Uptown is Pet Friendly!

Pet owners rejoice! The summer students at your business improvement association have been hard at work launching a pet friendly initiative in Uptown stores. You should see “pet friendly” stickers appearing on windows soon, and water bowls placed in stores or on doorsteps for our furry friends. If you do choose to bring your pet inside with you, please be sure to use a leash.

Pet friendly businesses (as of May 2019) include:


Backstreet Records

Boutique Zekara

Buckland Merrifield Gallery

Bunkhaus Hostel (cafe and tap room)

Cask and Kettle (patio)

Cobalt Art Gallery



Dave Shoots Bookseller

Fundy Coins and Collectables

Gahan House (upper and lower patios)

Good Fibrations

Happinez Wine Bar

Heartbreak Boutique

Heroes’ Beacon

Howard’s Convenience

Java Moose

Keirstead’s Flower Shop

Kitchen Craft Used Furniture & Appliances

Korner Grocery


On and Off Court

One Princess/Strong and Free

Picaroons General Store

Port City Pawn Shop


The Social Bar Steakhouse (patio)

Saint John Ale House (patio)

Scheherazade Books and Music


The Framing Factory

The Urban Shoe Myth

Trinity Galleries

TUCK Studio

UpTown Vibes

Visitors Shop + Gallery

Vogue Optical

Your Dollar Store With More



Cobalt Gallery


The Framing Factory




Heartbreak Boutique


Backstreet Records


Elwood’s Wood Lab


Trinity Galleries


On and Off Court


Photos: Allie Ruigrok

2 thoughts on “Uptown is Pet Friendly!

  1. Cheers Saint John for going pet friendly. As a family with dogs it has become hard to even get accommodations with dogs and to find places to visit while traveling that let you take your dog along can be hard. Travelling this summer in PEI and NB we noticed more and more places willing to allow pets this is wonderful. Hopefully the dog owners who have ruined some favorite places to stay because of leaving their dogs damage rooms and cottages along with not cleaning up after their pets don’t ruin this for us responsible pet families. Visiting Saint John this weekend with our dogs Marley and Sam Thanks again for opening your doors

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