Pokémon GO Comes to Uptown Saint John

If you’ve been anywhere with an internet connection in the last week, you’ve surely heard of the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO. The app, developed by Nintendo’s Niantic Labs, has smashed new records every day since its launch. Released yesterday in Canada, the game has already brought millions of users outdoors to explore their surroundings, hunting for Pokémon and other in-game rewards at historic sites, landmarks and businesses.

Whether you’re a Pokémon trainer yourself or an interested parent hoping to get your kids outside, we figure you could use a little help finding those hard-to-catch Pokeémon. We’ve compiled a list of all of the Pokémon offerings of Uptown Saint John!

Six Pokémon Gym Locations:

  • Canada Games Aquatic Centre
  • Saint John City Market
  • Three Sisters Lamp
  • Loyalist Burial Ground – Beaver Fountain
  • Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David
  • Mural at Duke and Water Street


Thirty-seven PokéStop Locations:

Businesses Museums Landmarks & Historic Sites
Chipman Hill Suites Loyalist House CenterBeam Place Sculpture
Vito’s Restaurant No. 2 Engine House Museum King Street Clock
Harbour Station Saint John Jewish Historical Museum SPCA Statue (City Hall)
Imperial Theatre Hooper “People Waiting” Statue
Hayward and Warwick Moose Sculpture
Britts Pub & Eatery Hooper “Time Piece” Statue (Market Square)
Genesys Loyalist Burial Ground Entrance
Irving Golden Ball Peel Plaza Fiddlehead Sculpture
NB Telephone War Memorial
Saint John Fire Memorial
Founding of NB Statue (King’s Square)
Great War Memorial Statue (King’s Square)
King’s Square Bandstand
Charles Gorman Statue (King’s Square)
Saint John Fire Dept. Station
Trinity Church
Calvary Temple
Samuel de Champlain Statue (Queen’s Square)
Old Harbour Plaque (Water Street)
Saint John Port Workers Memorial (Water Street)
26th New Brunswick Battalion Memorial (Water Street)
Battle of the Atlantic Plaque (Market Slipp)
Market Square Sculpture (SJ Trade & Convention Centre)
Port Plaque (Harbour Passage)
Octagonal Lighthouse (Market Slipp)
Uptown Lighthouse (Market Slipp)

We went Pokémon hunting ourselves, and took a few shots of our Uptown fun!

PokeStop at the SPCA Statue (Allie Ruigrok)
PokeStop at the SPCA Statue
The King Street Clock PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
The King Street Clock PokeStop
The Pokemon Gym at the Saint John City Market (Allie Ruigrok)
The Pokemon Gym at the Saint John City Market
A Venonat on Princess Street
A Venonat on Princess Street
Hayward & Warwick PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
Hayward & Warwick PokeStop
Britts PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
Britts PokeStop
CenterBeam Place PokeStop (Allie Ruigrok)
CenterBeam Place PokeStop

(All photos courtesy of Allie Ruigrok)