#30IN30 – DAY #15 – Buckland Merrifield Gallery

It was just over a year ago I had attended the Buckland Merrifield grand opening at 36 Canterbury Street. Since then? I think every person in my family has received a pair of Jeneca Klausen earrings, a Yolande Clark mug, a Phil Savage herd member or a Juliette Scheffers vase.

I visited the gallery last week to take photographs. I fell in love with… everything …

Take a look below as some of my favourite pieces. I’ll put a star beside the things I want. It might actually be easier to put a star beside the things I don’t wait. (read: I literally want one of everything). 

Artist: Melissa Leblanc

Artist: Juliette Scheffers

Artist: Yolande Clark

Artist: Karen Burk

Artist: Phil Savage

Artist: Jeneca Klausen. Someone please buy this for me? 

Artist: Jack Bishop

– – – – – – – – – – –

Everything is amazing, right?

Well GUESS WHAT – Peter and Shannon have offered an amazing price for #30in30. Put it toward your Christmas shopping or toward your next major art purchase. Or my Christmas gift.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!

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