Thank you so much for following along on my Christmas Shopping adventures in Uptown Saint John.

As you know – the whole reason I used to do this (and asked Uptown Saint John if I could do it again) was to promote shopping in our Uptown core. I started #30in30 in 2011. The purpose of the giveaways wasn’t for free stuff (although that was a huge bonus), it was to draw attention to the quality items available for purchase a short drive from our homes.

Brand names, beautiful art, curated items – all from local business owners.

It’s great, right?

With Christmas Eve TOMORROW (AAHHHH!!), I wanted to share with your my very favourite way to chill out during this hectic month.


For the fifth year, Picaroons Traditional Ales has brought back the 12 Beers of Christmas. They started December 12th and for 12 days, Picaroons has tapped a 360 litre batch of a one-time only brew.

It used to be that only Fredericton residents would be in luck – but since Picaroons opened in the car-park on Canterbury Street, Saint Johners don’t need to make the snowy drive up Route 7 for their 1.89 L growler.

Long story short – your next beer will be on me. It won’t be a Christmas Brew – but I wanted to remind you of you last chance to fill up – TODAY – on the 12 Beers of Christmas.

Enter below for a a gift certificate for a Growler and a fill-up** – my absolute favourite way to chill.

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See you next year!

**The Fine Print – you must be 19 years or older and live in the City. This giveaway isn’t sponsored by Picaroons