Suzanne Hill: Singular

Until 16 April 2017: Suzanne Hill: Singular exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum.
Produced by the New Brunswick Museum, the exhibition includes mixed media works and installations. Through the artwork, Hill presents a thought-provoking interpretation of the singularity of the life of human beings. At the same time, the exhibition is complemented by responses from contemporary literature and dance, highlighting the interconnectivity of cultural forms, in art and everyday life. Five installations, like the fingers on a single hand, express Suzanne Hill’s exploration of the idea of existing apart from others. “We are all islands” is the premise around which Suzanne Hill centres her most recent body of work, Singular. Rather than focus on the interconnection of all humanity, Hill proposes that each of us is defined as being clearly separate, the cumulative result of uniquely personal experiences as well as our particular actions and the decisions that we alone make. Thus while we may live in social situations and may interact, to lesser or great degrees with others, ultimately, we remain as parallel singularities delineated by the borders of our own perception and will.