirts of New Glasgow Nova Scotia. Bubbles’ (from Trailer Park Boys) Mom Sheila, was my outdoor supervisor grades 2 through 9.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

I moved uptown after 1.5 years in Moncton in 2007. I joined the board of FusionSJ the following year and spent 5 great years dedicated to all things Fusion. My son was born during my time as “Past Chair,” that was 4 years ago. 


Any pets?

I went to the Animal Rescue League once, just to have a “look.” I fell immediately in love with a super sweet, crazy intelligent, submissive docile 6 month old supermutt without a name. I took her home, named her Apple and she has been in our lives for 9 amazing years now. She lays with our 4 year old son Jude every night until he falls asleep. 


Most guilty pleasure?

I drink a beer everyday before dinner at 6pm. A cold beer has so much nostalgia for me: a drink my Dad enjoys, a drink I have on a hot summer day, a drink I have while on vacation, a drink enjoyed during social times with friends. Can drinking a beer be a form of meditation? Yes, yes it can. I just made it one.


What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

I eat a Taco Bowl from Toro Taco AT LEAST once a week. I eat the whole thing. It is worth every indulgent calorie! 


Find Kelly and Ella, The Shop:

On the street:  110 Prince William Street
Phone:  657.3552
Ella, the App:  http://app.thisisella.com
Facebook:  @theshopbyella
Twitter:  @thisisellaapp
Online:  thisisella.com

2017 Uptown St. Patrick’s Day Events!

Wednesday March 15th-

The Irish Descendants

7:30 PM @ Kent Theatre



Thursday March 16th-

When Irish Whiskey was Queen

6:00 PM @ Saint John Free Public Library



Irish Whiskey Flight Night at Cask and Kettle

7:00 PM @ Cask and Kettle



Friday March 17th-

O’Leary’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

1:00 PM @ O’Leary’s Pub



St. Patrick’s Day Matinee in the Saint John Ale House

1:30 PM @ The Saint John Ale House



East Coast Bistro St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party

8:00 PM @ The East Coast Bistro



St. Patrick’s Day Party & Pub Crawl

11:00 PM @ Club Rewind



St. Paddy’s Day with Steve MacDougall

11:00PM @ Pepper’s Pub





Uptown Mugs #63 . Charles ‘Chuck’ Healy

Chuck is one of those people who we love to show off.  On point with style, class, professionalism, and a kind word for everyone, Chuck is widely known and respected.  Affectionately known as Chuck, he lives, works and plays uptown, and truly walks his talk on the merits of uptown urban living.  Chuck is an Account Executive at TELUS and has been working internally for the past year and half to get a TELUS store location in the Uptown area especially to service Uptown businesses.  He has disclosed to us that a location will be announced very soon.  So exciting!

Wearing another hat, you can sometimes find Chuck working the turntables at Five and Dime, spinning a few of his favourites.  He’s one of our uptown poster-boys, enjoying and adding to our arts, culture, and social scene – and his charisma lends a definite extra bit to our uptown essence.

Let’s get to know Charles:


Where were you born/Where are you from?

I was born in Halifax, however I grew up in Saint John.  I moved away in 1986 for University.  After graduating, I lived in Halifax and Toronto. I moved back to Saint John in 2013.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?

When I moved back to Saint John in 2013, I knew immediately that my only choice would be Uptown living.  It has so much to offer and I wanted to be part of it.  After a brief stay with my Mom on the west side, I discovered Historica Developments.  Their loft style designs highly appealed to my own sense of style.


Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

I get inspired daily by my son Andrew and daughter Caroline.


What is your favourite season, and why?

I love the beach, camping, hiking, motorcycles, and BBQ’s so it’s clear I think.  😉



What is your ultimate favourite snack food?

Hickory Sticks.  I’m all about the savory vs sugar.


Coffee, tea, or other?

Nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning, and wine in the evening.  But I only drink wine with others or when I’m by myself ;).


Any pets?

Not currently, but I can be a crazy cat lady in short order.


Most guilty pleasure?

Listening to vinyl every night.


Worst habit?
Listening to vinyl every night.


Favorite Musician?

I really have too many to mention.  I’m a vinyl collector and I would say 2/3rds of the records are from the 70’s.  I’m a big fan of the singer/songwriter. I  do really like Neil Diamond.  Named my daughter Caroline – I guess I really like him.
What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

We have incredible architecture in the streets of uptown.  I love just grabbing a coffee and walking all over the uptown area and finding great photo ops, and then boasting about our beauty through my social media channels.  We need to show off our beauty and the amazing lifestyle we enjoy in living life uptown.


An Infusion Of Artistic Energy Now On Water Street

Saint John is fortunate that artist, Cliff Turner, chooses to call Saint John home, and now, share his talents with art enthusiasts.  Cliff is internationally respected and has works in various galleries, both local and abroad.  The wonderful thing is, we have a wealth to learn from this man and he is happy to share.  Recently, Cliff opened ‘The Artists Project,’ located at 42 Water Street and is opening eyes to practicing budding artists, and the community as we peek in while walking or driving by.  The full window is like an ever-changing canvas itself, providing a beautiful vision of artists at work and masterpieces being created.

Cliff has various classes at present, and will be starting fresh ones in the near future.  If you would like to take on a fun and rewarding artistic project, and have some guidance from one of the best, you should touch base with Cliff.  It looks like the works are by experts, however all are welcome, especially beginners. The quality supplies are provided, you only need to attend with your own keen fervor, and enjoy!

Student pieces at various stages of completion.

Artist and instructor, Cliff Turner, in front of one of his pieces, still in the works.


Another of Cliff’s awesome pieces.

Tools of the trade.


Find ‘The Artists Project’ at 42 Water Street
Facebook:  The Artists Project


Locavore – Newest Trendy Coffeeshop/ Café Uptown

Locavore Café at 34 Canterbury Street is already one of the most popular places to tuck into and relax with one of the best coffees and espressos in town.  Complimentary wi-fi, healthy snacks and meals and a very easy cross over with neighbour Picaroon’s General Store, is making this space a popular gathering spot.  Find local products and edibles made for convenient take out (and ready to cook at home) or let the experts prepare something fresh for you while you enjoy the Canterbury Street vibe.  Very special and unique flavour, Locavore serves and sells quality coffee from The Whitney Coffee Company, a craft coffee roasting company, bringing us a unique ‘Uptown Blonde’ and ‘Port City Dark’ made exclusively for our discerning uptown clientele.

Welcome uptown, Locavore Café, we love you already!


Find Locavore at 34 Canterbury Street
Phone:  648.0888
Facebook:  @locavorecafesj
Please note, Locavore Café opens at 10am