Uptown Events Grant Application

Uptown Events Grant


As part of our mission to enhance the value and vitality of Uptown Saint John, the not for profit association offers sponsorships for events & festivals within the Business Improvement area.


Purpose of the Sponsorships

Sponsorships are intended to support the marketing or programming of an event, project or program in the Uptown area that meets the Eligibility Requirements below; funds are directly from the membership levy.


Eligibility Requirements


  • Applicant may be a for-profit business or nonprofit corporation and must show joint registry stock documents
  • Applicants are to be events located in the USJI business improvement area. (see attached map)



Review Criteria

The below criteria will be used by USJI as a guide for reviewing and ranking applications.


USJI reserves the right to deny any application for any reason.



  • Proportion of sponsorship request to overall budget must be submitted


Impact to Uptown:

  • Duration and timing of event (how long often will the even benefit the Uptown?)
  • Number of estimated attendees
  • The ability of the event to enhance the Uptown Saint John experience
  • Opportunities for attendees/participants to shop/patronize other Uptown organizations/businesses etc.
  • Ability of the event to increase awareness and participation at the local, regional and national level.


Capacity of Organization:

  • Established organization/event with track record of success
  • Sound marketing plan for the event



  • Number of partners present and/or ability to garner partnerships
  • Ability of event to help unify arts/cultural community


Quality Event Criteria:

  • Does the event utilize parks, plazas and other alternate spaces rather than relying on street closures?
  • Does the event promote Saint John’s unique charm and character?
  • Does the event encourage a safe family atmosphere?
  • Is the event free (or low-cost) and open to the public and provide accessibility?
  • Is the event programmed at a time of year and during times of the day when there are no or few other events of significance already scheduled?
  • Does the event take advantage of public and alternative transportation?
  • Does the event promote visitation to Uptown by tourists and visitors from outlying areas?
  • Ability to support USJI’s Strategic Priorities



USJI will assume no responsibility for, and the applicant will indemnify USJI for and defend USJI against, any liabilities, costs or claims incurred by USJI as a result of the USJI co-sponsorship of a project under this program.



Uptown Saint John Inc. at 506 633 9797 admin@uptownsj.com with any inquiries.


The sponsorship grant application deadline is due by March 01, 2017 at 3pm.  Notification will be given in writing to the successful applicant(s) by March 31, 2017.

All funds will be disbursed according to the completion of the event/project/program.