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Patricia is a lady who seems to be everywhere and involved with everything.  From retail, events and fundraisers, the Arts & Culture scene, to owning and operating one of our city’s best AirBnB’s at One Princess, she is definitely one of the people who help put us on the map!  We are happy to show off this important lady and the corner of the city she calls home.

Let’s chat with Patricia..


Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born in Montreal, raised in beautiful Burlington Ontario.  I came to the Saint John area 16 years ago to set-up call centers in the region!  I loved it so much I decided to stay… It was such a wonderful pace and way of life and a perfect place to raise my daughter.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

Three years ago we moved from the Valley to Uptown Saint John to follow our dream of having a home and small business all in the same place.  I have always dreamed of owning a BnB and OnePrincess has allowed me to do that! We have been loving every minute of life uptown! In the short time we have been here we have seen the entertainment and restaurant scene explode. It’s an amazing time to be part of such a positive trend, there is definitely excitement in the air and we look forward to more of our friends joining us uptown!


Name one or two people who you find your design inspiration? 

It’s not hard to be charmed and motivated by those who have gone before me, spending time with friends In their beautifully curated uptown homes has been inspiring in itself! The art housed in these beautiful century homes is swoon worthy alone, not to mention the beautiful laid out parlours and 14 foot ceiling! And no one is afraid to play with colour, it’s fantastic! I also read every home decor magazine in print and am constantly inspired by the way the designers can leverage the beauty of our surroundings to create an atmosphere of beauty, comfort and relaxation in our home.  I’m absolutely consumed with it and enjoy sharing the charm of our historic building with guests and visitors. To have two suites to furnish and decorate has been thrilling, they are both very different but both are equally loved by guests.. I’m already dreaming of their makeovers!


What is your favorite season?

I love them all, but summer is my favorite time of the year.  It is our busiest season with Cruise Ship Passengers in the Shop and AirBnB guests in our suites.  Although this keeps us hopping we still find time to relax on the balcony overlooking the beautiful Harbourfront and steal away to our RV Seasonal Site at Rockwood Park complete with our own “She-Shed”. There is nothing like a dip in Lily Lake, followed by a BBQ and Bonfire on a hot summer’s night.



What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

Poutine! Just ask any uptown restaurant that we frequent! It’s a problem. I’m currently on the hunt for truffle fries if you happen to know anyone who’s dabbling in them! I’m definitely a carbavour, and prefer savoury snacks to sweet.


Coffee, tea, or other?

I do love a good Manhattan!


Any pets?

Oh yes, Mr Buddy and Ms Sugar, two of the most adorable and best dressed minituare blond poodles uptown they even have there own #hashtag They are king and queen on the castle at One Princess!


Most guilty pleasure? 

Pouring through my decor magazines on Sunday morning with coffee and Baileys overlooking the ocean! Honestly I have 6-8 magazines on the go at any time!


What is your worst habit?

Leaving the kitchen cupboard doors open…


Favorite Musician?

STING had got to be my favorite musician of all time, without a doubt! But my favorite Canadian songstress is the beautiful and uber talented Jann Arden her songs all tell a story and touch my heart, every single one of them and she is a wonderful human!


What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

One of my favorite parts about hosting out of town guests is being able to provide them with so much variety in the restaurant/bar scene.  We keep an ever changing list of our favorite go to spots in each genre of cuisine and restaurant style! Its really very impressive! I have yet to have a guest who is craving something delightful and not be able to point them in the perfect direction to exceed their expectation! How lucky are we that our dining repertoire is so diverse! Now I’m hungry!



Find Patricia and One Princess, AirBnB
On the street:  1 Princess Street
Online:  One Princess Air BnB
Facebook:  One Princess
Twitter:  @OnePrincessSJ
Instagram:  oneprincess_shopstayplay
Email: oneprincesssaintjohn@gmail.com

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