Uptown Mugs #55 – Bernard Cormier


It is difficult to walk an uptown street or attend a city function without seeing this very familiar and amiable face.  Bernard is always sharply dressed, composed, charming, and affectionately witty – we all appreciate Bernie and his important place in our community.

He is valued part of our landscape, a very important piece of our cultural fabric, a friend to many and a wealth of information, as well…often has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Let’s get to know this man about town…


Where were you born/Where are you from?
Born, raised, educated, and always worked in Saint John.

How long have you been a part of the uptown scene?
I’ve been part of the uptown scene all my life. As a child a grew up in the city centre.  I graduated from St. Malachy’s High School and always worked uptown.

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?
Other than my parents, I was inspired by one of my elementary school teachers, the late Sister Rosalie (a.k.a Sister Helen O’Neill).   She believed in my artistic abilities and entered one of my artworks in a national competition in Toronto and I won first prize from over 10,000 entries.

The other person who had a profound influence in my life was the late Dr. Thomas J. Condon, former Vice-President of UNB Saint John.  We became close friends in the early 1980’s and worked together on so many great projects including the Canada Summer Games, Festival by the Sea, and the Imperial Theatre, among others.   He was a true gentleman and never distanced himself from anyone.
What is your favorite season, and why?
I find beauty and enjoyment in every season. Each brings its own characteristics, holidays, and delights.
What is your ultimate favorite snack food?
Buttered popcorn (but it must be real butter).
Coffee, tea, or other?
I love my cup of tea with toast, muffin, or cookies.  Also enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner.
Any pets?
Yes. A 5-year old American Bombay cat named Merlin, which we rescued from being euthanized.  He is the boss in our household.
Most guilty pleasure?
Listening to Lounge music.

Worst habit?
Sharing my puns, one-liners, and groaners.
Favorite Musician?
There are so many fine local musicians to choose from that I find this extremely difficult to answer.  Saint John is blessed with talented artists in all genres of music.  I’ll keep my favourite a secret!
What is your Uptown Insider Tip?
The uptown offers something for all the senses.  My top tip would be…take time to savour the walkability of our urban core.  Explore the architecture and history of the city.  Enjoy the flower arrangements, public art, and monuments.  Take in a performance or visit one of the many galleries or museums.  Relax using retail therapy and the abundance of dining experiences offered.  I am fortunate to live uptown and can do this daily, and never tire of it.


You can find Bernard most days, out and about in the city. Otherwise, he also has a strong social media presence, and is an excellent account to follow to keep up on what’s going on in the city.

Twitter:  @EventsSaintJohn