#30IN30 – DAY #7 – LORDON

I’ve been joking with Kate that LORDON is Silver Daisy’s older, cooler and more sophisticated sister.

The boutique opened in August at the corner of Canterbury Street and King Street – an ideal location to drool over their latest tops, dresses and accessories while on route to Second Cup (in one direction) and Picaroon’s (in the other).

I’m normally already aware of their latest wares – as I’m obsessed with watching their Instagram Stories and looking through their feed.

Within moments of stopping in last week – I had already picked out Christmas gifts for a few of my girlfriends. Blankets, scarves, soaps, candles, socks, jewelry and sweaters – look below, you’ll see what I mean.


The Round Towel – use it as a towel, throw blanket, yoga mat, shawl, or a rug!

(I’m partial to the rug option)

LORDON has started carrying Smith and Cult – eyes, lashes, cheeks and nail… Awesome packaging and a great price point.

At the LORDON opening in August – I bought a pair of Wolf Circus earrings. Money well spent – as they did not leave my ears for months.

Apologies in advance to all of the friends I’m going to offend over the next year. hehe

– – – – – – – – – –

I love everything. And now – so can you!

Kate and her team at LORDON have offered up – what I have dubbed – Christmas in a box. Honestly – you could wrap everything individually and have some very excited friends and co-workers. OR – you can sit on your new beautiful blanket scarf by the fire in your new socks painting your nails with a candle burning.

Enter below!

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See you tomorrow!