Welcome uptown to Amber Room Saint John

Nestled into a cozy upper floor on Prince William Street, you can find a warm and inviting space with a plethora of Amber jewels in various forms.  From elegant necklaces and unique bracelets and earrings, to special pendants, there is something for everyone.  Amber is known to have calming and anti-inflammatory effects to those who wear it, as well as it’s absolute natural beauty.

Owners, Elena and Andrei have moved to Saint John from Russia, and bring this treasure with them to share with Saint John.  Feel free to stop by and treat yourself or a loved one to one of these timeless treasures.

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Find Amber Room Saint John at 94 Prince William Street, Suite 305 (3rd Floor)
Phone  506.650.4943
Facebook:  AmberRoomSaintJohn
Instagram:  @AmberRoomSaintJohn

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