LUNA Belly Dance – Now Open Uptown

Look good, feel great, have fun at the new Belly Dance Studio, LUNA Belly Dance, now open at 162 Union Street.

Owner/Instructor, Kaleena Lawless and Instructor, Sara Scales, invite you to join them and beat the winter blues.  All ages and body types are welcome and no experience is required.




Find LUNA Belly Dance at 162 Union Street
Phone:  506.607.2257
Facebook:  LUNA Belly Dance

2 thoughts on “LUNA Belly Dance – Now Open Uptown

  1. Hi, would love more information on this. When a session starts, how often, the dates and what times as well as price and the length of each class as well as the start and finish dates of a season. I have a few girlfriends who would really have fun with this…..all between 45 and 65 years of age, they are all healthy lol, but most not active enough in any areas of their life. This would be awesome!

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